From Passion To Profits-How You Can Make It Happen


From Passion To Profits

Your Dreams Really Can Pay Off

Finding a way to make a living from doing what we are passionate about has always been more of a statement than a reality for most people. However, it is also everyday life for others who enjoy what they do for a living and a few of us are lucky enough to really have a chance to go From Passion To Profits.

What I mean is that we have something that we are very interested or may be looking to learn more about something that really powers your dream and at the same time you get excited about it.

Today I am going to explain a few ways you can turn a passion into a profit source and if they fit for your great, if not well I hope I at least get your thinking about how it can work for your

There are many ways to make a living in today’s market but for the purpose of this article, I am going to concentrate on the online options available for you. Why? well because of the many unlimited benefits that you can receive from today’s online marketplace.

The income potential is truly amazing and unlimited but it comes down to a couple of key factors. What you are willing to do and How hard you want to work at it among others. There are some risks and we will cover that as well.

Profit from your passion


Find Your Profitable Niche

So to really dial in your success you can take what you are passionate about and find out how to market to an audience that is looking for exactly what you have to offer. A Niche is basically a group of people looking for stuff, your job is to find the group that is looking for “your stuff”.

Niche Market

The way it works best is like this, be as specific as you can and limit your focus to a targeted group. That sounds a bit counter-intuitive doesn’t it? I agree, but it works and the reason why is 2 fold

  • You have a specific group of individuals searching for your product
  • You avoid the broad approach which can be detrimental to your efforts

You’re probably asking, wait, am I supposed to market to only a certain group of people? doesn’t that limit my exposure?

Yes to both questions. Here is why.your want to do it this way

By targeting a specific group you have a much higher chance of success than a broad approach. This is a proven to be a successful concept that works for the folks making real money online today. Relevance is the key, by providing the specific information someone is looking for you are solving their problem or question and that leads to trust which in turn leads to potential revenue.

By setting an approach that is too broad, you have a tendency to lose the relevance in your message and what happens is your information is not getting in front of the right people. Therefore, you have a much lower chance of success than if you had a specific answer to a question a reader is looking for

For example when you get online looking for something that you are likely to select as your choice? a link which has nothing to do with what you are looking for or is a bit too broad or something that is specific to your search?

You most likely would be inclined to go for the specific option- That is relevance in action

So to bring it all together, you need to think about what you are interested in and make a list of what you are passionate about even if you do not know a great deal about something, you can research and discover what you’re missing. Make a list of no more than 3 things you are passionate about and then take it one step further and make each one more specific.

For example:

Say you like Gardening, and cooking as something you are excited about. How do you make them more specific?

Gardening tips for beginners is an example- You are targeting only the folks that are just starting out gardening, you can offer many helpful tips and tricks to make a garden thrive

Cook For Vegans- Another specific group but still a bit too broad, how about Cook Gluten-Free For Vegans. So now you have a specific audience- Vegans who want gluten-free options. You could go many directions with this and make it work out. Offer recipes, make videos and so on. All good in a very hot and upcoming market.

These are just examples I used above, so you can see the way to get more specific with your niche.

Now that you have your list, pick your favorite and start with that one. You can certainly broaden your audience as your online business starts making a profit, but best to stay specific and within your target audience for now

Tools Of The Trade-

The next step in finding out about your market is to do research, which can be and should be done in multiple ways. Try searching on Google for the specific niche you came up with, don’t get discouraged if there are already sites covering your same market. That’s OK, you just don’t want too many.

To find out more specifics about your target market, try using a keyword tool and inputting your niche into the tool. Most will give you several options that have good traffic and hopefully low competition

There are some Free tools you can use online that give great results. They also have paid options that provide more features and options.

Google Keyword Planner-Free you will need to sign up for Google Adwords or have a Google account

SEM Rush– Free and Paid  A very nice suite of tools that can provide you with much-needed website data, SEO and Keyword information. The paid plan may be a bit pricey but the results are worth it. You can try it for free.

Long tail Pro-Free And Paid  Another great keyword tool that provides valuable data to use in your market research

Jaaxy-Free and Paid – The Worlds most advanced keyword tool with a suite of options to really help you out. You get 30 searches for Free if you want to try it out

All great options to get your going

I prefer Jaaxy since it is a suite of tools that provide the information I need to find my target audience it has a “competition” column which is great because it shows me how many other websites are using my exact keyword phrase. See my post about using the Alphabet soup method to find keywords in Jaaxy

You will need some training to understand how it all works for finding a niche market. I will cover that shortly

Options To Try To Profit From Your Passion

So besides a Niche market approach to making a profit online their are a few other ways as well.

