Global MoneyLine Review-Scam Or Legit Lead Generator?

Global Moneyline

Global MoneyLine Review-Is It a Scam Or a Legit Lead Generator?

Leads are what we in the online world are after with the work we do on our websites or blogs or email lists. So to find a place that helps generate leads automatically is a nice find or is it? Let’s find out, shall we? I have put together a review of global money line in an attempt to give you my take on how this site operates and if it is a place for you to use and add to your marketing arsenal.

When I was introduced to global money line I joined for free as a referral from an acquaintance of mine. I spent a bit of time going over the introductory training videos and became familiar with the site, the functionality and the viability of what they offer. I have used this site and have my own experiences to share about it.

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What is the Global Money Line?

This is membership only site that provides you with actionable leads, for whatever you are trying to promote, a list, your latest product an e-book or whatever you have to share. They offer an easy way to directly connect you with potential buyers of what you have to offer.

Let’s look at how it all works so you understand if this is a possible option for you to try.

Once you join global money for Free you get on what is called just like the title of the site, the money line. The money line is an ever-growing list of all who join the program Worldwide. Once you join, then everyone in the World that joins is automatically one of your downlines and your numbers start to grow rapidly. For example, I joined a few weeks prior to this post and I am already seeing my money line grow by 300-400 a day on average.

The way it works is you have a text box to add your promotional information in and a space for a link. Much like a social media post, you are limited in the number of characters for your text. Then you select the desired recipients from your daily downline list and send your message out directly to them. It goes into an ad display area which is prioritized by the membership level you have. I will cover the membership options in a few minutes.

How this benefits you

You may already be seeing the potential of how this can work right? You log in once a day and send out your promotions, and they go directly to your downlines as a clickable add for you. That’s the cool part.

You can also benefit from a referral from people you invite to Moneyline. For example, if you choose to use my link to join for free I will get credit for referring you. That’s how Affiliate Marketing works.

The overall potential is great, you have a way to share your promotions and also gain a side income from a few referrals. This makes this program legit in my opinion, however, I do have some concerns that I will share in the Pro’s and Con’s section.

Below is where I am at as of the date of this post. I joined about 2 weeks ago and already have 6877 downlines.

global money line main page

Pros and Cons

So before you decide to join Moneyline, you need to know what there is to like and maybe not like as much about this program. Let’s start with the Pro’s


  • You Join For Free
  • Your Money Line Grows Automatically For You
  • Direct Notifications to Your Downlines For Promotional Offers(Worldwide)
  • Can Gain Referral Income
  • Has multiple membership options


Here is where I have a few issues about this program. Though let me again say that this is a Legitimate program which offers a great deal of value for you. But I need to share my take on what you will need to know before starting out with them.

  • Lack of attention to detail in technical aspects of the website
  • Member Affiliate Links To Not Appear As HTTPS or SSL
  • The website is not mobile optimized and is a bit cumbersome on PC
  • To many membership levels
  • The site is tedious to navigate when sending out many messages

The website is not very user-friendly, as it requires many scrolls repeatedly just to send out your offers. Since you can have several hundred new downlines daily, this can get very tedious since as a free member you have to send one message at a time and each time the site refreshes you start again at the top of the page. While you promotional area is towards the bottom so it requires you to scroll down over and over again to get the message out.

Different membership levels offer the ability to send out messages to many people at once so that does make it easier going that route.

They do have SSL(the HTTPS), they just do not display it that way in the member affiliate links, so they all show as HTTP which can appear a bit shady since the industry standard is now SSL and Google will not rank you as well with HTTP links, so that’s a bit of a bummer. If you click on any members link it will show as HTTPS in the address bar, they just have not committed to changing everyone’s links. Which leads to the lack of attention to detail, because this list grows every day so the problem becomes a bigger fix as time passes.

When I first saw my member link my scam needle started to bounce a bit. I then realized that it was OK as they do have SSL they just have not taken the time to switch everyone over. The promotional banners also have the same issue in the code so displaying the banners like I have on this post can lead Google to believe you have outdated information and can keep you from ranking as well.

That being said, many people using Moneline promo material are doing just fine in rankings with their articles so don’t let it scare you away because of all this. I am telling you my concerns as a way of being honest and providing you with the real unbiased information.

