Check Website Keyword Rankings-One Click to Page 1?


  Check Website Keyword Rankings

How To Stay On Page 1 With One Click

Most if not all website owners frequently want to check website keyword rankings to see how they are performing. There are several SEO keyword ranking tools, each with their own claim to fame about accuracy. I won’t go into each one but it is safe to say there are many that check keyword rankings.

However, I have found that most of the time the tool used does just rank checking, or keyword searches and gives PPC (CPC) stats on how much it would cost to pay for clicks. There are not many that contain all the stats you need in one tool. When you search for your rankings, you want to know how you are doing in the major search engines all at once right? Not just in Google. Also without being an expensive drain on your budget.

Sometimes certain keywords perform better on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, but unless you can check those you have to spend your time roaming the search results to find your article. Been there? So Have I, but now you can find your keyword rankings for a specific post in Google,Bing and Yahoo in one click and get the results side by side

Check Website Keyword Rankings


Best Keyword Rank Checker

The tool I prefer does more than just keywords from Google. It has several very good and very accurate functions to bring to the table. If you have looked at any of my posts or pages regarding keywords you will know I am referring to Jaaxy, probably the most advanced keyword and SEO tool available today.

  See My Jaaxy review here 

In the review, I have a walk-thru of the features and tools available within Jaaxy.

Here is how you could check website keyword rankings using Jaaxy. Using the rank checker option. Use the “Site Rank” tab at the top of the menu. Enter a keyword your domain and hit search

Check website keyword rankings

Below are results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the selected search word, this word is the title of your article. The search I used below is my Searching For Keywords Using Jaaxy And Alphabet Soup post


Jaaxy Keyword tool rank checker

You can also display the ranks in graph format for the same search, as shown below

Jaaxy Rank Graph

You can track your performance over time and also to auto rank checks on various intervals like twice a week or daily

Jaaxy Keyword tracker

Jaaxy has many great features besides just a keyword tool, the Site rank feature is just one of several helpful options.

I show in the video below from start to finish how I pull a rankable keyword and post an article using that keyword and then how it is ranked for that keyword phrase. 



When you conduct a keyword search, keep in mind you will need to do a post or a page about it and know how to use it in a way that gets you up the list in rankings. Not just throw it in an article and expect rankings, that’s not how it works. Good solid knowledge of how SEO works and how to use the information will be what gets you ranked.  The rankings will come for you, if you know how to properly use the information provided from whatever tool you use. I am willing to help you all get started the “right” way. 

See My recommendation hereto get you started


 Organic Traffic Is What Gets You Ranked

No this is not something we plant in the yard but it is in a way a seed we plant in order to let it bloom and grow into something really good. High rankings. having the ability to bring traffic to your site by what I call “organic means” ( sorry it’s the vegan in me) will pay off way more as time goes on than if you were using PPC to get rankings and having to pay for each visitor.

Maybe not at first but it will in the long run and as we grow our business, the intent is to have many ranking keywords driving traffic to our site. That makes our site sustainable and able to generate income on a regular basis. I am sure that is what we all want.


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This post was designed to show you a way to check website keyword rankings by using Jaaxy. You obviously can use whatever tool you choose for your research and information. The Jaaxy rank checker is primarily a way to show how to check keyword ranking in Google, which will give a good read on how your site is performing.

I showed how accurate Jaaxy is in the walk-thru video. Please do your own research before committing to a tool to use. I simply offer up what I use as an option for you. I know it works and that’s what is important is the results.

Do your own Jaaxy search and See how you rank right here



What tools have you used for your research? what is your go-to option?  Let’s talk about it.

I am always open to finding good resources to help.  Please comment below so we can touch base.

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Thank you for your time 🙂


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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16 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    Very intriguing article on Jaaxy, As we all know keyword research is very important to SEO. If you want outstanding rankings you need the cutting edge tools. I will give Jaaxy a try.

    Thanks Randy

    • Todd says:


      You are spot on that to be on top of the game you need the best chance to succeed, Jaaxy sure is that. I am happy you are giving it a try. I am confident you will be on the right path.
      Thanks for comment


  2. Hanna Miller says:

    Your article has definitely educated me. Does any one know about Rank Tracker Tool? Any experiences?

