The Best Free Website Building Tools For 2020-A Beginners Guide


Bring Your Website To Life With The Best Free Website Building Tools

As a blog or website owner, you are trying to get as much exposure as you can with your content, so that you have a great chance to provide value for your readers while still getting enough eyes on your content. The behind the scenes work takes time, so why not find some tools that can make your job much easier? I have assembled a list of The best free website building tools for 2020. Most of which are used quite as part of a regular routine of website development

As the current year flows from spring to  summer and soon into fall then it is time for blog owners to start thinking about 2021 and how to grow your brand or make money from your efforts online.

Doing all the work that needs to be done for your online business to succeed can be very challenging if you do not know where to go for information for stuff like finding images or graphic design or even social media promotions or keyword research tools. This post lists several choices for you and many more helpful tools to get you on the right track

Most of the tools, I list below many are free and others have a cost associated with them but usually have a free trial of some sort to let you try it out first. We will cover WordPress plugins, Business office tools, Keyword research and SEO, Graphics design, Images, and image compression, Web hosting, Social Media promotions as well as other topics

When it comes to building websites online there are many places that let you set up a site for Free, however most then charge you for other features associated with your site like email accounts and site security and so on. Even the top of the line best known free website creators offer free sites then add in the pay for additional features part.

Well before we go into the rest of the tools mentioned above. I can get you going with a truly Free website, hosted for free and provide you with 20 classes as a training course to show you how to monetize your site. As long as you stay active you can have your free site as long as you like. No strings attached like with other site builders.

The place I will show you is SiteRubix, which is owned and operated by Wealthy Affiliate an online business community of people just like you, setting up and running online businesses. They offer a free starter membership and that comes with a Free hosted WordPress website. To do this you would join Wealthy Affiliate as a free started member, no credit card or pay details required, just an email address and that will give you access to the platform that provides you with the step by step training and tools to get your site going.

The box below will get you started by simply entering a desired domain name and you are on your way.


Now for the rest of the tools that can help you build an effective and profitable website.

1. WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress website I am sure you know about how plugins work. There are many fantastic plugins several thousand to be exact and I have listed a couple that I use for this website that can prove to be very useful as you go forward. I have a couple of nice plugins I use that make my life easier as a website owner.

All In One SEO Pack

This is a WordPress plugin that really helps you out with your SEO requirements. You have the option to add a meta title and description for your articles( the titles and descriptions you see when you search online for information), Connecting to your social media sites as well as Google and Bing for analytic information really helps.

The company I am associated with that hosts my website already has All in One SEO Pack installed when your website is launched. Yes you can change it if you like and use a different option, they just do that for convenience and to help you with your SEO needs

Pretty Link Lite

A nice little plugin that makes your links look better and appear more professional. For example, you can have a URL followed by a word instead of special characters and really long links that look bad or not visually appealing. This helps with the user experience as they feel less likely to be scammed. Overall they just look better.

Note if you need a hand finding plugins or how to install them see my how to install plugins from your WordPress dashboard post for additional information

2. Google Business Office Tools

This is not the name of the tool. I just used that to give you an idea of what you can find for free and how it relates to the functions of creating content for your website. Google has a free set of tools to use that can replace your traditional office software like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel for example, which are expensive and why use then if you can find a free choice that works just as well. Staying organized is a must for a website owner and these tools help with that

Google Docs

A document creation tool that can be used much like Word. You have templates to pick from for creating email newsletters as well as a nice document writer for creating your posts.

Google Docs

Google Slides

Consider this a replacement for PowerPoint from Microsoft Office. Why pay for it when Google gives you the same functions for free. No, they are not exactly the same but close enough to save you money and still give great value by helping you stay organized and create professional looking slide presentations. As with all the google choices they have templates as well or blanks to create from scratch if you like

Google Slides

Google Sheets

Basically, this is a way to create spreadsheet type files, much like Microsoft Office Excel. As with the docs, there are pre-loaded templates if you choose to go that route, or just start from a blank sheet and build it out the way you want.

Google Sheets

You can get all three of these in one place with G Suite. There is a monthly fee for this one. They have many more functions to help you like Google drive all in one place. You can decide if there is value in paying for it. I personally use the three above for free but I figured I would mention this in case you want this and more in one place for a fee.

