A Google Search Is A Great Way To Find Keywords For SEO

a Google Search Is A Great Way To Fnd Keywords

Take Your Keyword Searches To A New Level With A Google Search

Proper SEO and Keyword research is a daily activity for website or blog owners, but many do not realize that a google search is a great way to find keywords that are fairly easy to find if you know how to look. Google shows you what people are searching for as you type into a search box

I know you have seen it and have even used the keywords that Google suggests when you type a keyword.

Those suggestions are based on user activity searching for those words.

Keywords with Intent

The phrase that pop in suggestions from Google are users intending to find an answer for a problem or a question they have. So this makes these searches a bit more valuable to you as a marketer. You have a ready-made list of keywords to target with articles in your niche.

These are Keywords with intent. Which leads to you writing with intent so that you can capture that traffic that is readily searching for an answer. You have a much better chance of converting if you find what folks are looking for and targeting that as long as it is within your market.

Alphabet Soup

The subheading probably has you wondering what soup has to do with keyword searches?

Well it is a technique used to find keywords based on submitting a letter from the alphabet after a base search term. For example: If you search for the phrase “how to make” then add an “M” “how to make m” then you will get results like shown below.

The suggestions came up with “how to make money affiliate marketing” as one of the suggestions. This potentially could be good traffic wise, so you run it up in your favorite keyword tool I Use Jaaxy, but you can use whatever you like. Find out of this is worth pursuing as an article choice.

Alphabet Soup 102

Now that you have the method down how about we show you the next phase. Add a letter before your term, Like for example, “learn ” and you could then add one after as well and go with ” learn how to make money with affiliate marketing” if you use the example from above.

Something else happened here that can help you even more. A whole new set of possible keywords displayed. Repeat the steps from above and make your list and soon you will find that you have unlimited options to share content with your audience
Google Search Is A Good Way To Find Actionable Keywords

I bet you thought I was going to show you some crazy secret method for this phase. Actually it is fairly easy to find relevant keywords to target buy using this method. Then you right down several options you want to look into and find out the traffic and competition levels for your choices before you create an article

Use Your Tools

A google search alone won’t be enough to see what your chances are for rankings. But the information provided by this method is far more effective than randomly searching your keyword tool for a selection that meets what you want to share.It gives you a first hand look at what your audience is looking for, that is invaluable information

Use your tool of choice to take the next step in the research for actionable keywords. I will use my Go to tool, Jaaxy, for my example


The columns we want to look at are “AVG”, “Traffic” and “QSR” the “SEO” column is also helpful.

So what do they mean to you? good question.

  • AVG- is the total searches for the last 30 days for that specific keyword phrase
  • Traffic- is an algorithmic guess at what you could reasonably expect to see on your site if you made page 1 in search results
  • QSR-(Quoted Search Results) is your competition, the number of competing websites that have posted using the same keywords
  • SEO is a 1-100 scale 100 being the best. The likely hood percentage that you would rank page1 with that word

So here is how this helps you. Find a result that has over 100 AVG and less than 100 QSR, this is a starting point for your website until it matures and can compete with the big boys so to speak. They are called low hanging fruit keywords.

It means that you have a great chance to rank in that search based on the keyword phrase. You may be thinking why only do look at 100 for avg traffic. It shows a real trend that is searched for, sure it may not be the traffic level you are looking for but you won’t get much traffic at all if you are floundering on page 14 in search results.

As in the example below shows the term “how to make money affiliate marketing” shows up and meets our criteria for +100, -100. And a 90% chance at ranking well for this phrase.
Certainly we would like to find a higher level of traffic and lower competition. You will find them regularly, no worries. The point with this excersize is to get ranked well and start seeing traffic to your site.

Now the tool you use may not have a QSR column instead you may have one that has PPC stats or CPC stats like how much it will cost as pay per click for that phrase. This is one reason why I use Jaaxy. I do not want PPC data, I want the competition listed. PPC will take care of itself when the time is right

On a side note: Jaaxy has an Alphabet soup option within the tool itself, so you can pretty much do what you did in google and do it in jaaxy, if you so choose.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup
While we are here. If you like, you can follow along and try the same search or one of your choice right here in Jaaxy. You get 30 free searches so no worries. No personal info required besides an email.
Try your search in the box below

Here is a video showing the process of using Google for keyword searches


One of the major keys to success online is being relevant with your content based on what someone is looking for, if they are a match then you have done your job. So by using the method above, you can be very relevant in your approach to an article or campaign based on the trend.

As we mentioned above. The intent of the user is to find an answer, you can be relevant to that quest by focusing on the phrase they used and creating content based on that in a way that can solve the issue they have. That is relevance and it will convert for you.


So we have covered a few things, I hope they help you understand how to use Google to greatly enhance your keyword searches. Every little bit helps when it comes to having the information needed to have a chance to show well in ranks. This means traffic which leads to revenue.