    • Todd says:


      I actually have not seen Rank Tracker Tool. Good Job sharing, I will check it out and maybe do a review as a comparison. Fairly nice tool,Looks like it has a variety a pricing plans based on a set amount of keywords..I appreciate you sharing this, I certainly will give it whirl to compare. Jaaxy Highest Cost is $49 a month and this is unlimited searches and all system functions. with crazy accurate data. I am glad I was able to help you out with Jaaxy, feel free to give it spin and let me know if it compares to what you are used to.

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Chappy Krauthoff says:

    Thank you for your post on traffic. A lot of us are taught to you PPC to build our website. Been there done that so have now learned about organic. I am glad that talk about it.

    • Todd says:


      You are correct about other programs, many teach PPC to get traffic, in my opinion that’s not training, that is the easy way out. PPC is a valuable method and should be used “properly” to drive actionable traffic to a site. But to sustain long term rankings and success going forward, Organic traffic is much more reliable and once you have the skills to know how to do that. You wont need as much PPC to get a good income source. We learn about PPC in our program as well but not until the very end when the bones and foundation of a ranking website have already been made, that is the difference. Glad you liked the post.

      Great comment. thank you for your input

  4. Ronnie Jordan says:

    Very good information. This does help also when trying to find a great domain name that is still available as you come up with a new website idea. Very good versatile tool.

    • Todd says:

      Ronnie ,

      Thank you for your insight into domain research. Yes Jaaxy is great for showing what domains are available for a particular key word. Niche research is made easy if you have an idea, or just look to refine the data to provide a good rank potential. We are in the business to help people and this tool is our main option for that.

      Thanks again for the comment

  5. David says:

    This post on checking website keyword rankings is awesome – I never knew how to do this until I came across this information and so brilliantly explained, so easy to follow, never heard of jaxxy before, how does it compare pricewise to others do you know?

    • Todd says:


      Good question, Others I have tried have a variety of costs. some free but with very little information and mostly returns CPC or PPC rankings which are useless to get organic traffic. Others have a cheap $19 starting price but get you to pay $100 or more to get the full version. Jaaxy has 3 price levels all spelled out in my review, the most expensive is $99 a month. the difference is, all levels even the free version give you the same data. the paid version just give you more of it and much faster, with a few more perks within the system, and very fast. Jaaxy really provides great relevant data even as a free tool. I am seeing very good results from the keywords provided by jaaxy and I know many others are as well.

      Thanks for your comment

  6. Dan says:

    Awesome post about Jaxxy. I use that tool, and it’s so impressive how much it helps to find better keywords. Often it has suggested great keywords that i never would have thought of

    • Todd says:


      Yes I have had that happen as well in fact one of my posts happened that way. I was looking for a different keyword and ended up finding one Jaaxy suggested instead and it had much better results. Really simple to use and the results are accurate.
      Im glad you are using Jaaxy and enjoy it

      Thank you for the comment

  7. Owain says:

    Thanks Todd for the informative post. I haven’t used the Jaaxy tool so it was well worth watching. I am using the Keyword Tool in the WA program. I have found it great to use for finding keywords. But yeah I need a tool where I can check rankings afterwards. Will check out Jaaxy for sure,

    • Todd says:


      Yes the free keyword tool that they offer at wealthy affiliate is nice and works great, but Jaaxy takes it to a new level entirely.
      I am happy to see you are a Wealthy affiliate member. I hope you are loving it like everyone else does.Nice to see you are interested in Jaaxy. You will not be sorry, once you use it and see how you get ranked by the information you get, im sure you will love it.

      thanks and come back again

  8. Todd, thank you for writing this article and especially encouraging the use of organic traffic instead of paying for traffic. I prefer sustainability for the long-term and that is how I see organic traffic.

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the comment. Yes organic traffic is what maintains good standings. PPC is good and should be used but is costly and not the way to grow a website for the long term. Thanks again for your comment.

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