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Best WordPress Hosting Sites For 2020

Grow Big with A Premium WordPress Hosting Plan


WordPress websites, applications, and blogs are common on the internet and are even used by commerce websites to showcase their products on the internet. Whenever you are starting out a new online business, having a WordPress website can be a huge boost especially considering the popularity and increased online exposure that your site will be receiving. So what are the 10 best WordPress hosting sites for 2020? Let’s find out below.

Additionally, developers tend to build solutions that are anchored atop the WordPress platform and would require somewhere to host these apps. Whenever you build, test and deploy something new and revolutionary, then WordPress will be the perfect solution for hosting your application and establish a business presence.

There are definitely many WordPress hosting providers out there and making a choice can be very tricky hence the need for several alternatives to choose from. Following are some of the best WordPress hosting sites you can use for your next project.

1. Siteground

The host is noticeably faster, very reliable and allows anyone to create unlimited email accounts. In an enterprise situation, this would be the ideal testbed for their applications and with flexible hosting plans, the customer service offered by this host is the best in the industry. There are three plans offered by Siteground; the startup plan, the grow big plan, and the geek plan.

All these plans are perfect for websites that need speed and provide a test bed for development needs such as application staging and Git integration. The speed of loading pages and the strength of the host’s performance is way better than you’d be expecting from Siteground and it is a good choice for hosting your websites with enough security to handle any incoming attacks. Siteground is our number #1 choice for WordPress hosting,they have been nicknamed “the bloggers choice” for web hosts. They are one of only 3 WordPress hosting sites to be recommended by WordPress



SiteGround web hosting


Recommended by WordPress for WordPress hosting as well. Bluehost offers a free domain, easy installation and free security certificates. Their infrastructure is also stable and very powerful for your high-end needs and any applications that are built on this infrastructure will be easy to manage and secure. Bluehost security is the reason for confidence from customers and they can make transactions through WordPress applications without any fear of having their details leaked or transactions failed. It is conducive for business, government and military applications and the stable ground for applications that require high reliability.

Here are Bluehost Plans for WordPress


3. Dreamhost

As one of the big 3 recommended by WordPress, Dreamhost offers a nice set of plans to meet your needs the WordPress basic at Dreampress and VPS for WordPress all with similar features but still with the speed and quality offered by Dreamhost. Another nice perk they offer is at the time of this article a special for domain purchases starting at $7.99, that’s about half price of normal costs.

They are an employee owned company that has been in business for over 20 years and they provide a 100% always up guarantee for your website so you know you wont be offline. Not many can offer that bonus, and back it up. They have many great features and services to help you out, I cannot fit them all on this page. Best bet is to check them out and see if what they offer works for you. Select the banner below to go to Dreamhost and see for yourself


4. A2 WordPress Hosting

With blazingly fast, reliable services that will not break your budget, the host is praised for high-performance services and a reliable support. A stable infrastructure prevents downtime and keeps your applications online running and accessible by customers from all over the world.A2 Hosting is stable, strong and reliable which means it does not go down easily and will keep your application running and delivering services around the clock. During the busy seasons, your application is automatically scaled up to handle everything that is being thrown at it.

Here is a breakdown of A2 Hosting offers


5. Hostgator

Superior performance with a pre install operating manual, this service provider hosts your website with ease and is also safe and easy to use. Automatic failover is also included in case of failure and there is also support for instant scalability and advanced caching. Hostgator is a popular and a favorite choice for developers and businesses alike. It has been built and designed to cater to the needs of the clients without fail and this keeps and maintains an online presence for their web applications.

WordPress Hosting - Hostgator


Established in 2008, so far the only true green hosting company on this list. They put back 3 times the amount of power they consume as renewable energy. Currently based in Los Angeles they offer a variety of plans but the WordPress hosting option starts at $2.95a month, very affordable. Having received many Endorsements and Awards they also boast a 99% uptime for servers. GreenGeeks has 5 data centers to connect with and with secure WordPress hosting you can rest assured your site is safe and functioning perfectly


7. Wealthy Affiliate

An outside the box choice and a very popular internet service hosting provider for WordPress websites, this is an important host that has incredible and reliable support and services, unlike the others. Customer support is top-class and you can stay assured of the best class and quality of hosting from them. The demand for good internet hosting infrastructure has been growing over the years and is the reason Wealthy Affiliate has stepped in to up the ante. This is not just a hosting plan but an entire suite of tools and training to go with your new website.

