Build Your Own Website Free With-SiteRubix??

build your own website free With SiteRubix


Creating A Website Has Never Been This Easy


Building a website can be a bit intimidating if you are a beginner. No worries I have you covered, I will show you today how you can build your own website free with SiteRubix. You can set up your free website in just a few minutes and be online.

When I started my online business I used Siterubix to make my Free website and I found out that it was extremely easy to do because the barriers have been removed in the process that usually confuses people. I also gained the skills that allow me to make money from my site. I will share that training with you. I have since upgraded to a domain that I own, but I started with the free option.

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix was created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, an online business training platform with the largest online marketing community in the world, in an effort to provide a stable hosting and publishing platform that also includes a free domain registration and is monitored 24/7 by tech support, and easy to setup and navigate. See my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information

Siterubix allows you to literally create a professional website and get it online very quickly. Now obviously there will not be any content on your website yet, but it will be online and you can add your own touch to it any way you choose. Your website will be protected and optimized on a responsive mobile friendly secure hosting platform from the servers at Wealthy Affiliate, your site is protected from spam, hackers, malware and other activity that websites deal with.

Guesswork Eliminated

What the creators of Siterubix have done is amazing in today’s online world, they have eliminated the hassles and guesswork that are often encountered when setting up a website. Optimized for performance by using WordPress, if you are not familiar with WordPress they are responsible for nearly 30% of all websites online today.

Using several options for design templates for you, it is easy to be online in just a few minutes. The old way of coding and using HTML to make a website are not needed in this format. You literally need no prior skills to get your site online.

Your New Account

The way this works is that you are starting a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate when you use the SiteRubix platform, that is not a bad thing as you then have access to industry-leading training and tools to enhance your knowledge and build your business. Anyone can build a website but what do you do with it? That is what Wealthy Affiliate helps you with.

In fact, you get 2 websites, not just one, when you open your account, which is fabulous and an even better perk is that your free starter account has no time limit, meaning no 30-day trial or 14 days or any of the stuff you see online today. You get a free starter account that lets you remain free as long as you wish.

This gives you the flexibility to learn and apply some of the training that is offered with your membership and give you time to build your brand and grow your business


Let me show you how easy this is and get you started building a professional website. The process is very simple, you enter your desired domain title and see if is available and if so you select build website.

Here is how this works.

First, you need to spend a few minutes writing down niche ideas. What I mean is ideas for a market you want to go after, it can be something your good at like cooking or backpacking or whatever. You also may have a passion for something you want to learn more about, that is fine as well. Write down at least 3 ideas-I’ll wait.

OK now that you have an idea what you may want to pursue, no worries you have 2 free websites so if you change your mind you can just start your second one. Just enter it in the box below and you will start step 1 of the process,

To start simply enter your desired website name in the box below and you are ready to go to the next step


Go To SiteRubix Here And Launch Your Website


You will then see this screen below. Your website name should be in the box. And you will see if it is available to use, if not just keep trying similar variations of it until you get one. Note: while you are on this page please feel free to look around, this is the Siterubix homepage and it contains information about the platform and all that is available to you.

When you are satisfied with your domain name choice then select the “Build My Free Website” Button


Build a Free Website With SiteRubix
Now that you have chosen to build a free website you will be asked for sign up information that looks like this ( see below). The display may look a bit different due to recent updates but you should see an option to get started by entering an email and a username you want. Notice in here that no credit card is needed. Free means Free so put it away.

This is how you join and become a free starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, which gives you access to the training I am going to share with you in a minute

Wealthy Affiliate Homepage
Once you get signed up you will see this screen below that is the next step in the website creation process, select “on a free domain” and you will go to the next option


SiteRubix Free Domain

Then re-enter your website name and the title which could be anything but for now, let’s make it match your website name, you can update this part later if need be. Then you select a theme. You have 12 themes to select from as a free starter member and they have been hand-picked by the owners due to them being the most popular and good quality with appearances and features. Scroll through them and select one, you can also change your theme later in seconds so do not over think it. You can select the “demo” button on any of the themes to see a larger version of what they look like.


