Design Wizard Review 2020-Scam Or Must Have Tool??

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Design Wizard Review 2020

Create your own magical graphics with a design wizard

When creating a promotion for your blog or website it is always important to take the time to make sure your graphics and media are professional and of high quality. Most people are not design engineers, but everyone can create stunning graphics with a design wizard. Well That is exactly what I have for you today with my design wizard review for 2020.

It can be very confusing and also a bit intimidating to think that as a website or blog owner, you will need to create graphics. You may think it is not something you are familiar with and would have a hard time knowing where to go and how it is even possible.

I am sure you have seen them online in various places, great looking banners with customized text to match which look professionally done. Well they are but not all by professionals, most are created by folks just like you and me. By using an online resource it is possible to make very good looking professional quality images or banners for your site.

Instead of trying to find a picture online that you can use without licensing issues or copyright infringement, try using the images pre loaded within design wizard, search for what your topic is and see what the templates come up with for that size and shape of image you are wanting.

No worries if you do not find one you like, just download your own and update accordingly. Find Free usable images from, or Make sure you drop in a tip now and then to the creator of the image, it helps keep the site running. If you are curious on how to get a website started so you can add graphics to it from design wizard here is a beginners guide


What is Design Wizard?

Design Wizard is an online graphics and video creation service for you to use for your online promotions. The interface is fairly intuitive and easy to use, you can sign up for free and use the service. There is an option for a monthly fee that offers more functionality and several credits that can be used to download additional images or videos.

Design Wizard Templates:

Design Wizard offers 15,000 Templates and over 1,245,420 images to work with. Not to mention that you can upload your own images as well as use those in one of the templates

The program offers features to create graphics for many of your latest offers. The pre-formatted templates are great since they already are set to the proper size for what you are needing. For example a Facebook post will have different dimensions than a Pinterest post traditionally. You also have the option to select a custom size that works for you.

There is no software to download with this tool. It is strictly a browser based tool which requires a membership to use- No worries, you can use it for FREE,

See the video below to see how easy it is to make you own graphics. The image displayed is the design wizard logo


As the video above demonstrates it is fairly easy to create custom graphics for your website or blog. This makes that process so much more efficient for you

Pro’s and Cons

In order to properly review this tool we must do some pros and cons about the service. I have had overall a good experience with design wizard and have been happy with the results. But there are always things that can be improved for any service

How about we start with the good stuff-


  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Pre formatted templates for desired image sizes
  • Can make promotional Videos- Great new feature just added a few months ago
  • Free membership that provides good value for the service
  • Great customer service
  • Good response to questions or comments
  • Multiple membership levels
  • Has an Affiliate program
  • Many sales are offered
  • Video of the week offers- They allow a free video download normally $20 Value( more to come on this)

The interface as shown below ( A partial view of the interface) is easy to navigate and provides options to create images or videos with just a few clicks.

There are many promotional perks added at times throughout the year. For example Design Wizard just offered a promo for a Pro plan for “Life” for a one time fee of $50. I did it and have not looked back, now I get all the benefits of Pro and never have to worry about it.

My point is that even as a Free member you have the ability to create stunning images or videos for your site. As time goes on you will receive several offers from the marketing team that are very good that makes the paid options very reasonable. They are already reasonable but many better offers will be sent your way. ( see costs area below)

They also offer an Affiliate Program which helps make it possible for business owners to make a side income from this service. I am an affiliate for them as well, but this review is my unbiased opinion of there service. I happen to like what they have to offer so I have no problem sharing the information good or bad and also promote them whenever possible.


  • No Info graphic templates- For use on your website or social media
  • Videos cost a minimum of $4.99 each when they are downloaded and up to $16.99 for HD Quality. (Not always a Con as this is still a great deal)

The fact that you can make videos with this program is a huge plus. However the costs need to be considered when you are creating them. This is still a great feature since videos are where the market is going, they will be an important part of marketing promotions going forward.

Design wizard offers a nice perk with the ability to make your own promo videos fairly quickly. This is a huge plus when considering all the time it takes to run an online business, having a one stop place for all your graphics design needs is very helpful

There are templates for many types and sizes of graphics, just not info graphics which tend to be larger. I use info graphics for Pinterest and they work well since they are huge and a very nice way to showcase my information

How this benefits you

This is overall a great tool for your graphics design needs. It is very easy to use and download your graphics. Besides the info graphics not being available that is not as big a deal as it sounds since you also have a custom dimensions option to shape your image to whatever pixel sizes you want.

The combination of graphics and being able to make short promotional videos on this site make it a very important tool in your arsenal. You have outstanding support if issues pop up.

A nice feature is the fact that even though some images cost to download, the fee is one time only, and you can use the image forever without copyright legal issues coming up.

For example one of the competitor sites to Design Wizard offers the ability to use an image for $1 as well, the catch is that it is only good for 24 hrs so to have it forever costs much more. Besides who uses an image for only 24 hrs?