Hosting with them is easy, safe and reliable with their servers are running all the time without going down for maintenance with daily website backups. For more information about what is offered in addition to just web hosting see my Wealthy Affiliate Review much more available. An all in one stop for your online business needs. Training and secure hosting and keyword tool all under one roof

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

8. GetLark

A nicely designed web host with a simple dashboard, the host offers commendable technical support and is characterized by excellent performance. The operating system on their servers is Linux based and very secure and performance for all kinds of WordPress applications and websites. The provider is reliable for any kind of application scenario you could have in mind and have adequate hosting resources to get you up and running with your latest, freshest idea built on WordPress. GetLark is fairly new on the scene but is growing fast


9. MilesWeb

Gives up to 20 times faster web hosting with free security certificates, fast servers and SSD hosting. They also have awesome support and attend to your needs in no time. The years they have been providing services have brought change to the hosting world and assure businesses of milestone progress in the course of their active lifetime. MilesWeb offers Free domain registration as part of some of the plans



10. InMotion Hosting

A superior hosting service provider, this web host has a superior support that is fast, friendly and supportive. Their hosting is fast with free domain credits and also secure thus assuring business and organizations on the internet a smooth sailing devoid of all obstructions and intrusions from the outside world not forgetting uptime that is stable and truly reliable.

The hosting that is purchased from InMotion Hosting is both secure and reliable and has been designed and built to last for long in order to render services to customers and businesses alike. They are trusted and reliable for keeping all your WordPress applications alive and running without fail. Your ideas and aspirations are brought to reality with InMotion hosting. InMotion Hosting plans are listed below


Affiliate Disclosure

Just so you know, I am affiliated with some of the companies listed on this article,If you use one of the links on this site and purchase a hosting plan I will receive a small commission as a result, Your cost is not effected and in fact it would be an honor to be your referrer to one of these sites as they truly offer value to you and are honest and pleasant to work with, I happily promote them as I believe they offer great services and many have long standing positive reputations for quality and support. Thank you for your consideration


In brief, these are just some of the best WordPress hosting sites to include in your WordPress project. They are very useful when making a decision on what host to choose for keeping your website online and processing customer requests. Your business deserves staying online for longer and these hosts give you precisely that. Premium WordPress hosting at an affordable price

Do you have a website? what do you use for hosting? I would love to see what my readers are using. Please comment below, It would be a pleasure to meet you.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Donald says:

    Todd, this is a great list of web hosting providers.  I truly have never heard of some of these before.  Thanks for providing this information so that we can make truly informed choices when we look for webhosting for a website.  Which of these would be your absolute number 1 recommended webhost?

    • Todd says:


      There are many more I did not include, I figured 10 would be a good number to share. Having a good host is a must, I personally like both SiteGround and Wealthy Affiliate equally for hosting. If you just want hosting and already know your way around at making money online then SiteGround may be more affordable, but if you are looking to enhance your online business by learning how to succeed then Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice since they have training and tools instead of just hosting websites

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. David says:

    Thank you for your write up on all the different hosting companies out there.  I have never heard of some of them.  I previously used Hostgator but found the whole interface very confusing to navigate around.  

    Since having my site hosted by wealthy affiliate I have never looked back.  I have struggled to find another hosting company that offer what they do.

    Have you personally tried any of the hosting companies on your list?  Would you say there was one currently better than WA?

    • Todd says:


      I also have my sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate as there is just so much more available to me besides just the hosting and for the ability to have up to 50 sites on one hosting platform with out costing more is amazing.

      I have previously used SiteGround a few years ago and I loved it, they seem to have it all figured out and the customer support was fabulous. That was a few years ago though, but from what I see and here they are still top notch with support and hosting options.I closed that site quite a while ago and now have everything here at WA. So I only need to go to one place for my websites and all the tools and everything else I need in one place

      Since that is their (SiteGround) main product “hosting” I would have to say they are almost equal to Wealthy Affiliate for that. It all comes down to how many places do I want to login to for my websites. As long as WA keeps providing the amount of information they have about running a business online and still lets me host there, I will do so. It is probably splitting hairs a bit to decide between plans, so I may be a personal preference situation

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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