Black Friday-Best Affiliate Marketing Deal For 2018

Black Friday Sale

The Holy Grail Of Affiliate Marketing Programs Special Black Friday Offer For 2018

The Best Investment You Can Make In Your Own Future. Best Value For The Cost Of Less Than A Cup Of Coffee.


As the holidays approach lightning fast as they always seem to do, it is time for the many Black Friday Deals to come out, and I have a great one for you. Start your own online business and learn how to profit from the online commerce boom that is continuing to grow rapidly. This is not a scammy promotion this is a legitimate chance to learn from Industry experts how to Start and Run a profitable business online at a very affordable price.

You Can Start Right Now For Free And Still Get This Offer-Read on to find out how

As the banner above says this is a 1 Year membership to the Gold standard of Online business platforms. A Savings of 50% over normal membership costs- Selecting the banner will take you to the Premium membership page at Wealthy Affiliate, the sale is not live as of yet, so when the sale goes live the banner will direct to the Black Friday page for the promotion. Additional bonuses offered as well below the video

What does this deal include?

  • 1 Year Premium Membership to The Industry Leader In Online Business Platforms
  • Up to 50 WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Theme Templates (over 4000)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training (5 Courses,50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp- (7 Courses, 70 Lessons)
  • Automated Website Dashboard-To Build Your Websites Plug and Play
  • Web hosting For 25 Subdomains and 25 Owned Domains
  • Content Creation Tool With Over 1 Million Free To Use Images
  • World Class Keyword Research Tool- Free to Premium Members
  • SSL Security (The HTTPS)
  • Website Email
  • Automatic Daily Website Backups
  • Outstanding Tech Support 24/7/365
  • Access to The Worlds Largest Online Business Community Of Over 1.5 Million and Growing Daily
  • Community Support-Live Chat
  • Community Blog (Ranks Well In Google), You Can Make Money From Your WA Blog
  • Advice From The Worlds Best Marketers
  • Anti Hack & Anti Spam Monitoring Security Pack
  • Site Speed-Proprietary Software That Helps Your Site Load Quickly(Improves Rankings)
  • Live Weekly Webinars Over an Hour Each-By Industry Expert(very popular)
  • Access To All Previous Webinars
  • Thousands Of Member Training Courses- Shared Experience On Almost Any Website Topic
  • Website Comments Platform-Helps Your Site Rank Well. ( Just updated 10/5/2018 to Include an Option For you to Make Money From Comments)
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Private Message Access To Company Founders And Other Members

I Could keep going but will stop here- All items listed above are part of your membership which requires no cost besides today’s special offer. There are no up-sells or hidden fees for the services. Domain purchases (up to 25)will require a small fee of about $13.99 a Year and can be done from within your membership- You will have the ability to have 25 Free domains which require no fee.

This is a complete package of support and knowledge that is industry leading and World Class.

This is not just a course, this is an all-in-one package. No need to go elsewhere for hosting, building or developing your website, keyword research. It is all covered in your Premium Membership.

Here are the cost breakdowns and Standard Membership levels

Free Starter Membership- (Free)No Credit Card required to Join

Standard Premium Membership is $49/Monthly

Premium Yearly   $359/ Yearly That’s a 59% savings over going monthly

Today’s Deal Is

Premium Yearly Membership for $299

That’s 82 cents a Day

The Video below explains more details about this offer


Direct from Kyle a Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate-Here are additional bonuses added to this offer

**Our 2018 Bonuses**

We are going to be offering the following bonuses in the year ahead, over FOUR hours of live video classes with full Q & A that is going to prepare everyone for a successful 2018 ahead.

Bonus #1: The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce” (Live Class)
Bonus #2: The Secret Sauce, The White Paper.
Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to Yearly Members

We have A LOT of slated rollouts in 2019, We are going to be offering early beta access to some of these platforms prior to launching. As a Black Friday member, you are going to get an exclusive “insider” look into these platforms before they are released. Exciting stuff ahead, we plan on reinventing the affiliate marketing industry once again in 2019 through significant platform releases and updates within WA.

Everything listed above and much more is covered by this cost.

By Going yearly, you are making a strong commitment to your business and if you follow the training provided and apply what is taught, there is no reason why you cannot have your next years’ membership fee’s covered from the money you make online for the year. This is NOT a one time offer, this will be your cost every year you are a member. So you can get this same value every time if you choose

The cost of $299 may have you thinking it is a bit steep, and admittedly it is a big chunk all at once. But consider this, many of the other online training platforms will give you much less for several times this amount cost wise and regularly you get up-sells that ask you for even more. Not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. Your yearly fee is a set it and forget it deal, and it auto-renews next year if you still want it at the same price for as long as you remain a member.

