Average Retirement Income

Average Retirement Income


Get Out the Suitcase and Get Ready To Travel


Seriously, Get ready to travel and still have an income source. Having worked hard to get where you are at now and still wanting the freedom to live the life you deserve. The average retirement income is no where near what it should be based on the work you have performed your entire life. I can help you with an income source that you can have that will bring you the freedom you deserve. It will not be easy and yes you will still have to work at it, but you can literally do it from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Oh and did I mention it is FREE ? You interested? Keep reading and I will help you out.

Average Retirement Income

To get an income coming in there is no get-rich-quick scheme or instant lottery winning formula. You need to do what you have done your entire life, work. But this is much different work than before when you punched a clock for 30 years or went to the same place to work for just enough to get by and have a little left over for an occasional outing with the family. I know I have been there myself. But not anymore, Now I have an income source from working online and I do it from anywhere I want. Let me show you how people from 13 to 90+ are running successful online businesses from the comfort of the easy chair

How it Works

Okay so first I must say I am no used car salesman and that this is no BS, this is a real honest opportunity to make money, the amount you make is totally up to you based on what effort you put into it. Let me introduce you to Affiliate Marketing. Now before you roll your eyes and say “come on dude”, let me say that this is the fastest growing online business model today and is expected to increase even faster soon. Why? many reasons. You do not need to sell anything, you simply advertise a product and receive commissions for the sales. You need not clutter the garage with useless gadgets that sell for .99 or a whole basement full of books to package and sell after several trips to the post office.You will be trained how to build a professional website that can have you online literally in minutes and then you will learn how to add content to that website to follow a passion you have or a skill or even just finding a market for a niche.

A Little History

Before we go any further please let me tell you a bit about me so you have an understanding of what I do and why. I am in my mid 50’s and am a family man, quickly coming up on retirement age. I saw my grandparents both work for years and retire on peanuts and I swore that I would not be like that. I have spent 20+ years in the Airplane building industry and still work there but at the same time I run a successful online business that will soon completely replace my current income. I will be retiring soon and my wife and I will be traveling nomads living in different parts or the world for 6 months at a time then going to a new place. I will be doing this with a continual income source that grows rapidly once it is set up. My affiliate marketing business will power it all and more. I have been running some form of online business for over 12 yrs with success and have finally found the Holy Grail of online marketing. I want to share it with you so you can do the same. Wealthy Affiliate

How You Benefit

You get step by step easy to understand world-class training that teaches you all you need to know to build a foundation of an online business and have 1 Million others in the community all available and willing to help if you get stuck. I really have not seen anything like this in my 12 years online. I joined as a skeptic for free and said I’ll give this a week and see what kind of BS these guys are pushing. WOW was I shocked, this is the real deal. You start as a free member with no trail period or anything like that. Free means free, just email and user name to sign up. You stay free as long as you like. If you choose to upgrade there is a paid option of $49 a month that brings the entire foundation to a different level and really enhances your success. There are no Up-sells or hidden costs like other programs. The cost is up front and well worth it in my opinion. I have a review you can read that can explain it better, if you would like to check it out In my Wealthy Affiliate Review. You get shown the skills and gain the knowledge to achieve the lifestyle you really deserve and can make money while you sleep. With proper training and a little elbow grease and you will be able to earn a sustainable online income that is very lucrative if done correctly.

Average Retirement Income

Final Thoughts

You can read my profile information on the wealthy affiliate portal Here and learn more about me. I also have an about Todd Page on to menu bar above this post.
If you are convinced enough you can join here right now by selecting the red button below.

Average Retirement Income

If this is not for you that’s fine and I wish you the best of luck and success in whatever you find that fits your needs. Like I said I am no salesman, I am just trying to show you a way that I know works well and is legit. Either way

I Thank you for your time and I hope to be able to help you travel and fulfill every dream you have financially

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Take Care


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Long says:

    Very nice post Todd and I know every word to be true.. The process is easy if you just follow it and stick to it. Not instant or push-button wealth. Of course I don’t believe there is such a thing, A good read about an honest way to produce online income.
    Regards !

    • Todd says:


      Very true regarding the process that it is no get rich quick scheme at all, in-fact it really takes a while to get rolling but when it does the results are fabulous and no more worries about residual income. I believe that honesty and helping others goes a long ways towards success in this business.

      Thank you for the comment and take care


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