Do you have a specific skill? like Graphic design, or writing, or creating ebooks or whatever. You can be a freelancer and take online jobs on a case by case basis to help online business owners with what they are working on.

For example, I used Fiverr a freelance website to have someone research and write an article on this website for me. You could be that person or just use that service, either way Fiverr has thousands of members how to offer many great freelancing options and many for as little as $5. Upwork is also another nice Freelancing site you could consider

You could set up your own graphic design ( just an example) freelance business and do quite well for yourself.

You could try auction sites like eBay and sell items or information without needing a niche market. If you have a bunch of stuff in storage that you want to get rid of? this is a great option. Find a Supplier for your auctions and build a nice business out of it.

Worldwide brands or Salehoo are great places to start with that to find suppliers, they are a legit database of suppliers and contacts that will help you out and used by many in the industry. They have a fee associated with them but you can decide if you want to go that route. You could also try Alibaba for a different option for a supplier

Note: I have never used Alibaba so I am a bit unfamiliar with their offerings, I list them here because I know others use it as a cheaper option to Salehoo and Worldwide Brands. You may have to research what they offer before deciding to go that direction.

The option I use if Affiliate Marketing, which is a concept of advertising a product or service someone else owns like Walmart or Amazon and you get a commission from the retailer if your efforts result in a sale from your website. Here is a graphic that shows how it works

Affiliate Marketing Diagram

With Affiliate marketing, you will be better served to have a website your own and operate as a business. You can also use the suppliers I listed above for a Drop Shipping Website or business.

If you want to learn about Affiliate marketing and how it can provide you with a great income. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out more information, they are pretty much the industry standard for all things Affiliate Marketing, and you can join for Free which is even better.

Wealthy Affiliate Join

Apply What You Learn

As you narrow your choice to your target market or even if you try one of the options I listed above, you will be learning as you go and as with any successful online business owner you will want to apply the skills you acquire into your business.

There are many twists and turns to online income and you will see ups and downs but the important thing is to stay focused and consistent with your activity. Regardless of what you choose to do to make a living, that same rule applies.

You can put your heart into your business and enjoy the process along the way, sure they may be setbacks but just look at them as a challenge and get past it and keep going.


So I have walked through a few options and ways to learn how to make a living online. I know that some are a bit vague and may need more explanation that is why I offered up the links to other articles related to them. Going into great detail on every option would make this article way to long.

Using a strategy of a target audience to refine your advertising efforts will serve your well. Most of the top money makers online today have some sort of niche market or target audience.

The income potential of an online business is huge. There is no cap on how much you make like with an employer. So if your role up your sleeves and dive in and work for it and yes you will have to work for it. You can make a living online.

In your research for a good money making option, you may find many get-rich-quick options being pushed. Run, they are scams. There is no option online that will pay your huge money for doing nothing, they don’t exist as a legitimate option.

You have many choices to use to make money online, there are many more I did not list. You can probably see the potential that there is with working online. The trick is to find a system that works and stick with it.

Don’t worry too much if you try multiple options and some don’t work out. I did that and even though my Drop shipping business worked fine and also my retail website, I made many mistakes and have since learned how to avoid many of them. Taking the first step can be challenging.

Just so you know, Some of the links in the article contain affiliate links, you will see in my affiliate marketing diagram a few sections below how it works. The links allow me to get a small commission if you decide to take action on them by signing up or paying for a paid option this allows me to keep this website and others running so I can do just like I am mentioning in this article and make a living from it. This does not affect you in any way, I deal directly with the companies I am affiliated with.

I wish you the best of luck and feel free to come back or comment below and I can help you with additional information you may be curious about, or more info on a recommendation.

Take care


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Jesus says:

    Great read on affiliate marketing I can see that there is a lot of information out there on the subject. I really enjoyed the way you laid out the whole structure it seems really appealing to me. I will definitely be looking into this in the future to make some extra money to pay my bills.
    Great Job!

    • Todd says:


      Glad you enjoyed the article. The best way to find out how it really works is to try it out. But the main point is to build a solid foundation for success and that takes time, so as long as you can spare the time to make it go I have no doubt you can succeed. There are many people making a great living online, the ability to follow a passion and let that drive your success is very rewarding. I wish you the best of success in your online journey. Check back with us and let me know how it is working out.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Anthony Little says:

    I really like your tips about making list of things I’m passionate about and turning it into a niche. You make it real clear and understanding to people who have no clue on how to find a niche. I also like the recommended tools you have mentioned in your article to help get things in order to grow my business. I appreciate you explaining how to make this happen. Thanks

    • Todd says:


      I am glad you found value in our post. That is the intent, to share some about the process to get this to all come together. Yes the tools really help once you define your choices for a niche you then use the keyword tool to find out how good your potential market is. 

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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