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As a website or blog owner, you are well aware of how important keywords are to the SEO and success of your business. To rank well in the major search engines you really need a solid tool to help you out. There are many great rank checker tools online, however, I will show you today why I believe the best free website keyword rank checker is Jaaxy.

Most of the top tier rank checker tools are extremely expensive for a new business owner paying over $100 a month in some cases can get costly very quickly. That being said Jaaxy does have paid membership levels one of them is $99 a month for Jaaxy Enterprise, but they also have a really great free option for using Jaaxy to get your feet wet so to speak, so you do not need to dive into a paid plan until you try it out for free.

Try your own Jaaxy rank check here. You can follow along with me and enter your site info and check it out

I am admittedly a bit biased about Jaaxy but here is the real deal, I keep coming back to Jaaxy because I just don’t get what I need from the other tools for a couple reasons, either they are way to expensive or they just do not have the features I am looking for. Jaaxy has a variety of options to help you but today I am just talking about the “Site Rank” feature.

What exactly is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a suite of keyword of tools used to help provide you the information needed to run your online business. It was created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate for the purpose of helping Affiliate Marketers succeed. It is a web-based program so no need to download it.

Jaaxy Site Rank

To use the rank feature within Jaaxy you first need a Free Starter account, then you simply select the “site Rank” tab at the top of the menu and then input your keyword phrase, your domain and hit search. Use the Free starter link to follow along with me on the article and check your rankings

See example below: I used one of my previous post titles as the keyword and entered the domain and hit search just like I spelled out above, You can see that results display from 3 major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo with one click.

Jaaxy Site Rank
The number correlates to where you rank in the search results, under 10 or under you are on page 1and over 10 and you will be on page 2 most likely. This particular post ranks well and is a perfect example of how Jaaxy Site Rank works. See how there is a blue highlight on the Google tab? well simply select either of the other 2 and see what your post looks like on Bing or Yahoo, see below for an example

Jaaxy Site Rank

Using Graphs

You can also Graph your progress over time and automatically track rankings on a schedule so you log in and check and they are updated.

See the graph below for the same Keyword title used in the search above. I used the Google results for this image. You can see the others by selecting the tab for each
Jaaxy Site Rank Graph

Here is another example post that ranks well.
A side note: Using Jaaxy data, this post outperforms the Jaaxy main page for the selected Keyword
Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

Additional Features

Using the Site Rank feature to help you follow your site performance can really help you see what is working and what is not. I have a few posts that struggle to rank and also ones that perform very well like the one above.

Using the data provided I can go back and address the posts that may not perform as expected and make any updates to the SEO and see if that can help. This is great information to have as you continue to progress with your site.

I used this post as an example because I did exactly that and went back and updated a few things to make it rank better and Boom it worked, by using the ranking data I was able to determine how it was trending and change as needed

Below is a list of Jaaxy’s Features for the FREE account

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

Try Jaaxy For Free In The Box Below- Put Your Keyword in Search Get Setup For Free And Check Your Ranking Right Here Today

Site Rank History And Tracking

When you search for a ranking the record is recorded in the “history” ledger, which can be pulled up anytime so you do not have to retype the keywords in each time. Just use the History drop-down and select one from the list and it will perform a rank check instantly and update with the latest information- See the image below to see how the history is displayed

Jaaxy Site Rank History

Using Jaaxy for your Site rank needs as well as keyword searches and the features listed above. You can start to see how this is not just a tool but a suite of tools to help you plan your posts and get ranked well.
If you noticed in the above image.

The keyword “Jaaxy keyword tool 2018” has 3 numbers and arrows next to 2 of them, that is an indicator of whether your post went up or down in ranks, for the ones with no arrow there is no change. Here is another way to tell how many spots your post moved.

The image below shows the position change feature which is the same as the arrow indicator only 1 level deeper, it shows how many spots your post moved. In this case, my post moved up 21 spots on Bing and is now on Page 1, Yay.

Google still has me sitting on page 3 and Yahoo showed me dropping 1 spot from 2 to 3 on page 1 using the same method as the image. I just select the tab for the search engine listed and the data shows up highlighted and gives you the change up or down information


Jaaxy Position Change

Jaaxy Costs

This article is about using the free version of Jaaxy to track your site rankings, however, there are multiple account types for Jaaxy if you decide at a later date you want to continue to use Jaaxy because it ROCKS!! Below is a screenshot of the account types. I would recommend you read my post about how you can get both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate for one cost. It explains the costs in a much more detailed post

Best Free Website Keyword Rank Checker


I have walked you through the Site Rank feature in Jaaxy, the data provided like I have demonstrated can really help you in many ways. You have the ability to see the trend up or down for your keyword, you also can use that information to determine if you need to change something in the article to improve the on-page SEO. That is invaluable information

Want to do your own SiteRank scan? You can use the Banner below to open your own Free Jaaxy account and try the features provided. While you are in there, check out the rest of the system and run a few keyword searches, or check for an affiliate program, or use the Alphabet soup feature to do a more detailed keyword search.

What is your go to ranking tool? Lets talk about it. Please comment below

Note: The links on this page are affiliate links so I will get credit for a referral if you sign up for jaaxy using my link. It is what Affiliate Marketing is all about, sharing information for others to learn from and benefit at the same time. Call it a professional courtesy if you will.

Jaaxy Sign Up Banner

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  1. I’ve used many keyword tool programs before and some were good and some were not.
    But Jaaxy is without a doubt the best I have ever found and used.
    You cannot have a website and be successful without the proper keywords.
    Being on page 1 of Google for a specific keyword is absolutely necessary and Jaaxy can do this for you.
    You have to beat the competition.
    The best thing is that you can get it free when you join Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join as well.
    Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy is the combination you need to succeed with an online business.

    • Rob

      The results Jaaxy provides have helped me succeed. I use the training we receive at Wealthy Affiliate and apply it to Jaaxy and the results happen. I agree Jaaxy is fabulous, I know there are other tools out there that are fantastic as well, they just tend to cost a kings ransom to use. Yes Wealthy Affiliate And Jaaxi in one place is the best deal online today. exactly why I wrote a related article Wealthy Affiliate-Jaaxy Best 2 for 1 Deal Online Today

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  2. Hey Todd,

    You mean Jaaxy is this effective? I have been trying to look for positions where my article has been ranked in the search engines manually.

    And this has been really consuming my time.

    I didn’t know there were such great tools to see that. And this is what will make me sign up for a Jaaxy account.

    I also appreciate the way you have presented the article as it has easily helped me understand more about Jaaxy. Thanks a lot.

    • Dave,

      Yes Jaaxy is that effective, however to be fair not every article ranks due to many factors like competition and so on. But using the skills we learn in our training about using Jaaxy the majority of what we post does what is expected and ranks well. I do like how it grabs all three search engines at once to check ranks. Glad I could help you understand Jaaxy a bit more

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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