The above items are web-based tools that do not require a download for you to use them. If you prefer a downloadable option, consider Apache Open Office which is free and has the same type of pieces to create text, slides, and spreadsheets

3. Keyword Research Tools

Probably one of if not the most important piece of the pie when getting going with your website is a good keyword research tool. The good ones also help you by providing more than just keywords for your articles.  There are free keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner but they really leave out some key features you need as a website owner.

Unfortunately, a really good keyword tool will have a cost associated with it, especially if you get one with a rank checker or SEO assist type information. Going cheap on keyword research will cost you in the end, the old saying you get what you pay for applies in this case. The good news is, all the tools I will show you have free trials, so you can really get an idea of what you can expect from them.


Jaaxy is truly a great tool for your website, with several features like Site rankings, Alphabet soup searches, competition analysis, Brainstorming, Domain availability and much more. Including a very lucrative affiliate program (even as a free member) in case, you want to monetize your site. You can also find other affiliate programs by using Jaaxy( my tool of choice). See my Jaaxy review for additional information

The box below will get you started for Free with Jaaxy, just enter a potential keyword in the search field and away you go


SEM Rush

A truly professional SEO and keyword research suite of tools. Check on your competition, find out how your articles are performing, social media marketing, and at the time of this article, I believe they have 28 tools as part of the first paid plan option. Select the banner below to check out the free trial and information on their website. SEM Rush is a bit pricey after the Free trial, but the free version is worth a look. This is a solid well respected tool used everyday online. It just may not be for you until you are generating a profit first on your website. The Banner below will take you to SEM Rush

SEM Rush SEO Suite

LongTail Pro

A great tool for all thing’s keyword and SEO related. Find low competition keywords and find high-quality keywords that rank well. This is primarily a keyword research tool and the keywords displayed provide the information you need about competition and possible cost for PPC as well as other information that can be useful.

Longtail keywords are where the action is, online and Longtail Pro has you covered. Start with a set of seed keywords and expand that search into a easy workable list with metrics that show you your likely hood of ranking with that keyword. Great tutorials available and also good customer service available for questions

There is a free trial which is nice and the first paid plan is very affordable. This tools also has a nice site rank checker, which displays a quick indicator of where you stand in Google,Bing and Yahoo for a specific keyword. Not quite as detailed of a rank checker as Jaaxy but still a nice piece to add to the arsenal

Select the banner below to go to the homepage and read the additional information section

Having a good base for your keyword research is the backbone of your online business and plays a major role in the amount of money you make.

Eventually, when you start generating revenue, you will want to have a couple good options for your research but just getting started means the budget is low so pick your favorite and go from there. All of these options are fantastic and provide truly valuable information for you to use. There are other good tools available but these are the ones I prefer.

You really do not want to go cheap on a keyword tool just because it is free, since the amount you use it will increase over time and if you have to constantly switch tools because you always want the cheapest option. You get what you pay for with keyword tools, just something to think about.

I use Jaaxy and Long tail pro. I tried SEM Rush for a while and liked it but decided to stay with my two favorites since they both have great features that work better for what I need.

4. Graphic Design

We have all seen the great ad banners that show up when we get online, or even in social media posts. Many of those are created by professionals. The landscape is changing in a way that you as a website owner regardless of your skill level can create many stunning and professional graphics for your business or promotions.

Design Wizard

A fantastic graphics design tool that allows you to use pre-configured templates for your images based on the optimal pixel size used by what you are promoting.

For example, if you want to send out a great graphic on your Facebook account you would select the social media option then find one for a Facebook post and the pixel size dimensions that display best on Facebook will show up for you in the template.

Yes, you can customize anything to your own dimensions. They offer you templates to make it easier. They have a free account with no time limit and a few payment plan options that give you some nice perks at a very affordable price

A huge bonus from Design Wizard is now they have video creation as well, not just images. Templates are available or you can upload your own videos and customize them to meet your needs

See My Design Wizard Review Here for more information

How to create videos using Design Wizard. See the explainer video below from a Design Wizard Employee


Probably the easiest to use graphic design software. Pre-formatted templates for just about anything you need online, this shot below is just a portion of the templates available. The pixel size dimensions just like with Design wizard are already set to the most common or optimal size for you. As you can see in the upper right you can also use custom dimensions

Upload your own image and edit it or use one of theirs. It still comes out as a professional quality graphic.

