5 Ways A WordPress Website Can Help Your Business

5 Ways A WordPress Website Can Help Your Business


When you decide you want to start a blog or a website, you really need to look into WordPress, a content management system that makes your life much easier as a website owner. I get asked what Is a WordPress website, the answer comes in many forms, I have listed a few options for how it can help your business. There are multiple ways a WordPress website can help your business succeed, and help with long term growth of your brand.

With over 2.8 Billion people with access to the internet, it is a must to have a good blog or website if you are trying to make a living online with your site. WordPress provides a variety of options to improve your site, ever try programming? it takes a certain mindset and skill level. With WordPress you do not need to code, I will cover a few ways to make your life much simpler when it comes to managing your online business from behind the scene.

WordPress Website

WordPress Plugins Can Help You Simplify Your Website

What are Plugins? – Additional add-ons to your website that provide a specific function that may not be programmed into the code of your website already. Many are very small coding wise so they do not bog down your site much. However, having to many plugins can have an effect on site speed

Thousands of Plugins are free and install in seconds- The value of a good plugin can really enhance your site. There are plugins for Social media, Email Capture, Capthca Security, image optimization and the list goes on and on. If you are looking to do something that is not in the code of your site, chances are there is a plugin that can do what you need

WordPress plugins are simple and easy to install and activate. on the WordPress website related to the link to the left, it says “Extend your WordPress experience with 55,192 plugins” yes that is 55 Thousand. Many are similar meaning they perform virtually the same function to an extent, the difference being in layout and coding.
If you already have a website using WordPress then just download a plugin or 2 for free and se if it helps you out, just search for what you may want in the search menu bar.

Not a website owner yet? no worries. Using a WordPress system I can get you online in minutes and I will do you an even bigger favor. Free hosting to start your business and free training on how to monetize your site. There is a paid option that really drives your business to a new level but start free and see if it works for you. Oh ya and your free option lasts as long as you like.

I Am In Show Me How To Create A WordPress Website For Free

Jet pack

WordPress Jetpack is The ultimate plugin, it is more like a plugin that installs many additional plugins that are available

to really help you out,

Jetpack has several types of services it offers, with some nice features for each one- You could consider Jetpack as a Suite of plugins in one.

Some of the Services Included are listed below-this is not the entire list-

  • Design-Nice image customization tools, Fast image loading which helps with mobile
  • Marketing-Site analytics, automated social media posting, Some nice SEO tools to help you get noticed
  • Security- spam filtering, protection from brute force attacks, good support from WordPress.com
  • Social Sharing Automation-Very cool, Helps with your social buttons for your site

Those are just a few of the features, there is much more to Jetpack that will enhance your user experience on your site. It is free and easy to install. There are several paid options that are very affordable as well but the free version is very solid and contains the critical functions needed for your site.

Take a look at Jetpack for yourself and see if you like it? Take the product tour and get a good idea what it can do for you.

Themes For Websites

WordPress has taken the coding out of the equation for you. They have many people who do the behind the scene coding of a “template” for a particular “theme” for a website. There are thousands of template themes. I have a post on this website about 5 Responsive WordPress Theme’s. Responsive means mobile optimized

Today the process is basically download a theme and install it in a few minutes on whatever hosting platform you like, even WordPress has hosting but you can use your WordPress Theme anywhere that is configured for WordPress Hosting.

Having a good theme for your website helps give your site a professional look and takes the hassle out of coding. For the techy types you can still use CSS and code if you wish for most themes.

This website is using a WordPress Theme named MH Magazine, I downloaded it in seconds was online via The service I use for web hosting in just minutes


It has a funny name but it packs a punch. WooCommerce is similar to Jetpack in one way, it is also a suite of plugins. Primarily used for monetizing your site. You can set up your commerce options in many ways, calculate shipping costs, track inventory levels, pretty much everything you are used to seeing online when you order anything.

WooCommerce is packed with features to make the money flow for your site. You can set up different payment types or product comparisons and many other nice additions and still have a high quality professional website that provides seamless financial transaction options for your customers.

You are able to set up your site to be an online store by using the WordPress content management system and ramp up with WooCommerce and Jetpack

Here is a video that talks about WooCommerce and how it works



WordPress just recently hit the 30% worldwide coverage milestone meaning the WordPress content management system is responsible for nearly 1/3 of all current internet websites. Today there are Billions of people with access to the Internet and that grows every day. So to think that 1/3 of the sites people end up on when they search are WordPress sites is quite remarkable.
With new users getting online daily the importance of being able to get information in front of your target audience is a must. People like what is popular.

Gone are the days when you need to be an HTML expert or have coding experience to have a website, sure that option will always exist however you can feel comfortable in knowing that the super techy stuff is already done for you.


Thanks for being here and going through my article about WordPress, I have found that using a solid content management system is much easier than before, I just write articles do research and update the site regularly. No more spending time with image alignments or product listings that do not line up correctly.

Today we walked through how WordPress can help your business with a professional website. The amount of add-ons(plugins) make the process even better. Feel free to comment below and let me know if you liked Jetpack or Woocommerce. What plugins work for you? I have a few and would love compare and learn from your progress.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Yunier Gonzalez says:

    This is a very easy to understand article. I highly agree with you since wordpress is a must for businesses in my opinion. It’s so easy to use in 2018 with basically no codes required. Plugins and themes can make your business stand out to your potential customers and maybe even leapfrog you over your competitors.

    • Todd says:


      For sure it is much easier today to create a professional website than 10 years ago. With WordPress Themes it just takes a few minutes to update and you are up and running. With Thousands of plugins, the ability to scale up your site will really help with success for the future. WordPress has made it simple.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care

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