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My name is Todd and I would like to share a bit about me

I am one of many who have reached for online success to take advantage of the commerce and opportunities that are truly endless on the internet

I created this website in order to share with you part of my journey and help you understand how the internet marketing world of today is different than just a few years ago.

I have put forth a “keep it simple” approach to this website and the content within it, as I believe I can share my message and still show how easy it is for you to make a great living online.

I truly want to help others get going and learn to earn a great living in an online business, I want to help you grow and realize every dream you have financially.

In 2004 I started a retail website after being laid off from my day to day job. I paid for a program that provided me with a coach and the tools I needed to get started. It worked well, but so many questions still went unanswered since I was new at it. I made mistakes but learned a great deal and I gained experience and knowledge as I progressed further. I tried several other programs along the way while still running my website, and had success with some and others I discovered that what was offered was a scam or a poor program with little helpful information

Today there is such a different playing field, and to be competitive you really need a platform or a way to answer those many questions that come up. I returned to my job in 2005 and continue to operate an online business that has shown me many different paths. I  started another adventure and it has payed off big. I am an affiliate marketer, I now run multiple websites with more to come using the skills and knowledge I obtained from my earlier adventures and I continue to see the results of the hard work and success and financial rewards I envisioned. How?

I joined the largest online marketing company on the internet. The pages and posts on my site will help you understand and hopefully guide you to also achieving the online success I am receiving. This is no scam. I’m a regular guy with a family and a full-time job living in the U.S.A, I will soon be leaving that job for good as my web business is continuing to grow fast and will replace my current job very soon. I really want to share with anyone interested in online marketing, how great this program is.

I have the experience of trying many different paths in an online business and that allows me to have a good knowledge of what works and what does not. I am very excited about the adventure I am on and am hoping I can get more folks to see how this can really change your life.

I will be going on nice tropical vacation soon as part of the new life I have created.

You can do the same

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and to read this page.

Let us grow together and reap the rewards of the best training, tools, guidance, step by step videos and the largest online marketing community in the world.

feel free to contact me with any questions at admin@webincome4me.com   or check out my

Wealthy Affiliate profile here to learn more.

thanks again.


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