5 Obstacles That Will Hold You Back From Online Success

5 Obstacles That Will Hold You Back From Online Success

5 Obstacles That Will Hold You Back From Online Success

Achieving success in an online business is what we all want when starting our online journey, however, it is not just a jump in and see what happens situation. You need to work hard at it and take the steps to build a solid foundation before you can really start to see a good source of income. I have compiled a list of 5 Obstacles that will hold you back from online success that will hopefully help guide you to a more lucrative online business that works for many years to come.

Lack of planning

Many of the most successful online businesses are doing well because they have a plan, and they follow it and update it whenever needed. There are many variables that come in to play when working online and to keep track of everything you need to do can be confusing if you don’t have a plan.
Sit down and write down how you envision your business operating. Plan around that by setting realistic and attainable goals for your business. A good majority of the top revenue generating websites have a solid plan that they follow regularly.
Lack of Planning

Failure to do Research

in order to make your journey successful you need to know what you are doing, and in order to do that you need to do research, constantly. Even if you are an expert in your niche or field, there is always some new technology or product that comes along that may trump what you know and can leave you behind the times if you do not stay current with your information applying what you learn and sharing that within your content is what works.
Researching daily and learning as much as you can about your niche as well as how others who are successful are doing, will go along way to helping you succeed.


UNreasonable expectationsFollow Your Passion to success


This is one of the most common obstacles that pop up with the potential to hold you back from achieving your business goals. You need “realistic” expectations and then scale them into bigger expectations as you build your business. This plays along well with the first point of needing a plan.

To many people jump into the online world expecting to do nothing and make a good deal of money in the process. It just does not work that way, regardless of what you have read or what program has promised you riches by following their expensive program all with the expectation that you will be a millionaire in a month( exaggeration) are most likely scams

For example, this website is successful but it has taken since April 2017 to get things really rolling, by working at it every day and following my plan and doing research

Websites or blogs normally take months to mature in regards to site authority within search engines and earn trust from Google that you are providing good and relevant content for your readers. Once your site or blog has a certain site maturity level, you tend to get much better rankings in SERPs( Search Engine Results Page). So to expect to dive in and do nothing and be given a fortune is not realistic.
But to expect a steady growth along the way by increasing the amount of quality content on your website or blog is certainly realistic. The online world is a very lucrative option if you use the right approach, and start by setting realistic goals and celebrate the achievements and then add more goals and increase your business. Here are some examples you could consider-

These are strictly examples, your actual goals may be completely different

1 Post new content 2-3 times per week

2. Start and grow an email mailing list to at least 50 subscribers within 90 days

3. Gain “X” amount of monthly revenue within 6 months- Keep it simple and start with something like 500-$1000 Month as a goal. If you surpass it, Great, then up that number to the next level

The point is to make achievable realistic goals with the understanding that this is NOT a get-rich-quick adventure, so plan for that and things will more than likely work out better for you


You get out what you put in

It has been mentioned above that you need realistic expectations for this to all workout. To further that point, you need to realize that this business takes work and a certain level of understanding that you truly get out of it what you put into it. What I mean is, that if you do like I do and work at it daily for an hr or so then you can really begin to see progress fairly quickly, but that takes commitment and the ability to keep going when bumps come along. This is a business, not a hobby. If you approach it like that then you can wrap your mind around the fact that there will be struggles and a few bumps along the way, but to succeed, you need to progress through all that and keep working at it.
You get out what you put in to it
The key is to stay busy at it and show activity to the search engines. When they crawl your site and see new content then it is more likely you will get rewarded with better rankings, which is a win for everyone. You get to help your readers find an answer to what they are looking for and in turn, you can gain revenue due to an increase in traffic to your website

The reason I have this listed as an obstacle is that the majority of online business startups are folks just shooting for instant wealth, and normally struggle since the instant wealth online is a myth. So to commit to a practice of working at your business and allowing it to progress naturally will be a much better option for success.


Not following a defined process

So without knowing exactly how to go about adding all this content or how to maximize your SEO for your posts, it is a good idea when starting out to find a program or a course that teaches the process and steps you need to know that will help you bring this all together and create a successful online business. This ties back into the “research is key” point mentioned above. You need to research programs or information that can help you find what you are looking for to get started online. There are some good places to go that can help and some to be wary of. First I would suggest staying away from any program that does not tell you up front what you are getting for your money, if they want you to pay money to start then more money after you are in then I would avoid those programs. Why? because you can do better and find a much better affordable option.

There are definite steps to follow to make this business work, and many experienced people have been doing it for years. I listed below a few places to try for getting started or to begin your research with.


Here is My #1 Recommended Option



Here are a couple additional options of good programs with legitimate training.

Chris Farrell Membership– a fairly good program for beginners, a bit lacking in community support or current training but still a solid option for starting out.- Not a scam

Affilorama– a good program that covers all aspects of online business, however, has several up-sells and can have some misleading information but overall it is a good program. -They also offer a free trail- Not a Scam

Wealthy AffiliateBy far my number 1 recommended option for online business success- They have everything you need to succeed and also the largest online marketing community in the world to support. No Up-sells and affordable price that covers everything they offer. No hidden costs at a later date.- Free Trial ( free starter membership) with no expiration date- Not a scam

The programs I have listed above are a place for you to start researching to see if what is offered is what you are looking for. There certainly are more programs online but there are many scams out there as well, so before you dive in all the way, see what is offered for free or with very little upfront costs. Do not give out your credit card info unless you are sure this is what you want


Removing obstacles within your path to success is very important but understanding them is even more important so you can see the signs of what may be holding you back in your business. If you follow the rule of trying to help your readers first and provide good quality information on a timely basis, you will be able to remove most of these obstacles listed. I wish you good luck and success on your online journey. If I can help in any way, please comment below and Let’s discuss it.




I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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