Blog Content Quality vs Quantity Which Is Best?

Blog Content Quality Vs Quantity

Blog Content vs Quality Which Will Rank You Better


If you have done much research about blog content, you most likely have run across an article or a few of them that mention the importance of Quality content, yet there are nearly as many articles Mentioning the quantity of content as the most important. So I wanted to share with you my take on blog content quality versus quantity.

Both play a role in ranking your article in searches and also provide value for the message you are sharing with your readers. Today I will try to explain how these can work together in helping you achieve the exposure you desire for your message

Content Quality

Many of the top ranked blogs or website owners will say that quality is what makes the difference in rankings, and they are mostly right, however, you can still rank well with a good solid message that covers what you want to share that may not be the quality of a professional writer. Google and Bing help sites that provide value get a bit more of a boost in rankings.

So the quality of your message is important, but I feel that some of what is being said online is nothing but scare tactics to lessen the competition for a niche. If you are a top ranked blog, meaning high on page 1 regularly then you will also be aware of your competition and will want to keep providing value so you stay on your perch at the top.

It is valid that your content should be good quality but I disagree that it has to be exceptional in order to rank well. This website is an example of that. I am certainly not a skilled writer but I add value to my articles in order to try to help you the reader gather the information you are searching for.

I have some posts that rank on page 1 and others not so much, but that’s how this business works at times, but my point is that I have written nearly every word on this site except for some guest posts and still rank well for many of my posts. My quality is not exceptional but I can get the message I want to share written and in a way to hopefully help you out

Don’t sweat the quality. But do not forget about it either. It is important to provide value and be authentic and not copy someone else’s work. No need to be an English major to make money online, that notion is false.

Content Quantity

There is quite a bit of information online about content quantity. There are actually two parts to the quantity piece as it applies to your site. The first part is word quantity per article. Most experts suggest at a minimum 500 words but recommend well over 1000 per post.

That may be a target to shoot for but most importantly you want to make sure you explain your message the way you intend it to be read regardless of how many actual words you post. There are many top ranked blogs that post articles that are lacking in word count but strong on substance.

If you can put down 1000 words or more about a topic then you should, it will help in ranks a bit. But not if it lowers the quality of your message. Just like above when I talked about quality, the value comes from what you provide, if that is 500 words and you have a good solid message, then your fine. If you add words just to hit a number then not so much.

The second part of the quantity piece is comments and activity on your site. Did you know that the comments people leave for you add to the word count for your post in the eyes of the Google crawlers?

Search engines check your site when they crawl it to see the activity on your post if there is more activity than the previous time it was checked then that is always good. No guarantee it makes you rank on page 1 just because you get a few comments but continued activity will show value to search engines and you will be rewarded

Which Is Best?

To determine which one is best for your business, quality or quantity, how about we review what we have talked about.

I have mentioned that when you post an article you need to provide value for the message you are sharing so your readers get what they are looking for in searching. That plays into the quality category above.

Writing 1000 word or more posts will help you in the long run with rankings as you continually show the search engines that you are providing enough detail to be worthy of rankings.

To sum it all up, I would tell you that both quality and quantity are important and that they play nearly an equal role in getting your message in front of your target audience

Making a habit of being as detailed as possible when you are writing and giving your readers what they want is what the goal should be. Helping people solve problems or answer questions they have about your topic. If you write well enough you can connect well and over time show that your site or blog is one to be shared and referred to as an authority in your niche.

This will give you both quality and quantity for your articles.

Content Management

Taking into account all that we have talked about above, you may want to consider a content management system to help you provide value and still get the number of words down. WordPress is a content management system and this site is a WordPress site.

But to take it one step further than the typical WordPress editor to write, I use a tool called “Site Content” which is a proprietary free tool used by the members of Wealthy Affiliate. The tool was launched in 2017 and provides options to really help you manage your content in many ways

The ability to set goals for your writing, create templates for your posts so you can follow a similar pattern consistently with your posts. You get a word count at the bottom of your editor as you type, with a spell checker as an additional feature before you post. Lastly there over 1 million images that are free to use with no penalties or rights issues.

You certainly can do just fine with a standard web editor, but to really stay consistent you may want to consider a tool like Site Content. In order to try it out, you need to be a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can do that right here for Free and take the tool for a spin. You not only get the content management tool but a free account for a keyword research tool (Jaaxy) along with structured training courses for teaching you how to set up and run an online business.


As we have discussed, it takes both quality information and some decent quantity to help your information gain traction in the ranks. There are many factors that play a role in rankings, these are just a couple to add to your toolbox

As mentioned above comments help with a websites word count, so feel free to comment here and add your thoughts. I would love to meet you and share ideas.

Thank you for your time


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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