Create A Drop Down Menu In WordPress-The Easy Way

Create A Drop Down Menu In Wordpress

Create A Drop Down Menu In WordPress

Simple Steps To Create a Great Website

Wordpress Dropdown Menu
OK so you have a WordPress website and you are all set up with your pages and your format and now have decided you need a drop-down menu. If you are not familiar with how to do it that is alright, I will help you out, and show you how to create a drop-down menu in WordPress, with a few simple steps to bring it all together. I also have a video of the entire process incase you want to see it in a more visual way.

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Understand Your Website Layout

To get an idea of how to add drop downs, you first need to understand or decide how you want your website to be displayed. Meaning where will the menu’s go and what will be in them. For example, you may have a page for your privacy policy or your about me page. Those do not normally have drop down because you are wanting folks to read those as standalone pages.

For a list of your reviews however, you certainly may want an option to display more than one post within in that selection. That is when you can use a drop down. You really need to make sure you have something to go there before creating a spot for a post in your menu.

Having dead links or empty page slots will not sit well with your readers, so be sure to make sure you have actual content within the post or page you are adding to the menu. I know it sounds obvious, but believe me I see many websites with nothing in the tabs. They may be in work but it is still bad form basically to have that kind of navigation


First Steps Within Your Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard Menu

So I am assuming you have a WordPress dashboard, where you edit your content and add pages and posts. So I will start with already being logged into the dashboard or back office of your site. The first step will be to locate the “Appearance” link on the left side of your menu.
See shot at right, for example, It will look like this: to the right

Then select “Menu” and you will be sent to the menu creation page within your editor. First, we will create a regular menu so you can understand the process of creating a menu. The drop down will be the same process with a slight twist.

First, you need to create a menu by making a name for it in the “Menu Name” box then hit the create menu bottom at the right. Examples may be named like “Main Menu” or “Important Menu”.

You can repeat this same process for creating additional menus for maybe a sidebar menu of your latest posts or an “important pages” menu that you want displayed on your site for easy reader access.








Find Your Menu Options

Within the menu creation area you will see the options to select Pages, Posts, Custom Links or Categories, as shown below

Create Menu Easily


Now you select what you want to display in your menu. You can have pages or posts in a menu, so for example’s sake how about we pick Posts. We will be selecting the Posts drop-down arrow

You see under posts you have a few options, Most Recent, View All and even a Search option. In our case we will select View all. This will show a list of all the posts that have been published on your website.

You then select the posts you would like to add to your chosen menu, by selecting the check box next to the post title. Ours is the default post that comes with every word press Website. The Hello World post.

In our case we only have 1 post published so that is all that is on this list. You may have and I hope you do have many more post to choose from.

Now that you have selected your post, choose “Add to Menu” button. See second shot below

Your menu options will look this thus below: This is the shot of what Menu 1 looks like “before” we add the post from above. Note the “Menu Structure” area

create a drop down menu in wordpress

After you have added the Hello World Post to your menu.


Menu Widget WordPress

Create Custom Menus From the Dashboard

Now that you have the process down of how to create a menu. We can work on the drop-down menu. To do this we use the “custom links ” option from above. What we have been calling a drop-down menu is actually a custom menu, they allow for the flexibility to set things up a little more to your liking depending on how you want your menu’s arranged.

Obviously, you can change this anytime. But this is a nice skill to know about when building or designing a website. Perhaps you are building a site for a client and want it to look professional and organized.

Custom menus can help you keep the display manageable and not out of control with 15 -20 pages all stuffed into the header bar. We have all seen the pages with far to many pages or links. The page gets cluttered and is not easy to tell what is supposed to lead to the information I am looking for

Below is how the Custom Links section looks when you open it


Custom Links WordPress

Change the http: with a # and add the name of your menu in the Link Text box. This Should be relevant to the items you will have on this menu. See below for how it looks.


Menu Name WordPress


When finished click the “Add to Menu” button. This put your Custom menu in the menu you have chosen to work with, in this case, Main menu
The New menu will look like this below when you expand out the Dropdown Page arrow as shown below

WordPress Menu Structure


Then you collapse the Dropdown Page back by selecting the arrow again and then you left click and drag the post you want to show up in the Custom menu, drag it so it sits indented below your Custom Link box. Now Save Menu. You are finished with this step.

Now go look at your website and see how it looks. You should now have a drop down “custom menu”


Here is a video showing this entire process from above



What we Learned

So we went over how to create a menu in WordPress as well as how to create a drop-down menu in WordPress. You can now practice on your own with your page and see what you can create menu-wise

It is a good idea to have a good easy layout for your readers. If you use the custom menus properly you can certainly have many articles and pages and still have a nice clean looking website


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you for your advice on creating custom menus. Reading your information helped to make this process easier. The drop down menu section was really helpful.

    Thank you again for putting this together. Found it really helpful!:)

    • Todd says:


      I am glad you liked the custom menus post. I am just sharing information that hopefully is helpful to folks getting started.
      Knowing that it helped you out is great, that’s what I am trying to accomplish, so we both win that way.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Danielle says:

    I have always found creating menus a bit confusing and I notice most people I know do as well. Having a full explanation plus a video to go with it made things much clearer for me. Thank you very much. I am going to refer my friends to your site.

    Thank you


    • Todd says:

      Thank You, Danielle,

      Creating menu’s can be a bit confusing when just starting out. I agree. Once you see it and get the hang of it then chalk it up to another step along the ladder of progress. I am happy that you will be referring your friends. Please ask them to comment if they like our post. That way others can learn as well.

      Thanks for the comment

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