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Videos really make a difference in your brand marketing and they are actually easier to make than you may realize. There is quite a variety of video creation software available online at a wide range of costs. I will explain to you in the article how you can create website videos like a pro with Screencast O Matic It has allowed me to make videos that are affordable and good quality at the same time


Video can dramatically change the success level of your brand. People love videos if you doubt that go to YouTube and search for any topic and you will find several videos.

Most are made by individuals much like yourself, yes it can be a bit intimidating creating your own video. But it also allows you to show the real you which can provide a level of trust for your readers. Most folks like someone who is authentic and honest

Screencast O Matic offers three ways to record, so you can either have an image of yourself in the shot, a video of your desktop or all you like a webcam.

Adding a video as part of your website content or even just a standalone option on YouTube will provide a much better user experience when people are checking out your brand or what you are offering. Sure, you can explain your message without a video but why not up the game a bit and really drive success to your message.

Here is one of the videos I made with Screencast o Matic. ( see below)It is a promotional video that explains the platform I use to run my online business, Wealthy Affiliate the intent is not to promote to you but to show you that you can do exactly as I did and make a video for your target audience.


You have an opportunity to show some of your knowledge and at the same time build trust from your readers who may find you more authentic if they watch your video than just be reading your content.


To create an effective video you may need to try a few times before you get it the way you want. The software comes with all the expected video editing options, with the ability to splice in or out additional information from your video.

You can create audio scripted recordings or even import other videos into the software and add them to your video.

See below for the left side menu of some editing features available for you

Screencast O Matic Features


You can crop out a section you are not happy with and input a new piece rather than retake the video again. Leave off parts that may be distracting, and have it all flow fairly seamlessly together into one broadcast and then save it and use it wherever you upload videos to your blog or YouTube Channel

Equipment Needed

So what do you need in order to make professional quality videos? Well first download Screencast O Matic, then decide if you want to use a built-in camera from your PC or laptop. If not then get online and find a good USB webcam that plugs right into a USB port.

Look for one that provides the best resolution like 1080P. I found one that I use on Amazon for about $35, that’s not bad for a webcam with 1080P. It clips right on to my laptop and when I center it, I get a great angle for my image I am trying for if I am recording my own image.

If you have a built-in Mic on your computer that normally works just fine, although as you progress further with your videos by doing stuff like webinars or online training, you will probably need a USB mic to plug in as well, a good quality mini microphone can be found online fairly easily

Content, You need to be able to share something of value with your video, otherwise, it is just white noise and may not have the desired results for your message.

So you need to plan out your recordings and maybe include slides like in a power point presentation or show your desktop on your PC when you are sharing.


Yes there are many video creation options online, many are fantastic and some are free, Screencast O Matic has a free option and a very cost affordable paid option. How does $15 A year sound? See pricing chart here

There are some limitations to the free version but you do get to record and edit and save them and also share them on your social media accounts. Upgrading gives you more awesome features that make the editing a bit easier. The breakdown of the additional features is displayed on the pricing page, use the link above to compare.

The Free version is a great way to get used to the software and what it can do for you, I suggest you try it out and see for yourself.

Easy To Use

Once you download the software the rest is pretty intuitive, sure there are editing tools that take some time to figure out but in the big picture, this is an easy to use option to make professional quality videos for your website or blog.

There are tutorials on the Screencast O Matic website you can use but mostly it is easier to just try the features out for yourself. You certainly do not need to put up a video online unless you are comfortable with it, so play around with the editing options.


This article has covered a nice option for creating videos that can enhance the marketing of your brand. You can easily make high-quality videos to add to your site.

I have used this software for nearly every video I have on my site currently and have several more on the way. No need to spend hundreds on expensive video editing software until you outgrow this one.

Please feel free to comment below and share what experiences you have had with creating videos. My readers may benefit from your information.

Thank you for your time



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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