They have a free option and a payment plan option but honestly, the free account is all you really need. No video creation option at this time, but very good graphic design features. Canva is my main graphics tool. All my featured images on my website where created in Canva

Canva Templates

5. Images For Your Website

ever wonder how websites get their high-quality images? you know they did not take every photograph, but how can someone find high-quality images that can be used online? Let me show you.


A very nice repository of commercially useable images, meaning you can you most of them without copyright issues. This site is free, but help them out when you download images and contribute to them from PayPal and help them stay relevant.


another great spot to get commercially useable images for free. Same as Pexels, help them out and send the creator a tip once in a while when they load a good image. Also, videos are available as well, pretty basic but still could be used as an intro to a larger video.

Site Content

This is a proprietary tool created by Wealthy Affiliate. Over 1 Million free to use images already optimized if you are in Site Content. A few perks with site content is that you can use it to write your posts and keep everything organized, create templates, writing goals and track your stats and so on. To use Site Content you need to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Free starter members can use the tool but premium members get to use the images, a great tool for you if you want a great place to create your information and as a bonus receive World class training on other aspects of running a website just because you are a member.

6. Image Optimization

Optimized images perform much better in search engines. A site full of non-optimized images will eventually get bogged down and slow due to all the time it takes to load your images. Loading speed is a ranking factor for Google, so to show up well in searches you need to optimize your images.

What optimization does is get rid of the UN needed pixels within an image and depending on the image and image type can have little to no effect on quality.

The site I use to optimize is Tiny Jpg just drag and drop your images and download the new version and post it on your site. This is a must if you want a fast loading website. Overlooking optimization can have a dramatic impact on your exposure online.

Tiny Jpg Optimizer

As you can see in the image The download column shows how much percentage wise was saved when optimized. These listed images are some same ones used in this post. This tool is free to use, I suggest you add it to your arsenal

7. Social Media Promotions

We all want our information to be seen but more importantly sen by the desired audience you have targeted. Social media helps give you a much-needed boost in exposure. Yes, you can get the word out even with little to no followers. Keep working on your accounts and grow your exposure list by using some very helpful tools for your business.


My tool of choice for promoting social media posts. You have the option to share your own posts or someone else s who might have relevant information for your followers. You set filters as to the topics that display for you to choose from and share the ones you like. The fun part is that you can connect your other social media accounts within the interface and when you send out information you can choose which accounts or all of them that will get your shared content. This allows you to build up a followers list very quickly.

I raised my twitter exposure by 65% within 1 week of using Crowdfire.

Posts can be scheduled in advance in a queue format and launch even when your not online and be shared at the most optimal times to be seen based on traditional hot times for social media.

They also have a very nice perk, if you have a paid account which is very reasonable. They have an affiliate network called GrowSumo that contains many programs you can use to promote either using Crowdfire or just by themselves. So not only can you grow your followers’ list you can make a little money on the side.


Another great social media sharing tool. Just like with Crowdfire Above you can connect multiple accounts like Facebook and Twitter and so on and post to all at once on a schedule you set in a queue format. This is a nice tool to get started with your social media accounts that need some TLC.

8. Video Creation

Perhaps the most intimidating part of being a website owner is videos. How to make them and use them effectively on your site is a skill that most of us have not acquired. Well I think I can help you out

A Pricey option is Camtasia which is a fabulous program but it is expensive. Great features and a very professional program, but do you really need it for the price?

I use ScreenCast O Matic to create my videos and it only costs $15.99 a year. Not bad at all. You can also use a free version which is a bit limited but it will get you going. You have all sorts of video editing options as well as the ability to import a video and add it to a current one, like for example an intro with your logo on it, then it kicks seamlessly to the rest of your video

Best bet is to get online and find a USB webcam and microphone that is of good quality and you are on your way. I got mine on Amazon the webcam was about $30 and the Mic was about $17 I am going by memory but that’s pretty close. Find a webcam that can record high quality like 1080P or better and you should be able to produce some nice videos after you get the hang of the software.

