Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2020

Tips For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2020

10 Ways To Help You Build A Foundation For Success

Your interest in Affiliate marketing is great, you have found a wonderful option for creating sustainable online income. I would love to cover with you my top 10 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners in an effort to help you decide what direction to pursue in your online journey. This option can really help bring the freedom we all want in our lives, but you need to have a certain mindset to make it really work out.

As marketers, it is our job to provide value and quality information to our readers, without going overboard on selling and promotions. That is and always will be a main core principle of success. Below I have listed what I consider the top 10 tips for success they are in no particular order.

Be Consistent

probably one of the most important tips is to be consistent with your progress and your updates to your website. Google will rank you better normally when you can show activity by providing good content on a regular basis. The norm? well as many as you can handle posts wise weekly. Shoot for 3-5 a week if you can to really stay active.

That may seem like a big number to handle every week and yes it can be if you stray from the methods I am listing for you today. To be consistent you need to stay focused and understand your market.

Have daily habits or processes you follow to stay consistent. Take notes, write down your ideas and act on them, this is important so that you can achieve what is needed to be a top affiliate marketer.

Find Your Niche

This may have a funny sound to it, but it is really about finding your market, your target audience for the brand you are creating. Having to broad of a market can make the journey to success a bit longer, so it is OK to be fairly specific when hunting for a market.

Using good keyword tools and google you can fairly quickly find what people are searching for in an area that you may be targeting- I have an article about using Google to do keyword searches

Find Your Niche

Research is Key

One way to stay consistent like I mentioned above is by doing great research. You probably hear about doing research for marketing and wonder what exactly that means. You are not alone, many people just think you look for keywords and write articles. Yes, that is part of it, but not the complete story.

Once you find your niche or market, you can refine your research habits to finding out everything you can about your market, your competitors, other successful sites and most importantly what your target market is looking for.

Also, learning all you can about SEO and Keyword research will have a positive impact on your success. Spend the time to find a good program that is not crazy expensive and learn from experts who have done it for years.


Wealthy Affiliate Signup

Quality Content

This is a big one, quality content is what sells and what keeps people coming back to your site. But do not be intimidated by the people saying that your content needs to be exceptional, to be a success. Hogwash, yes it needs to be valid and relevant but you do not need to be an English major or journalist to produce quality content.

What brings the quality is the details of the message. Like when you are explaining to your audience about a product you are reviewing, be as detailed as you can. Do an unboxing, explain what it looks like even if you have a picture, show how it works either in examples or a video if you can. These are just examples, but my point is to take the time to detail out your content. The end result will be quality.

Write like you are talking to a friend and do not be afraid to be different from everyone else in your opinions and comparisons.

Do not keyword stuff an article, just to rank it, that means a fairly obvious attempt to “game the system” by making little sense with your content but just cramming a bunch of keywords in. 2 things will happen if you do this and both are bad. You WILL get punished by Google, Big brother IS watching. You will also lose followers and trust of your audience and once that happens you are pretty much doomed as a marketer

Quality content can be produced well, by taking the time to explain your message. Do not worry so much about how many words and article length is, worry about connecting with your readers. That will be a much more successful habit than just trying to write x amount of words that really make no sense.

Market Your Message

There are many ways to share your content online. Social media is one of the most important and lucrative. You can launch a tweet or pin an article and have it pays off months later or instantly. I recommend you work on a social media presence to help share your message.

So what if you have no accounts on the social networks, you can still thrive. Set them up and begin your journey gaining followers and sharing your content. The numbers will grow as your business grows

When I launched this site I only had a few social media accounts and not many followers, I have since made it a priority in my marketing campaigns and have grown my exposure dramatically in a short time.

Social Media Marketing
A tool I use for my social media marketing is called “Crowdfire” it is a social media sharing application that allows you to connect all your accounts in one place and send and share relevant information out in bulk and also manage your lists as well

Get active on forums like Medium and Quora or any others you can. Do not openly promote, in the forums until you are established and trusted as a contributor. You use forums for 2 main tasks, helping people and learning from others.
I could go on forever about marketing your brand, so I will instead leave you a link to my article about 10 ways to market your website. Check it out and see if this answers any questions you have.

Help Your Visitors

Many online business owners lose sight of this and simply promote like a used car salesman. Though it can be effective, it turns people off if all you do is ask them to buy something.

One of the core values you should practice with every bit of content on your site is helping your visitors. Help them find an answer to what they are searching for. I mentioned above about quality content, this plays a big role in helping your visitors. By being detailed and honest in your presentations you build a following and trust, then the revenue will begin to flow for you.

This site is designed to help you or anyone else that is looking to start out online find the answers that work in that quest. I try to provide honest solutions or options to handle what you are looking for. It is my way of helping my visitors find answers.

