10 Myths About Starting A Small Business Online

10 Myths About Your Online Business You Should Know About


When considering starting a small business online there are many common misconceptions that can really slow down the success rate of your business. Avoiding the noise(figuratively) will help you more than you may realize. Too often I see people starting the online journey and they get bogged down in the minutia that follows by chasing every shiny object in an effort to hit the lottery online and never have to work again

I opened my latest journey online almost 2 years ago and I myself was a bit confused at times with some of the information available online, once I realized that there are many ways to succeed online and that many of the mistakes people make are actually pretty common, I was able to sort through the vast amount of bad information to find the nuggets that power my online business today

I like to call them myths the information that is sending people in the wrong direction online, I have compiled 10 of the most common myths that are holding people back. How about we take a look. These are in no particular order, but they are all fairly common today.


1: Starting out online is hard

Getting started may seem a bit scary, what does it take? How hard is it? Where can I find good information? all questions I am sure you have wondered about as well as others. The thing is, that getting a business started online is actually easy, I will show you how and why.

Starting A Small Business Online
It takes a plan and a passion and a commitment to do the work, that is what it takes. It is honestly not hard at all to begin, in fact, I can get you started free of charge. The steps that follow once you begin to gain the knowledge of what is required can be the challenge.

It may be easy to get started but the day to day operations can be a challenge at times, once you make a routine out of your daily tasks then things start to become easy and flow much better than before.

You may see many programs that can help you learn, Many are great but many are scams as well, so be wary of sites that do not disclose information up front and provide little to no support once you join. Try a few places with free trials and see what works for you.


2: Pay Per Click Is all you need

One very common mistake people make when starting out is to jump right to paid advertising or pay per click marketing or otherwise known as PPC.

Pay per click is a fantastic way to get on page 1 in search results but the downfall is it is expensive normally if you have many keywords you are using in your PPC campaigns.

If you dive right in thinking you have a great product and want to get it out online quickly and you jump hard into PPC when you are just getting started, I guarantee you will not get the return on your investment you are hoping for. Not saying you won’t make sales or make money, just saying that it will cost you way more than it should.

One of the most important messages I want you to get out of this post is that you need to build a solid foundation for your business in order to have sustained success. You do this by learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research and also by spending a great deal of your time writing articles and doing more research about your chosen topics related to your target market.

Building your business foundation is just like building a house, one step at a time and before you know it you have a house that is ready to be lived in. Your business works the same way on a digital level.


3: You need a large advertising budget to succeed

I am sure you see all the pop-up ads that show up annoyingly too often, it makes one wonder why they are even used when most people just click off of them and move on. The reason is that they work!! someone out there is looking for that exact product or service and putting that add in front of them really improves the chance of converting a sale.

However, you do not need a huge ad budget to be a success, in fact, I would suggest you create a small budget and stick to that until you are seeing consistent success with your ads. I am mainly referring to PPC ads or Paid social media ads.

Point being that you really need to make a priority out of learning the proper way to do paid advertising, otherwise you WILL spend too much on paid ads.


4: Just Follow Your Passion and Everything will be easy

I am a huge proponent of following your passion and profiting from it at the same time, but that alone will not make you successful, you need to do the work on your business, the day to day grind that comes from having a business. The internet never sleeps and to properly profit from the 24 hr day you need to do the work required to make it all happen

Start a small business online
Yes following your passion will make it much easier for the daily activities, doing what you love as opposed to doing something you are required to do by an employer is very rewarding, just do not think that you can define your market and profit simply by being a fan, the work must happen


5: You can work a few hrs a week and get rich

To make this adventure pay off you need to develop a plan for your business and how much time you can afford to spend on it. Work on it daily if, at all possible, you will see success much faster that way. Setting a schedule and sticking to it will really drive success.

Just putting in a couple hrs a week and expecting instant results is not a reasonable expectation and this adventure may not be for you if that is what you are expecting


6: A website or blog is not needed for sustainable success

You can make money online without a website or blog, that’s for sure. However, going forward and scaling up your business will be much easier if you use the method everyone else uses to get online, the internet.

A website is online all day, while your social media post with your affiliate link may only go out to a few followers and if you are lucky it will get shared, then it becomes part of someone’s news feed and gets buried in the noise, eventually fading off into the abyss that is cyberspace.

Site Rubix Main Page
A website can be a place your customers go regularly to find the latest deals or your most recent helpful information. Think about it, when you want to find out about something you are interested in do you go to social media? Maybe. Or do you go to a website and bookmark it for later reference? Probably.

Want your own website or blog? and be online in minutes?