9. Web Hosting

In order to get online, you will need a web hosting service that can handle what you expect to receive traffic wise. Web hosting is a bit subjective as they are all similar and most are just fine for hosting options. I have seen several hosting providers and it basically comes down to personal preference and what features you will get.

The costs are usually very affordable for a monthly or yearly plan. You will also need to purchase a domain name for your site, they traditionally run about $15 a year. Here are a few options to consider.


A solid option to consider. Siteground is considered within the industry to be the bloggers choice for hosting services.

The plans listed below have different price points, depending on what you need. If you plan on having only 1 website then the Startup plan is fine, for multiple websites the Growbig plan is probably best.

Think long term when deciding on a hosting service, how much traffic can you get for your money how big if a website space is available and so on.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

Honestly, there is really no need to pay more than $6 a month for just hosting as there are many places to find hosting plans that will be in that range or less. If you pay more you expect to get much more than just web hosting and domain registration.

Wealthy Affiliate

I mention this as an option for multiple reasons, mainly because of what you get for the money. The cost is much higher than most hosting plans at $49 a month however you get much more than just a website hosted. You get an entire platform and suite of tools to learn from on how to build and profit from your website. Including a Free forever version of Jaaxy keyword tool listed above

See my Wealthy Affiliate review for a more detailed breakdown of what is available. This website is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and I have had nothing but great support and a fast website and all the tools and training needed to make a few bucks online. No additional costs for more websites other than a domain name purchase on a yearly purchase.

Many plans will charge you much more to host multiple websites so the value is in the entire package which includes a keyword research tool, which is an additional cost if you use another hosting option.

Wealthy Affiliate Domains


They have multiple plans but I would recommend a WordPress hosting option so you can have your WordPress site with the plugins I listed in the first part of this post. I think they also give you $100 credits on both Google ad words and Bing Ads as part of any hosting plan. Nice perk, won’t really last long but still nice.


Very affordable WordPress hosting option and domain registration. The website is a bit more difficult to find out what exactly is in your hosting plan, so you may want to use the chat option and talk to them before purchasing. Bluehost is a very popular name in the online space, you get to decide if they are any better than the others I have listed for you.

10. Check Your Grammar and Spelling

As you build your online presence you will need to have a great deal of content at some point. To have a tool that keeps you honest and shows you how you are doing with grammar, punctuation, and spelling is a big plus. We have all seen articles that are well done and fancy but in that article somewhere you come across a misspelled word or 2, I have seen it many times. I also have done that on this website and later found out I had several in one post thanks to a great tool that keeps me on track


A nice tool that can also be an add-on to your web browser. Grammarly is a fabulous service that is extremely helpful as you type your content. The free plan is very good and a great help, as you grow you may want to consider Grammarly pro, which is a nice upgrade from the free version.

Additional Tips


A tool that keeps you organized and lets you work on multiple projects at once and collaborate with others or plan your daily activities. It is basically an office organizer tool that has many nice features and is very popular online. They have a free forever plan which may be all you need. Check it out.


Quora is an online forum that lets you ask and answer questions and find out what is a hot topic that you may know something about. Share your knowledge and gains followers and you will soon see how this can increase the traffic to your website. Enter your website details into your profile and try to avoid spamming or your information will be deleted by moderation.


We have covered many tools and also a few other useful tips like web hosting. I hope this guide covering the best free website building tools for 2020,helps you out by guiding you to honest and legitimate tools or services that work for you and not against you.

Please comment below and add your favorites or just let us know how we helped you or ask any questions you may be curious about. Either way, it would be nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Admiring the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you provide.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once
    in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
    Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google

  2. mark kabakov says:

    Hello, Todd! You made a huge gift for us by the upcoming 2019. That gives a large container of tools for the manufacture and maintenance of its own website. You called your topic GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS. 

    I see that thousands of experienced will read and see for themselves the latest tools. More experienced will ask you polls. 

    I knew (5 months in Wealthy Affiliate) and invited to the discussion. Now I am not ready to ask. I will ask them later when I open all the boxes with your tools. I sure I will get an answer. Because you are a generous, experienced person with pedagogical abilities. 

