8 Tips To Run An Online Business And Travel​ The World

8 Tips To Run An Online Business And Travel The World

Live The Dream And Travel While Working Online


Having an online business has a few nice perks, one of which is the ability to make money anywhere in the world at any time. In doing so that also lets me double down on the fun, by traveling and enjoying some of those benefits at the same time as making a living while on vacation. Even though this is a nice perk, it also has challenges, So I have put together my 8 tips to run an online business and travel
8 Tips to run an online business and travel the world

My wife and I went to Iceland for a nice end of the year vacation to celebrate new years’ eve and kick in 2018. As we traveled, I was able to run my online business even though we had limited internet service at times.
I compiled a list of tips that allow you to run your online business while traveling. This is important since one of the major benefits of this industry is to be able to have portable income, which can make it possible to work full time online.

1. Have A Backup Computer

Have a small laptop or even a tablet that you can bring traveling with you so you avoid taking your main computer with you which can be impossible if you do not have a portable computer option. You really only need a few things to effectively run your online business from vacation. You need internet-DUH, and the ability to write a post via any decent writing platform like word pad or even “open office”(Free) and a few files with your research information contained within and any links you want to add to your posts.

2. Carry On Only If Possible

Try not to check a bag at the airport if traveling by plane unless you need to of course. But I have found that I can travel for nearly a month with just a carry on bag and a backpack under the seat. Having carry on only gives you complete control of your items and also lets you use everything you may bring during your flight time. For example, the flight to Reykjavik Iceland takes 7 hrs Plus from my airport in Seattle so that gives me at least a few hrs to do some work if I needed to. Also, dealing with baggage claim in many airports around the world can be stressful, make it easy on yourself and go carry on only.

Carry On Bag

3. Pre Plan Your Posts

It is very important when working online to have consistency to your work, with regular posts at a set number per week and so on. I shoot for 2 a week myself but I would love to do 3 or more per week. Most site editors have a schedule feature that allows you to set times to publish a post. You can publish without being online, that’s pretty cool. Depending on how long you plan on being gone you can set up several posts to launch so you stay to your weekly schedule.
Have a set of notes handy to help you with your posts so you can type or create them without having to use internet connections. Working online while traveling is very rewarding but it also takes a bit of planning to make sure you stay on top of your information.

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The ideal situation is to pre-write and plan like mentioned above and have your site editor handle the posting while you are busy enjoying your vacation

Pre Plan Your Post and Content


4. Research Prior To Traveling

save what you find in a folder that you can use while no internet is available. You could outline some great content without being online at all. Also, research the area you are traveling to for internet cafe’s or WiFi area’s that you may be able to use if you need to get online. You may want to consider having a few articles started and have any images or videos you may use already downloaded and either in your site editor files or on your PC in a folder. No need to go searching for this stuff while traveling

5. Share Your Experiences With Your Readers

Sharing your experiences adds credibility to you as a website or blog owner, you can show you are not just some scammer trying to take peoples money by showing a bit of a personal connection. Add a photo or 2 in your next post that you took on vacation. You may consider adding it to your about me page so folks can feel more connected to you, and as a result trust you more which can end up providing a nice revenue source for you. Sites with personal; connections and quality content, tend to do better sales wise and also helping readers find the answers they are looking for.

Here is a picture from my trip. This is the Gullfoss Waterfall On the Golden Circle Tour In Iceland


Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

6. Know The Internet Setups

This means research ahead of time about where you are going to find out what connection you will have online. It may be sub-par then you may need to do more pre-work prior to traveling. If all is good then you can update your posts or other needed operations using the connection from where you are currently staying.


7 Protect Your Computer

Traveling has many challenges and making sure your stuff remains yours is probably the most important piece. In many countries pickpocketing is huge and many good people lose their belongings to unscrupulous people. It is very important to be aware of your surroundings and aware of your items, to ensure they are protected. This is why I recommend a travel computer with limited information on it. It would be very sad to see you lose all your business information because you took everything with you and left it UN attended.

8 Tag Your Bags

It sounds silly and I know it may be, but having a name tag on your bags is a big deal. Do you really think your bag is the only one in existence that looks like it? Noway. On vacations and at transport stations like airports, bags get moved around or loaded into an overhead storage bin and other storage locations and can easily end up in the wrong hands by accident simply because someone grabbed what they thought was theirs when in fact it was yours.

Example: On my recent vacation to Iceland we used a tour bus to see some local attractions. On that bus, they load all passengers bags underneath the bus in one big storage area, as the bus travels they all get moved around and shifted underneath the bus. When we arrived at our stop, our bags were not where I left them in the storage compartment and in fact, they had shifted to the other side of the bus. I momentarily grabbed a bag that looked like mine and then realized it was not. This type of stuff happens, So please while traveling please make sure you can easily identify your belongings.

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