So the value of this service is clear and I have noticed since being a member a continual improvement approach for this site. They are always working on new features and frequently offer great promotions.


Design wizard comes with a Free membership that is a really good way to get used to the system, since you get access to everything.

design wizard membership costs

They charge a fee for some of the images used, many are Free but some require a Fee or a Credit. Normally that is $1 and the cool part is that you get to use that image forever for that price. While other services charge you and you only get a limited time to use the image. Even though it has a fee this is a nice feature.

As you can see above there are three plans available for Design Wizard. The free plan is one of the better Free plans in the industry as it provides full functionality and you still get the benefits of using the service. The kicker is many of the images cost $1 to download so instead of Paying for 10 images a month, why not just go Pro and get customer support to help you out and $60 in credits per month, which means you can download those images and not run out of credits.

Wrapping it up

Do I recommend it? Yes without a doubt. This is a great tool and is a regular part of my routine for my graphics needs

Is it a scam? No way. Great tool to use for your business. making your promotions stand out is a must, this tool will do that for you.

This review has gone over the main factors of design wizard. The video above shows how easy it is to make your graphics come to life. Trying the free membership is the way to test this out for yourself. No need to pay for a monthly or yearly fee until you are comfortable with the tool and can set aside the funds for it.

Try it for yourself Right Here

What graphics tool do you use? Im curious to see what others use. Feel free to comment below.

Thank you and have a prosperous day


Design Wizard


Easy Navigation


Free To Use Images


Affiliate Program



  • Pre Formatted Graphics Templates
  • Create Graphics and Videos
  • Free Membership


  • No Info Graphic Templates
  • Videos Cost To Download
  • Paid Membership


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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10 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    Prefer Canva over it any day, purchased it and found out how limited this thing really is, especially with regards to the templates

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for mentioning Canva. I use it as well and like you, prefer it. Design wizard changed a bit since this was written. I still like what they have but also find Canva easier to use. My issue with Canva was the duration of purchased images, basically a rental, but there are many ways to find useful images or graphics.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Raymond Lepkowicz says:

    Loved your article – It was thorough, not too short or not too long.  Well thought out, great overall presentation on Graphic Design Wizard.

    What a great idea promoting graphic tools.  It is helpful for anyone creating websites and definitely for those in WA.

    I do need to learn more about creating graphics I will have to check this out myself.  

    Great article, great website – Keep up the good work… 

    • Todd says:


      There is actually more that I want to add to this review but it will have to wait a while since I am in the middle of another one. Every website owner needs a go to graphics design tool. Why pay hundreds for the expensive tools this one works just fine and even with the paid plans it is still affordable.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Garen says:

    I haven’t ever heard of Design Wizard.  However, I have used Canva for several years.  To be honest with you the UI kind of looks just like Canva, though.  That is a good thing!

    I’ve been looking for a place to develop logos for fairly cheap, though.  In the past I have used 99designs but it does cost $300 for a logo.  Don’t get me wrong they are high quality logos, but do you happen to have any recommendations? 

    • Todd says:


      I use Canva as well and like it. Yes, the interface is very similar to Canva. I just don’t like the limited usage time frame when purchasing an image, Who uses an image for 24hrs? LOL.  I used to make the one on my site(actually my Wife did it) It was very affordable and easy to create. Both Canva and Design Wizard can make logos as well, you just may have a bit more work initially.

      Thanks for the comment 

      Take Care


  4. Cris says:

    I’d never heard of Design Wizard before coming across this article. 

    I actually have a website that I have been trying to update with new visuals, and recently learned about creating my own info-graphics and such. I am going to take a peek at your “try it” link, as I am curious to see what this has to offer. 

    Currently, I have been playing around a bit in Canva and would like to compare features. If you are familiar, would you say that Design Wizard is a better tool?

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Todd says:


      To be honest I use both Design Wizard and Canva. They are both fantastic. I tend to lean towards Design Wizard due to the video creation option and also the important difference between the two. Canva charges you for an image and it has a limited useage time frame unless you pay more. Design Wizard does not do that, you may have to use a credit or pay for an image but you get it forever and can use it multiple times anyway you choose. 

      Also from a marketing standpoint Canva does not have an Affiliate Program and as far as I know does not plan on it, which is a shame since it is an awesome tool and We  as marketers could drive business to them. To me those are the differences. Besides that they are basically the same. I will be doing a Canva review soon. Looking forward to that.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  5. Nuttanee says:


    Totally agree, owning a blog is somewhat challenging when it comes to using relevant photos or videos. Thank you for pointing out the pros and cons of the Design Wizard. Since it is free to sign up I am going to give it a try lol.

    So far I have been drawing my own pictures it will up my game if I can do some cool graphics for the medias that is related to my website. Great reviews!


    • Todd says:


      Kudos to you for having the talent to draw your own images. With the templates already set up for you, Design Wizard makes it easy to create many images. You can still import anything you have and just enhance it further, if you choose. Glad you liked the review.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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