5 Ways Starting A Blog Business Is Better Than Your Job

starting a blog business

Why Starting A Blog Business Is Better Than Your Job


If you are like most of us who are in the rat race of a job working for the man, then you have most likely wished at times you had a better option for income. You do, It’s an online business and I will explain why starting a blog business is better than the job you do today.

Call it a blog or a website whichever you choose because as far as I am concerned they are essentially the same thing. Yes, I know a traditional blog sometimes does not have all the bells and whistles of a retail website but in reality, they are basically the same as far as opportunities go online.

Starting A Blog Business

Work From Home

Probably one of the obvious ways a blog business helps you out is by allowing you to work from home and in most cases at your own pace.

The current norm is, you get up at a time that may be earlier than you want and travel to a place that you work at, I get a bit general here because I am showing you a high-level view.

The routine can get to be a drag and seem redundant when you continually do the same drive every day and spend time away from home performing your job which you may or may not enjoy.

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FreedomStarting A Blog Business

Working at home gives you the freedom to run your life at your desired pace and be present for important family moments and many other benefits. Working at a daily job takes you away for long periods of the day in which you can miss out on important experiences.

The time you spend on your online business is controlled by you, when you can work 4 hrs one day then 2 the next and whatever is needed to make it work depending on the project.

Would you like to work less time and make more than you do today? I know the answer to that. You can make a living from anywhere there is an internet connection. That is Freedom, to live your life on your terms instead of what an employer decides for you by limiting your potential.

Following the trend

The world economy is moving online and many brick and mortar stores are closing or at least feeling the pinch to the bottom line and it is mainly due to the trend of the online marketplace.

Billions of people have access to the internet and the possibilities are endless for income potential. This will continue to grow as more and more people come online.

Getting started online learning the way to make money can put you at the front of the line and allowing you to benefit from the online marketplace.


Cost is a factor as well. You may be a bit hesitant to spend money on an online business, which is understandable since there are so many scams online these days. However, you can for sure find affordable options to provide you with the tools and options and training to get started.

For under $100 a month ( and that is a bit high) you can run an effective online business. Sure it will cost more as your business grows but so does any business.

Here is a link to my Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing For 2018, in which I break out my costs for my business I run online today

Starting A Blog Business For Money

Think about it, what do you spend today just working at your current job? You probably have a commute of some sort, so there is a cost for gas that at today’s prices is well over $100 a month normally.

There could be other fees and costs associated like any contributions you have deducted from your paycheck or like in my case “union dues” that are very expensive.

Freeing yourself from the rat race allows you to have better control of where your money really goes. If you think about what it costs “you” to simply go to work every day, and then think about what you could save by beginning to control those costs a bit, and if you decide to, put some of it into a new adventure online that can make your quality of life much easier.

Show Me The Money

The best part of a blog or website business can be the fact there is no cap on your income potential. Your job today has a cap, whatever skill you have has a range that employers are willing to pay for that work. Making a living wage today is becoming harder with all the rising costs of inflation.

You can set up and run a full-blown online business for a very affordable cost. The return on investment is what makes it a great option. If you start and stick with it, the sky is the limit on what you can make from it.

There are many people online today making 5 digits a month income wise. I am not going to promise you the same but there is no reason why you cannot make a great living online, regardless of your skill level with websites or blogs. Finding the right place to learn from that does not cost more than you get from it is important.

Here is the place I use for my business, Wealthy Affiliate. The cost is Free to start and the cost of being a premium member is just $49 a month or even less than $30 if you go early. Follow the link above to see what you get in return, the world-class training, keyword tool and everything you need to run your blog business and much more. You will learn multiple ways to make money online by simply following the training

Lose the stress

Once you start to see rewards and income from your online efforts you can remove some stress from your daily routine.

Before you go off and quit your job to work online, know that making a living online to the amount that can replace your current income will take a while, sometimes months or longer to really get it rolling.

So at first, there may be an additional cost to get started but, stick with it and it can make it possible for you to leave your current workplace and start to live an online lifestyle of setting your own schedule and still have time for life’s important moments

The stress on your life by simply following a routine of working every day at a job and being away from home can be removed


Getting started online and putting time into it at your own pace is a trend that many people are doing right now. The world is changing the way we make and spend our money. I have shown you 5 ways a blog business is better than your job.