The important parts to remember here are the alphabet soup method, and relevancy. You will be able to have a dramatic improvement in traffic levels if you follow the method and provide content that helps your readers.

Did you find your answer with your Jaaxy search? comment below and let me know. Or if you used this new technique in another tool and have had success, I would love to hear about it. Please share your success with my readers and we can all benefit from the information.

Thank you for stopping by


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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12 Responses

  1. I’m thinking about giving Jaaxy a shot, how does it compare to semrush keyword tool if you know about it?

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the question. It is a good one. I am a member of Both SEM Rush and Jaaxy and they both have their strengths and also area’s of improvement to be had. First of all SEM Rush is crazy expensive for a newbie, but they do have some great features that can help with the SEO and link building and so on. In addition to Keyword research. Honestly though the interface is a bit busy and confusing if you are fairly new to the industry in my opinion. But dont get me wrong the product is Awesome.
      Jaaxy is more about Keywords and site rankings for your specific posts within 3 Major search engines, Brainstorming function and also helps find potential affiliate programs or Niches. The Free version is a way to try it out. But the difference for me is that SEM Rush is more about your competition and SEO and Jaaxy is more aligned with keyword research as the primary function.

      I use SEM Rush for My SEO Needs and Jaaxy for Keywords and finding new markets. Jaaxy has a nice feature call the “alphabet soup” method. Here is a post about it if you want more examples of Jaaxy and how the process can work for you https://webincome4me.com/how-to-search-for-keywords-with-jaaxy-and-alphabet-soup/

      Personally I love Jaaxy it provides accurate info and also lets you see your ranks in Bing, Yahoo and Google with one click. Very helpful to track your progress. I have used many tools and always come back to Jaaxy

      Both have free versions but Jaaxy is the more affordable option for a paid membership.

      Hope this helps

      Thanks for the comment- Let me know what you decided and how it went for you

      email me at Todd@webincome4me.com if you need more information

      Take Care

  2. riley roman says:

    Hi Todd,
    Great post, I love reading and learning how to improve my writing skills and searching for new topics that will rank well is vital to the process. Love this Jaaxy you are describing, will check it out for sure. I do use Google as you said in your post. Is Jaaxy a free tool or is it expensive to use?

    • Todd says:


      Glad you like jaaxy, I know I do. The accuracy of the information provided is amazing. There are many more functions I did not cover in my post. Yes Jaaxy Has a free option that requires just an email to sign up and take it for a test drive. There are also paid options that go as High as $99 Monthly for non Wealthy Affiliate members. Jaaxy Pro is available for $49 A Month for Non Wealthy Affiliate members. Just so you know, Wealthy Affiliate Premium members get Jaaxy Lite for Free, all the functions available and unlimited searches. Here is a link to the membership options https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jaaxy. you can also go to jaaxy upgrade page here. Not sure if it accessible unless you are a member or not https://my.jaaxy.com/upgrade

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Google is a good source for keyword searches. I love the alphabet soup method that can get you good results. Your post is well detailed and very informative with tons of good information.

  4. Hey Todd,
    This is an awesome post man!

    That’s how I normally do my keyword research as well. Go to Google to find some ideas from their alphabet soup and then go to Jaaxy to confirm the traffic and competition of the keyword.

    Many times I can easily rank on Google Page 1 or page 2 if I really put in effort to research for good keywords. So, this thing really works. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Jerry,

      Good to know you search that way as well. It really does not take long to find several options for topics or keywords. Then verifying the traffic in Jaaxy is fabulous. I too have had success with ranking using this method. Good habits are a great tool for success. This is just one of many.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

      Take care


  5. ariel says:

    Thank you for your awesome article!
    This method will definitely inspire us to find long tail keywords. I am using Jaaxy and already do the same search as you have written. I appreciate your detail introduction about Jaaxy, which is the best version I have seen, to be honest,I still don’t master, some tips you showed here do help me to use it better.

    best regards

    • Todd says:


      Long tail keywords really help with ranks when used properly. Yes Jaaxy is fabulous, and the additional features available within are very helpful. No worries if you have not mastered the technigue yet, this industry is all about learning new things and applying what we learn, Just keep working it with Jaaxy and you will have it down soon. Just knowing how to use Google to enhance your business marketing is a great skill

      Let me know if you need anymore tips for using Jaaxy. Have you used the “Site rank” feature?

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  6. Kyoko says:

    Hi Todd, thank you for great information! Also great tips on alphabet soup. This method definitely helps us find long tail keywords, as well as gives us some inspiration. I really appreciate the detail explanation on Jaaxy. I am still not fully mastering at it, but your explanation really helped!

    • Todd says:


      I am pleased you liked the post. It is an interesting term for a great technique in alphabet soup. But it works. I actually found several post topic ideas just by searching when I wrote the post. One of the many cool things about Jaaxy is the multitude of ways it can help you and having its own alphabet soup tab is fabulous. Keep using Jaaxy and you will get the process down, it will help you take your business to a new level.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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