    While I successfully master WordPress plugins, I am study Google Slides and Google Sheets, Jaaxy. I have not yet begun to design the site. 

    Here your advice will be very valuable to me. Simply, I very glad that I study and will use your guidance. 

    I will share your recommendations with others. Thank you very much. Mark. 

    • Todd says:


      It is nice to know we provided you with some information that you find useful. These tools are all great and have free trials. Try before you buy is a great option. The graphic design tools like Canva and Design Wizard will really help create promotional images for your business. Jaaxy as you already know is the Best Keyword SEO tool online today and the other tools in here also provide great value when getting started.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

      Take Care


  3. Cath Anon says:

    This really is a brilliant article.  An All in One place for the essentials.  I’m glad I’ve across your article.  

    All the ones you’ve mentioned all have free versions to try them out on, yes?

    I’m aware of most but there’s an odd one here and there that I would like to try.  Is Design Wizard easy to use?  I’m a real non-tech dummy and I struggle badly with design tasks.  If it’s easy to use, I’d like to give it a try – particularly video feature.

    I’d like to point out, if I may, that Wealthy Affiliate runs a yearly Black Friday promotion.  This year’s one has just ended but the going rate there made it out to 88cent or something/day.  That’s a real bargain, no?

    Thank you for sharing this.  It’ll be one of the pages I bookmark as there is so much information that will help me out enormously!

    • Todd says:


      Yes the Black Friday promotion just ended, but the membership is still a great value as you well know. They also just launched a 6 month premium membership which works out to $39 a month. So if folks missed out on Black Friday they can still get a reduced cost membership and really dive into the platform. Here is the link for it

      Design wizard is a great tool. Yes it is very easy to use and create good graphics. The also frequently offer promotions to members for special bonuses that are very helpful. The video feature is a nice perk as well.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Christine says:

    I have bookmarked this post as it contains so much useful information – thank you. I have just started on my first website and knowing where to find free resources is great.

    I have used ScreenCast O Matic for a couple of years now, and I agree it is really easy to use and amazing value. I am definitely going to try out Trello it looks very useful, and I need to get myself better organised so I can work on multiple online projects.

    I have never looked into Quora, it often pops up when I am searching and I am sure that I could answer some questions, I had no idea you could add a website address. Have you seen an increase in traffic after being active there? I suppose I am trying to ask whether it is a good use of limited time, in your opinion, or are there more effective ways of attracting extra visitors to your site? 

    • Todd says:


      Glad you found value in our information. ScreenCast O Matic really is a great affordable way to create high quality videos, as you already know. With Quora, it is a forum like many out there, yes I have seen an increase in traffic but not just from Quora. With Quora you can search for questions people have and share your knowledge on that subject which in turn can provide a value to a reader. Traffic to your site can result from your efforts,

      Thanks for the commment

      Take Care


  5. Rob S. says:

    This is some excellent information about website tools! Some of these I know of and use.

    I use Pretty Link Lite and it is nice to have a shorter nicer looking link to my site.All in One SEO is probably the most important WordPress plugin to have because it does link you to the social media sites.

    Jaaxy is the absolute best keyword tool out there today! I use it for research with every article I write!Canva is another I use that I really like too.

    I know of tiny url but never knew about tiny jpg!Can you download a tinyjpg plugin that can automatically adjust your images or do you have to do each one manually?

    • Todd says:


      I use Pretty link as well, it really helps keep my links looking more professional and also provides metrics for clicks and traffic. Yes Jaaxy is fabulous, it is my go to Keyword tool.  I do not know of a plugin for tiny jpg but there may be one. I know you can bulk update many images at once, just drag and drop a group of them into the update window and you will see how it works

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  6. Lok Which says:

    Hi Todd, thanks for sharing these helpful tools. I have been using most of these. I just moved my hosting from ipage to wealthy affiliate i hope I’ll have a better experience.

     Do you prefer design wizard over canvas, I use Canvas and so far it’s a good fit for me. I prefer Long tail pro to Jaxxy. Long tail pro measures keyword difficulty which I dunno how to evaluate with Jaxxy.

