5 Fundamental Tips To Online Business Success

5 fundamental tips to online business success

Take Your Business To The Top With A Strong Foundation

Running an online business is not just a put a website up and forget it and hope it pays off your house. If we could expect that then we would all be doing that, right? On a more serious note, running and operating an online business is challenging and rewarding at the same time, and knowing how to proceed with some simple steps can dramatically improve your chance for success I have 5 fundamental tips to online business success that I use and they have proven to work for me and many others online.


Follow a path

I consider it a foundation to success. To make a living working online you need discipline and a direction to follow to get to the end result of garnering some sort of sustainable living. A path can simply be a pattern of how you conduct your research and the day to day operation of your business or it can be a bit more elaborate, but my point is you need a clear direction to follow. Set goals and hold yourself to them as a measure of success. Rejoice at accomplishments and learn from the challenges.

I know I certainly have, I started this online adventure figuring, oh ya I can do that no problem and figured I knew enough to make it happen fast. Well I have experience but I also have realized ,I still have a lot to learn.


Research and Education

This business is all about acquiring knowledge and applying what you have learned to improve your business. So Research and education are a huge part of this, you will need to be constantly researching. No matter if it is research on what keyword to use or information about your product, it is still valuable. Gain knowledge from others in the industry, check out the top ranked sites in your target niche and see how they do things and frame the content or how they write. Many folks have been doing this a long time and know what works. Learn from that, however do not just copy someones work, but learn from them.

5 Fundamental Tips To Online Business Success
Also, finding out every detail of your target niche will go a long way towards keeping you ahead of the pack. We have all seen reviews from someone who obviously never even tried the product they are reviewing. Sure you can do a review like that but do the research to determine what is valuable information to your readers. Be Truthful and honest, integrity goes a long way in this market. You should be constantly learning, as an example,here is a link to a page on how to make money online you can include that in your research


Need a Plan

Make a Business Plan, it can be fairly simple but make a plan, it may not need to be a 50-page report on how to run your business but it can certainly be goals and attainable targets to go after and also how you will conduct business, one way to try is have a set process.

What I mean is for example Mondays could be research day, Tuesday Writing day, Wednesday Social media and promoting day, Plan how many published posts you will produce in a week, stuff like that.

The most successful people in the online business world have plans and they stick to them. Make it your new normal, and know what the expectation is for your business, in other words what are you getting into and can you commit the time to make it work, to many folks just dive in with no plan, and later realize they need some structure to the process.

In addition to making a plan of what you will do, make a plan on “how” you will do it. Hold yourself accountable to follow your plan and see if it works out like you planned for the “how”.

5 fundamental tips to online business success
Here is a nice tool for use with mind mapping to map out your business plan in a visual way https://Bubbl.us

I know I am not as organized as I could be so having a written plan helps, and has made a huge difference in my success. I write down everything now and I use that information as part of my plan. I get ideas for posts or information I want to share and I write them down and plan when I will publish or I set a schedule for my research times. Very helpful.




Know your market

You need to be able to write many posts about your niche, so know the market. If you do not already know about your product or service buy the product or try the service and see it from a user perspective, make notes, learn everything you can about it. You want to be an authority within your niche, a subject matter expert.


OK Todd this is pretty intense seriously?. It is actually easier than it sounds, as you dive into your niche you will learn many things and you can use and share. You can still be successful without being an expert, but you should know your niche very well. As your business matures you will become more known and recognized within that niche as a trusted source of information, so do your best to be accurate and truthful with your information.



you may not think consistency means much success wise but it really does, adding content at regular intervals helps rankings and shows activity on your site to the search engine giants that crawl your site. Long periods of dead space will usually mean a downward trend in ranks. Also, following your plan and sticking with it is consistency, get a rhythm down by getting a flow of activities going for your business. Follow a pattern of updating your information and content regularly.

Me? I try to post at least twice a week but 3 or more a week would be more beneficial, I have a life with commitments and also a regular job that requires my time. But I am consistent with my plan and it has worked so far



If you follow these tips and use them to drive your business, you have a greater chance to succeed. It will be up to you to determine how much time you can commit to your business. But having a set of fundamental principles that you use will pay off for years to come.


Do you already have a business plan? are you using some of these tips already? feel free to share your success in the comments’ area, I would be happy to meet you and share experiences. Maybe you have a few tips to add to this based on your experiences. Let’s talk about it



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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