5 Website Design Errors-Killing Your Digital Business

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5 Web Design Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Digital Business

Even if you may not be a professional web designer, chances are high that you know what you want your business website to look like. But are there any web design mistakes that could be killing our business and the exposure of our brand?

In the best-case scenario, you already have a vision in your mind that you aren’t able to shake – how pictures should line up, the colors you’re going to use, the pages you want to deploy, how you want your products and services showcased.

You may have even reviewed a few of your competitor’s websites to peruse different features that you want to be implemented into your own.

When it comes to web design, knowing what you want is half the battle. If you are having the website built by someone who isn’t a professional designer, you’ll need to consider how you could be hurting your business over the long-term.

A reputable designer will know what’s right and you’ll need to take a step back and let them do what you’ve paid them to do.

Here are 5 of the most common website design areas that affect a business’ ability to sustain long-term business growth and make their business more valuable.

#1 – The Colors You Choose

To succeed online, your business needs a unique personality. This includes the colors, the logo and physical appearance of your website.

Even if your logo isn’t finished yet,you’ll need to make sure you’re thinking carefully about the colors you will use in your business. What colors are going to represent your business? Would you prefer a monochrome theme? Or do you want to use a variety of colors?

You don’t need to concern yourself with finding the perfect color scheme, but it’s important that you make sure your color choice is appropriate to your business.

To help you understand the significance of colors in your design, you don’t want to use dull colors when your products and services are exciting. Likewise, if you own a law firm, you do not want to use bright, vivid colors because it could turn off your prospects.

#2 – The Fonts You Use

Right now, there are thousands of different fonts that you can use, which can make choosing one incredibly difficult to do. As a general rule, you can immediately rule out any serif fonts. They tend to be more difficult to read and are smaller in size — making them harder to read for people with vision problems.

There are other fonts that have negative emotional impacts, such as comic sans and papyrus, that should also be avoided. These fonts are so disliked that websites have cropped up that bash on the fonts’ existence.

You want to spend some time looking through different fonts. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the default fonts included in your CMS, either. Find one that feels good for your branding, is easy to read and works with your CMS, then run with it.

#3 – Your Calls To Action

Your “call to action” is critical to your website’s success. It is one of the most important assets and where your website turns from a basic website into a business asset.

Your website’s ultimate goal should be to funnel visitors from where they’re at now down the path where they become a long-term customer. You want them to buy your products and services and to build a happy relationship with your business.

If your calls to action aren’t prominently displayed, are using the wrong copy, or have missed your customer’s specific wants and needs, you’re going to end up losing a large number of your potential customers.

Whenever possible, place your calls to action “above the fold”. You also want to make sure they are brightly colored or bolded, so you draw your visitor’s attention to them.

Additionally, put your calls to action at the bottom of each page to grab visitors that have already researched your products, services, and content.

#4 – The Images You Use

Images are the perfect way to “spice up” your website. However, there is definitely a limit to the number of images you should be using. Every image that you display on the website carries a certain weight and can quickly take your webpage from attractive to overwhelming and cluttered. A cluttered web page is hard for your visitors to process.

You also want to think about the fact that more images tend to cause your webpages to load slowly. For every second that it takes your page to load, there’s the potential to lose that visitor.

That means you want to carefully choose the images you use and make sure your pages are balanced out. You want to find the balance between creating attractive pages that accurately portray your products or services, without overwhelming your visitors in the process.

#5 – The Buttons You Use

The buttons that you use are important. Sometimes, those buttons will be a part of your call-to-action, while other times they may be to draw attention to something you want your visitors to look at. The style and the colors of the buttons you’re using are relevant as well.

You want to ensure that those buttons are easy to identify and stand out against your images, content and the design of the website itself. You also want to ensure that they are styled consistently on each page that you display them on.

Finally, you want to make sure that they are being labeled appropriately for the goal and that the language you’re using is clear and concise. Show the visitor exactly what clicking the button is going to accomplish. This is a critical web design step that many designers tend to overlook.

Final Thoughts

Each of the above areas can work together to have amazing results in your business, or they can each take away from your ultimate goal — to convert more visitors into customers and raise your business’ bottom line.



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