    • Todd says:


      I use both about equally. I love canva but also like some of the features of Design wizard. Jaaxy provides you a form of keyword difficulty with the SEO column from 1 to 100 and also the KQI columns To show good fair or poor keywords to rank with. I am sure you will see how nice it is to have your site hosted here at WA, they have everything needed to have a high quality website in one place.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. Jay says:

    These are all great tools ane it is really nice that you took the time to put them together. I have made use of some of the tools you listed and they have being great for my business. I am personally fond of jaxxy keyword research tool as it is very simple and you are easily able to navigate the interface without difficulties. 

    I have not made use of some of the tools you mentioned and would definitely give them a try. Thanks for sharing

    • Todd says:


      Glad you like Jaaxy. I also use Jaaxy exclusively for my website. I have found that it is the most accurate of the keyword tools I have tried. Let me know what you think about some of the other tools you try, I would love to hear your feedback.

      Thanks for commenting

      Take Care


  8. Eugen says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for tips, I am using quite a few from your list. To be fair probably the biggest value for me has Canva and SEMRush and images databases. I would probably add to the list the plugin called Shortcodes Ultimate. This is the plugin I am using everywhere, literally! It has many many features, even the free version, but I suggest getting the proper paid version as for the money it gives the amazing value.



    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the information on the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, I will surely check into it. Glad to see you are using some of these tools already, they are all good and very useful. Canva is fabulous and you really only need the Free version to make great graphics. Thanks for taking the time to pop by and comment

      Take Care


  9. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    This article is full of important lessons and information I was looking for. I really learned a lot about Keyword Research Tools. From this article I understood that keyword plays a major role in an online business. And also I learned a few new things about Graphic design. It was completely new topic for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

    • Todd says:


      Keywords are vitally important to your online success and having a few go to tools for that is a must. The best tools that can actually help you usually require a fee, which should be a priority business expense. However, try the free trials on them before choosing your favorite. That will keep the costs down to a manageable level. Graphics are also a great way to share your message and using either Design Wizard or Canva will make the process much more efficient.. Glad you found value in this article.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  10. Amjad says:

    Hello Tod,

    Thanks for the useful suggestions!

    I’m a bit confused about all these keyword tools out there.

    I have tried some of them and when I try to compare between them using the same search query, they give me different results and sometimes the difference is really big. It’s a bit confusing and I don’t know which keywords are better to target.

    If you have to choose only one keyword tool to use while building a complete website, which one would you choose?

    And regarding the social media promotion tools, isn’t there a risk that the use of such tools might get your accounts suspended or something? I mean, how can I know if a tool is approved by the social media platforms or not?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Todd says:


      Great questions and yes different tools can provide different results, which does make it hard to understand what is right. Best bet is to try a few of them and see which gives you the right data that actually results in rankings. I have found that Jaaxy works very well to provide the needed data as well as other useful tools within the suite that help me out. That would be my first choice.

      For SM promotions, you do have to be careful with who you choose since some of the platforms will frown on some automation. The reason I use Crowdfire is just for that reason, they do not allow direct messages within the platform since twitter has some strict policies regarding that and Crowdfire keeps up with current requirements. I have been using them for a while now and have had no issues on any of my Social media accounts.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  11. Kenny says:

    Thank you for this list of helpful tools. Basically, I’ve been using most of them for my website. I’m currently using WordPress plugin called EWWW Optimizer for optimizing images. I’m just wondering if the Tiny JPG offers better performance than the one that I’m using? Also, do you recommend LongTailPro over Jaaxy as I’m using the latter?

    • Todd says:


      I am happy you are already using most of these tools and methods, you are on the right track for success. I also use the EWWW Optimizer as a pre-installed plugin from Wealthy Affiliate. It works fine from what I have seen, but I also think it is a bit limited. Tiny JPG is my go to tool for image optimization, it is easy to use and quick. Try it and I bet you end up making it part of your routine when optimizing images for your site. As far as Jaaxy or Longtail pro? I honestly prefer Jaaxy but I do like how long tail pro works as well. I have had much better luck with ranking good keywords by using Jaaxy and it has more tools to use within than LTP. They are both good and thanks for asking.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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