I hope you consider looking into taking the step and bringing home that quality of life that many of us desire. The ability to be a digital nomad and travel or simply being at home most of the time and still have time for life’s pleasures.

Please comment below and let us know about your journey, do you have questions about working online? we will answer. I would love to connect with you and help you along the way to your success and a life

Thank you for your time


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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12 Responses

  1. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:

    I have never made a single penny online, but, surely, I agree with you. My job has a cap. I don’t still remember when my employer last raised my salary, if I tell you, I will definitely be lying. But the sad part is, basic commodities are hiking prices every day . I cannot dream of travelling the world because I cannot even meet the needs of my lovely wife and kids.

    What I have realized is, no one will ever pay you what you are worth except yourself. I will have to turn to online world to impress my future.

    Thank you so much for great advice 

    • Todd says:


      Sorry to hear you have not made income yet online. I can say this, stay with it, Keep working it and maybe make a few subtle changes and it should come together for you. This business takes time and sometimes to much time depending on many factors. You have the right approach to stay with the online business. I wish you well, let me know if I can help in anyway.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Jurgen says:

    You really explained it in an easy understandable way.

    The reason I started with an online business is that I was tired of getting up early to be stuck in traffic heading to my work. I think many people can relate with that. Well, let me tell you that doing this online stuff is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, as well as on the professional side as the personal side of things.

    It is easy to start and of course I did not quite my day job in the beginning. No, I worked on my online business during the evenings on my own pace, while still having the comfort of a steady income.

    As of today I have several affiliate websites that are earning me money. 🙂

    • Todd says:


      I can totally relate to the getting stuck in traffic on your commute to work. Been there myself. I started an online business to get away from that and have portable income that has no ceiling. As it was for you, it was the best decision I have made as My business is starting to grow.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love that businesses are moving online. This gives everyone easier access to more products & better service. Another good reason to starting a blog is if you are people shy – then communicating through the Internet keeps you from being lonely. I never thought about gas being a factor when you are driving to work but it would cost a lot if you live in a big town & have to drive 15 minutes or more everyday to work. To me, that’s too far!

    • Todd says:


      Gas comes in to play when you are commuting like most do in one form or another, Then again the cost of a subway or whatever means you have of getting to work is a cost. Working from home only requires internet access which we all pay for anyways. The global economy is quickly moving online, the days of working 30 years at the same job will be very rare soon enough.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Aria Len says:

    I love this list! It’s a great reminder to myself and I’m sure everyone else who has started a blog with the hopes of replacing their current income.

    Thank you for the reminder that I need to hang in there for a while. Even though I’m confident that I’ll reach my goal this time, I’m so tempted to quit my job now and work full-time on my blog, but after reading your post, I know I should be smart about this and keep my job for now until my site starts to take off.

    • Todd says:


      Good plan to keep your current job until your site takes off. I do the same thing, I have a full time job and I work on my site everyday for a few hrs and It is doing well, so I know it’s just a matter of time before I can cut that chord from my employer. Yes this business takes time to mature and many folks who start out cannot wait and give up, hang in there and stick with it and all will be glorious when your site takes off.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Karin Nauber says:

    Excellent overview of a few different hosting options. I like how you present the pros and cons of each, even though you are a Wealthy Affiliate member. You let the data speak for itself.
    I also appreciate the information you provide on the various keyword tools without bias.
    Thank you for the honest review of the options.

  6. Kegan says:

    I’ve often wondered at the time vs. income component of running an online business or starting a blog. The trade-off, I assume, is that you proportionally have to spend more time blogging for less guaranteed income – but, it’s YOUR time rather than your employer’s time, am I correct? I’m wondering how long it would take to build my blog to the level of income vs. time spent that occurs when you gain employment?

    • Todd says:


      Yes you are correct, the time you spend is your time instead of your employers. The guaranteed income of an employer is what makes many hesitate to try blogging. However, the employer will only pay you so much based on the pay scale they offer. Blogging can far surpass what an employer can provide and also allow you to eventually work less time at it in relation to a standard job where you are away from home most of the day. Spending 2-4 hrs at home instead of 8-10 or more at a job and the income potential is significantly higher. The time it takes varies for everyone based on multiple factors like how specific is your niche, how much competition do you have and also how committed are you to the process. Normally it can take a few Months before starting to see the benefits, since your blog takes time to mature and gain authority in Google.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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