Follow a Plan

You need a plan, there are so many distractions that pop up that you may not realize when you are working online, that it is vital to have an action plan. Go as far as planning each day for your tasks. Write them down and stay focused on it. Hold yourself accountable to your plan

The most successful online business owners hold themselves accountable to the plan they have and they follow it. Learn from the people who have done this for years and know this to be true. You need a plan, it can be simple but you still need an actionable direction for your business.

Set goals that are achievable but not too far-fetched and celebrate when you check them off your list. Stick with your plan and adjust it accordingly as you progress and learn more about what you are doing.

Learn As You Go

SEO and keyword research as mentioned in the Research section above- There are to things that you will learn about as you progress and when you learn it, implement what you have learned into your business. Starting out online takes a while really take off. There are no get-rich-quick schemes that work. You have to do the work and learn what to do and what not to do in order to have a successful business model.

Learn As You Go
We all have a quest for knowledge right? why not learn new things while you are working online. If you wait to learn it all first you will never start in the first place.

Stay With It

Keeping at it even when things are tough will pays off, but only if you stick with it. Most of the people who fail online cannot wait for the success to happen and they quit to early, or they do not follow the training they are given and just wing it by jumping straight to PPC marketing to gain traffic.

If you find a program online that is teaching you to use Pay per click marketing as your main source of traffic, Run, you are in the wrong program. PPC has its place and is important but not as the main source of traffic for your site

Online income is glorious and being able to sustain a long-term source of income takes work and guts and a certain mindset to not give up when you do not understand something.

It may sound awesome and it is, to say you have an online business and to make a few bucks but how are you growing your business or taking the steps to keep the revenue coming in. It takes work to make that happen.

Understand The Path To Success

As you start on your journey you need to know that the path will have its challenges as well as great success. Affiliate marketing is a test of patience for those just starting out. It can take months or even years depending on the pace you are on, to really achieve the promised land. Yes, some do it quickly and succeed right away. Most people just like you and me will have to gain the knowledge along the way and apply what we learn and in time we see the success.

You really need to hear this message that it takes a while for affiliate marketing to thrive. It is a big en devour to run this type of business properly. But also know this. The majority or people that stick with it through the challenges and see the vision of where they are headed, get there. You certainly can thrive and have all you need money wise if you can understand the process and practice what you learn.

Embrace The Change(Bonus Tip)

So here is the deal. I have shown you several tips for how you can succeed at Affiliate marketing, I have one more for you. Embrace the change. What I mean is this.

Once you start out online you realize that you have a time commitment to adhere to, and by adding that into your daily routine you start to make it a habit. You may find it hard at first to step away from your other life commitments for a while and dive into your business, But I say embrace it and look forward to the journey and the steps to get to the promised land.

I really appreciate you spending time with me today.

I hope I followed one of my own listed methods and helped you out by providing you with the information you are looking for.

Please comment below and add to the conversation. You and I both can help others by sharing comments and learning from each other.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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18 Responses

  1. Kenny Lee says:

    Seriously great tips there for affiliate marketing newbies. If I had followed your first tip, be consistent, diligently, I believe I would have more success today. Instead, I lose focus and tried every single shining object during the first year of building my affiliate site. I stopped doing that and have better results now.

    • Todd says:


      Good input about your experience. I am sure it is fairly common to do just as you did. Most people do not want to wait for success, it seems like stuff is not working so we try different things, when consistency is what will get us to the promised land. Very good input, I know many people can learn from your comment. Congrats on the bettter results, keep it rolling.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Shoshanah Howell says:

    Hi Skydancer, Your site design is clean and very easy to navigate. I like the Jaaxy custom HTML on your sidebar. I’ve been going back and forth with what website to build next. I’m very much leaning toward WA website. So I would like to thank you for helping me make up my mind. Your content is engaging and I can’t think of anyone that visits your site that wouldn’t want to read your posts. Very nicely done. I appreciated this website.

    • Todd says:


      Wow what an endoresment. Thanks. I can say that I as well went back and forth for a while. I originally started 2 other sites which are now in slow build mode while I focus on this one. I applaud you for being able to handle more than 1 site. It takes work, so be careful not to spread yourself to thin, But if you need any assistance I am available. 

      Thanks for your comment

      Take Care


  3. Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing this good advice Todd!

    You point out ALL of the essentials for starting up an affiliate marketing business. Consistency, and carefully allotting time, is integral. I struggle the most with finding enough time, because I work various other things that bring in income, but learning the process through a program like Wealthy Affiliate, and then sticking to a routine, REALLY pays off!

    I appreciated your recommendation of Crowdfire. I’ve heard of it but I haven’t used it yet. Is it a plugin?