SiteRubix Theme Selection
Then select “Click Here To Build This Site” The entire process will look like this below

Now your site is being created and in a few seconds, you will be online.

Below is a video that shows the process I just walked you through with the exception of the signup process, I am already a member so I don’t get the same screen. This entire process from the first step on takes only a minute or two to happen.


OK now that you have a website online- Congratulations!! You have launched your journey and now the fun begins,

You now need to start adding quality content to your website based on the niche you chose above. The training at Wealthy Affiliate explains it in the course 1 section of the starter training- Also Free.

The training is available on the left side of the menu- The Green button that says “Certification”. Select that and you will see this

wealthy affiliate lesson 1
This is the free lesson section, you get this lesson which contains the ten classes below, in sequence. The course description is listed below as well

Each lesson has a set of tasks to complete before moving on, you work at your own pace and the system knows where you left off, so you can find it again. Just go through the lessons in sequence and you will be fine

Make sure you watch the video in the first lesson it walks you through the entire system and what you now have access to and how to follow the training.


So we are at the point where I need to mention a possible option for your future. There is a premium membership available at Wealthy Affiliate that has a fee associated with it of $49 a month. The membership gives you full system access and 120 training classes and unlimited help and support along with many other cool options like a free keyword tool (Jaaxy) and many others.

Do not sweat it if you can’t go premium at this time, you can keep your free membership and work until you are making a profit then you can afford the membership easily and take your business to a new level. The important thing is that you learn how to make money from your website. The training will teach you that

This post is about using SiteRubix to get online for free, so I won’t go on about premium anymore, I had to mention it so you know about it as an option.



I will leave you here and let you progress from this point, I could ramble for days about this training. It really rocks, so I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are able to get your website online and start the training.

If I can assist in any way contact me via the email on my about me page or if you join then you will get a message from me anyways and you will have my contact info.

Please feel free to comment below and share this post if you liked it. What are your plans for your new website? I can help you get set up, just comment below or email me using the email in my about me page.

Take Care and Have a Great Day



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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6 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Very informative article about Wealthy Affiliate. There are a lot of scams out there – I constantly get spam email from these rogue marketers trying to make a quick buck by selling a shady product. I’ve seen friends get sucked into these products – I had a good friend taken in by a binary options scam a few years back – lost hundreds if not thousands. What you’re doing is trying to promote a viable system by which to make money online, which is great among the thousands of scams out there.

    • Todd says:


      SiteRubix is one of the good guys..No scam. People may be looking for a wolf in sheeps clothing so they will shy away, but that is to their detriment, as this is the real deal. Getting 2 not just 1 free website and great training to support it also free is a big deal. No hidden agenda here, just pure high octane online business training for all skill levels. I agree to many scams online now, so I try and provide value for people looking  for a solution

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. mike says:

    I’ve been thinking about building my own free website and selling handmade jewelry on it. I read somewhere that you can’t sell stuff on free websites?

    I’m thinking I could just get my own free website and tell my friends about it and make some money. How long do you think it would take to start making some pretty good money selling jewelry? Do I get to keep those lessons?

    • Todd says:


      As far as I know you can sell from free websites, that may be a rule for a different hosting provider. This may sound like a cop out but how long it takes to start selling and making money depends on you and how much you work for it. A strong foundation building training program can help you with that. The free lessons I mentioned in this post are free as long as you like when you start a free starter account, so you can re do them anytime you want. expect a few months or more before really seeing much come in, if you market properly using the training, you should be able to get rolling.

      Thanks for your comment

      Take Care


  3. Paul Squires says:

    To be honest I have gone through this website and am in awe of the way it has been put together. I cannot find any fault with it.
    I like the way it is broken down into the various options available at Wealthy Affiliate and the content provided.
    It is easy to follow and if I wasn’t a WA premier member already, I would have joined.

    • Todd says:


      Thanks, that is a great compliment. I have tried to use the keep it simple approach for this site, I see to many sites that are hard to navigate and wanted this one to be easy for my visitors. Good to know that you are happy with Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Thanks for taking time to commment

      Take Care


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