You already pay more for a daily cup of coffee than this program that could potentially change your life.


Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

See Member testimonials below

Black Friday Online Deals

Wealthy Affiliate Member Testimonials

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership

A Bonus

So there is a nice bonus that is available to you for considering this. You can try out the platform RIGHT NOW and start the training and see if you like how it flows and pay nothing. The Free starter membership gets you in the door for a test drive. No need to wait until this offer is launched

                  The best time to join is now, but for FREE. Why?

The Free starter membership is Free- And you get 7 days of premium access when you join. Anytime during those 7 days,  If you decide to go Yearly during the time this offer is good for, You can still get everything offered above and more for the Yearly $299. How cool is that?  

Test drive a potentially life-changing platform for Free Get 7 days of premium access and if you are not happy with it, just move on and pay nothing. Or you can wait for the deal and go that route as well. But what other platforms will give you this much for so little cost? None

Get in now and launch your online journey. Have your piece of the e-commerce pie. The Free Membership does not expire so you can try it before you buy it if you like

I have been a member since 2016 and went yearly with this deal and still pay this same amount every year. It is well worth it for what comes with it. You won’t find better value or opportunity than this.

Thanks for your time I hope to see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate Portal

Please comment if you like this post or have questions.

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  1. I joined Wealthy Affliate first in 2015. Unfortunately, I had to take a break due to personal reason. In 2017 I decided to join again and it’s been awesome. The training and the community has been great. This is by far the best platform guaranteed to make a descent income online. My goal is to go yearly and save this year. It’s great that you mentioned the Black Friday bonus, i’m definitely working on making use of that offer. 

    Can’t wait until 2019. Seem like a lot of great stuff are in store here at Wealthy Affliate.

    Thanks for sharing. 

    • Brenda,

      Good call on deciding to take this offer. I went yearly last year and was able to just focus on my business and not worry about membership fees. Yes the additional bonuses are really valuable and worth while, especially the 5 weeks of training offered as a bonus. The value here is true as you have discovered. I agree that this is the best platform to learn about running an online business. Nothing else even comes close to this for what is available.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. This is Ahhhmazing!!! I love this website and the people within the community. Everybody is so helpful and encouraging. The trainings are phenomenal especially for somebody electronic illiterate such as myself.

    If you find yourself doubting this program and its capabilities, just give it a try. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

    • Aphroditeanne,

      The community is truly World class and very helpful. The encouragement provided is great as well. Yes the training is industry leading and always current. The site is always getting new and upgraded features to keep Wealthy Affiliate on top as the industry leader in the online business learning space. This program caters to all skill levels, I have seen members from 14-93 years of age online working on their business. The opportunity is there for folks looking to make it happen. Now is the time as this offer is for a limited time.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Your article is well thought out and written. You included all the information a new member would need to know and if I was not a member I would have joined. I do wish I could do the Black Friday sale price and go yearly but sadly I can not right now. The membership chart and member testimonials is a great way to show possible new members what we are all about. I love Wealthy Affiliate. It is truly the best thing to happen to me. I also think it is awesome Wealthy Affiliate offers the Black Friday deal to and best part is you lock in your price. I can’t wait to go yearly with a Black Friday sale. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next year. 

    • Roseberry,

      Not everyone can afford this at the time. We all do what we can, admittedly it is a large chunk at once. I am glad you like Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do. Having been in the online commerce world since 2004 and never come across anything close to what is offered here for an affordable price. This really is an amazing value, glad you plan on doing it next year. It really takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on your business.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Hi Todd! Wealthy Affiliate is awesome! You and I, we know that! Special Black-Friday deal will enable also other people to find out the beauty and value of WA in a affordable and easy way. Thanks for sharing your Black-Friday post with a great value described in it! I hope many people will understand the value!Best regards!Stay well, market better, convert best!

    • Igor,

      Yes you and I both know the value of this program. I went yearly last year and the fact that you pay once and forget it for an entire year is fabulous. Set it and forget it and just work on your business. There are other great programs online that will teach some of what is offered here, but none that I have seen offer so much for the cost and the value is better than expected. To have everything you need in one place and the support to make it happen is a huge plus. I too hope people can see the value and not miss out.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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