    • Todd says:


      I firmly believe in having a plan and being consistent. there are just to many distractions that arise that can get in the way while working at home. Focus on the task and stick with it, and repeat. Plan out our daily routines, It has proven to work and the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches us is to inject that consistency into our business and it works. Crowdfire is not a plugin, it’s an app with a link. Getting set up really helps manage social media accounts and the information sent out that folks may find interesting. They have both a free and paid option, both are great

      Thanks for your comment

      Take Care


  4. Michael says:

    Excellent tips on how to do affilate marketing. I bileieve if beginners followed your advice here, they will see success very quickly.

    My favorite tips you said was staying consistent, aiming to help your visitors, and following a proven plan.

    I think by doing just 3 things alone can help anyone become a very successful affiliate marketer very quickly.

    • Todd says:


      Very true, just those three alone can make a big difference, and should be part of the basic foundation of your online business. Helping others is what we are all about and the consistency really pays off. Having a great plan and following it is essential. You are spot on with your comment

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Eartha says:

    Hi Todd,

    I have to say that the most important things for me that you’ve pointed out in your article are consistency and sticking with it.

    In the past, I would start projects and give up quickly due to being impatient. I would never focus long enough on one project to make any real progress.

    I have made the commitment to stay consistent as well as sticking with my projects. It has made a world of difference in my business. Thanks for sharing this. These are really awesome tips for any beginner affiliate.

    • Todd says:


      Yes sticking with it is vital to success. Far to often, people give up since they do not see instant results, it is part of the world we live in when we want stuff right now. As you know that staying with a plan really makes it come together. Congrats on staying with it. Much success is ahead.

      Thanks For The Comment

      Take Care


  6. Ken Vannortwick says:

    Todd you explained some great tips for affiliate marketers. We will more than likely be taking a few of your ideas and implementing them on our site. The Crowdfire tool looks like it should save me a lot of work. Is it a paid tool or is it free? We will need to get more information on that subject.

    You definitely need a strategy and by taking action we call that the plan. That is great advice. You really will learn as you go so the best thing you can do is get started. Don’t over complicate anything you do. We use the kiss principle.

    You did a nice job explaining how to get started. You got that right about having consistent content, sticking with it and embracing the changes that come your way. So who do you recommend for someone starting out trying to learn about online marketing?

    • Todd says:


      Nice to hear I was able to help you out for ideas to use on your site. Crowdfire has both a free version and several paid plans. the free tool allows you access to their product, but you are just limited on the numbers of people you can manage as followers or unfollowers and also how many articles you can post in a day. But you can still use the free version everyday and grow your lists with ease. The paid plan I signed up for is only 7.99/Mo if you pay for a year. It was like $96 for a year. So I did that. It has changed my world when it comes to social media. Having everything in one place is awesome.

      The Place I recommend for anyone of any skill level to start their online journey? Without a doubt Wealthy Affilite. They have everything needed to succeed and are always upating training and tools to keep up with trends, and it is affordable- Free is good right?

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. Dorian Ramos says:

    Hello there, the article was very good, and the tips are extremely helpful and would definitely do good for those who are looking to start an affiliate marketing business. I can say that even though I have been doing the Affiliate marketing for a handful of Months, I did adopt a couple of the ideas that you had put down. Thanks again and a very nice website indeed. Great content.

    • Todd says:


      I am glad you are in the Affiliate Marketing business, keep up the good work. The methods in this post do work for people trying to market their brand. Good to hear you are following them, you will no doubt have great succces if you stick with it. 

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  8. Jacqueline Blondeau. says:

    Thank you so much, Todd, for the recommendations you give to everyone to understand how to build an online business. I liked to read “the following plan” it is very important to stay focused on it. As you said, affiliate marketing is a test of patience. I started out with WA, six months ago, and I know it is not an easy task every day to do, while I am progressing through all the learning process, sometimes, I feel stuck, and discourage, but I realize, without a commitment to myself, for achieving my goal, I need to stick into it, whatever it will take.
    You gave to me, through your post, all the great information I needed it, to understand better the process and practice what I learn.

    • Todd says:


      Having an online business is a nice perk but knowing how to make it work when just starting out is a must. If you have the right information you can start and learn at a much quicker pace and normally see results much sooner. I am happy I was able to help you learn and apply those new skills to your business.

      Thanks For Your Comment

      Take Care


  9. angelce903 says:


    Thanks for your tips with affiliate marketing; it’s very useful for me. I have found a niche and started to publish but I got discouraged when I didn’t see money coming in as fast as I wanted. But when reading your post, I realized that I should just remain consistent and focus on helping my audience, building it and make them faithful readers. Thanks again for your help!

    • Todd says:

      Glad I could help, With the push for instant results to many people give up before seeing the benefit of the work they do. This industry takes time to mature, if you have the ability to stick it out, you will thrive. Yes just keep up the consistency and help your audience and the money will come when the time is right.

      Thank You For The Comment

      Take Care


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