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7: It is Easy To Make A Living Online- It Is Magic

Getting started is a snap, maintaining it can be a bit more challenging. To make a “living” out of working online you need consistency and a commitment to stay with it even when you are struggling. The folks that make money in this business have the drive to get through the rough spots and the ability to be consistent.

Your days consist of research, writing, posting, and marketing. Rinse repeat. As long as you understand that and are willing to still go for it then I commend you and I wish you the best of success

Figure out what you want to do online for a business and then find some good training on it. No not the quick money options, the only quick money happening there is to the person you are purchasing from.

I have tried several options to make a living online and have finally settled on Affiliate Marketing as my model, it works very well and if done properly can be a lucrative option for years to come. Want to learn from the same place I used to run my business? Find Out Here


8: A Large social media following is required to succeed

When I started my Affiliate marketing business I had just a few followers on my social media and only twitter and Facebook accounts, and guess what, I’m succeeding. I have since grown my accounts a great deal on most of the major platforms and continue to expand my social media presence.

I use a social media automation service called Crowdfire to expand my reach on social. It is a great way to connect all your platforms into one place and post to all of them at the same time.


Let’s be clear- Social media is a fantastic traffic provider for your business and mostly Free traffic if you do it right

9: Websites Or Blog Require Special Skills

Today websites or blogs are basically plug and play with an “option” to use CSS or HTML to add additional functionality. The content management systems today are fairly intuitive to set up as a new user, WordPress is a content management system which is one example. They are responsible for nearly 30% of all websites online today. How?

Mainly because they and others use Precoded Templates for your website, there are thousands of available templates to choose from and many are Free. Once you find a host for your site you just select a template and get online.

This website is a WordPress site using a template. I can control everything and not have to fight with coding and formatting. WordPress has made it simple to get a site online. Learning what to do with it is where the training comes in handy. See the option below to get a Free WordPress Website online and get the training to help you monetize it.

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10: You will make Lots of Money very quickly

We live in the age of instant information, so why not expect money
instantly when you start a business? sorry to say that It just does not work that way

Sure if you get lucky and find a killer niche market that falls into your lap or you get in on a hot product before everyone else, you may see some results right away, but besides that expect to wait at minimum a few months of hard work before you get a real solid income source developed. The time frame varies for everyone.

Sites that entice you with instant riches or the promise of making 5 figures in 30 days or something like that, they are scamming you and do not fall for it. You have to think that if it was that easy wouldn’t we all be doing it?

There are some very smart people making money online and most will tell you the same thing. “There is no get-rich-quick option online”, you have to find what you want to do and go for it and expect it to take time but when it does start to produce, Oh my the floodgates open and you do a happy dance.

To be honest, it took nearly a year for mine to kick in but I am working at a much slower pace than I should be so I expected it to take longer, Now I have a thriving online business by working at it daily and following my plan


As you have read there are some common myths that are floating around and I hope I have helped you understand that you can start a small business online and make money. You can do it with a small budget and some hard work, Grow it from just a blank canvas into a thriving business.

What are you considering doing online? maybe I have done it already and can help. Feel free to comment below and share your message. I will respond and others can learn from it. I look forward to talking with you.

Thank you for your time









I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Karen Noone says:

    Thanks for a totally honest article on what it takes to be successful, online today.
    I am fed up with all of these done for you and you’ll make millions if you just pay us a fortune to join kind of ads that fill my email box, Facebook page etc.
    Clearly they work but the only winners are the owners.
    To start you really do have to put in the work for at least a couple of years. If you have done the graft then you most likely will earn truly passive income.
    No one earns anything by doing nothing ever

    • Todd says:


      Very true that you wont make money by doing nothing. I see people all the time start out online expecting to be rich in a month, it is just not realistic.

      Building the foundation works and has been proven by many experts in the industry. The time it takes varries for everyone but it is directly proportional to the amount of work and effort put into it.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi Todd,

    Some very interesting points you have made there. Your first point, I’d actually say that earning a living online, something that I am doing myself is easy, very easy but only if you know how and that is sometimes the stumbling block.

    Thankfully though there are plenty training platforms online where one can learn!

    Running a Business on social media WAS a viable way to go just a few years ago but not now, not a way to establish a brand besides the likes of facebook are reducing our reach all the time where on average 1 to 2 % of our followers actually see our messages/posts. Running a business by a facebook page or youtube channel only is running your business on rented land, giving up control!. not a good idea!.

    • Todd says:


      Very good points you have mentioned here. I agree it can be easy for some to make money online but as you say there are many stumbling blocks that get in the way, misinformation, bad programs, scams and so on. Finding a good program or platform is very helpful

      Good point about social media. It can be a helpful source of free traffic once you grow your list, but as a brand marketing platform you are right the message is getting clouded all the time

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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