How The Memberships Work

There are multiple membership options for global money line. To many in my opinion, but it is what it is.

Free– This is where everyone starts and it is possible to have success and make money using the Free membership, you just have to work a bit harder but it is doable. I made several referrals as a free member and also conversions on my website as a result. So it really does work for free. Free members get a one at a time option for messaging downlines

Start Your Moneyline Journey Right Here

Bronze– The first paid option is Bronze- it is a one time fee of $20 which is not too bad since it gets you more exposure in the system and also gives you the ability to message 20 people at a time with your promotions.

Silver– This is probably the most popular since many do not want to spend too much until the money starts to flow. The Silver membership is $50 a year, again not to bad. You also get to message 50 people at one time

Gold- The person that referred me was a Gold member, which costs $100 a Year and gets you even more exposure since the ads are listed in membership level order, the higher the level, the easier it is to get your message noticed.

Platinum- Now we are entering the silly zone for membership levels- Platinum is $250 a year and gives you 250 messages at a time.

Diamond– Yep we went there.- Diamond is $500 a year and 500 messages at once.

Double Diamond- I am not joking- $1000 a year and you get the highest priority in advertising and send 1000 messages at a time. Sorry but that’s a bit much unless my site is making a killing. You do, however, get maximum exposure and would make many sales or referrals but the cost is a bit excessive in my opinion. On the flip side, the cost is yearly and if you are receiving the type of traffic this will generate the fee will be paid by your success easily

See what I mean by too many membership levels? I like this program but this is a bit disconcerting as I get the feeling they are more interested in selling memberships than helping members have a good experience on their site by not fixing the tech issues. This is not a scam, but it is also not user-friendly- They could make this much more appealing if they had 3 levels deep instead of 7. Just my opinion

Here is the kicker they do not tell you when you join for Free– First of all everyone joins for Free, then you get the option to upgrade to Bronze. And you must upgrade again for each new level, so no joining and jumping right to Silver or Double diamond, you have to go through each one before having the option to upgrade to the next, so you have to pay the fee for each level instead of saying I want a $50 Silver membership yearly, I have to first pay for Bronze $20 then pay $50 for Silver and so on for the rest of them

Sorry but that starts making my head spin just keeping track of it all.

Don’t get me wrong I think Moneyline is a good concept on how it is set up however The delivery leaves a bit to be desired

How the referrals work

When someone clicks your link and joins money line for Free- You are the referrer and will get credit for what they do in the system financially. Your referrer apparently gets the first 2 paid commissions then after that you get 100% of new commissions but paid only once.

So for example, if you refer a friend and they join and pay for the Bronze, your referrer will get that fee on your first 2 referrals. Then if they decide to upgrade to Silver the same thing applies but since the fee for all memberships above Bronze are yearly you get the commission for the first year, in other words, you get paid once per referral for each level they achieve. After your first 2

It is  called the compound leverage compensation plan as you can see some good income if you can get active referrals who use the system to the best potential. This is a multi tier system that can work in your favor very nicely.

         Here is a video about the compensation plan


I have seen a few other systems I like better than this one though, for example:

Webtalk the new social media platform has a 5 tier referral program which is amazing. But this system at Moneyline is good and can be a great source for you to get a consistent income from

This can be a nice income source if you can get regular referrals and they progress through each level, so it does have value as a potential source of income. You also get the value of them being on your money line and you can send additional offers out any time

Wrap up

Well, I have explained to you my take on Global MoneyLine and if it is a scam or a legit opportunity. This is definitely NOT a scam but does come with some baggage. As long as you understand that going in, you can make this program work for you.

As with any program you will have to work at it to make money. The tools and information are in place to help you succeed it is how you choose to use them that makes the difference in how well you do.

Scam or Legit?

Moneyline is Legit. I have personally had success in just the short time I have been a member, so I know the system does work. The issues I mentioned may not bother you as long as you are growing your list and getting the exposure you are seeking for your brand. As your list keeps growing the potential is large for what this can do for you.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, but with a knowledge of the mentioned information above. This system can help you get traffic, exposure and an income source. So I do recommend giving the Free membership a try, then if you like it go from there.

Success Probability= 78% I have seen this work already in my own business so It is very doable. I would rate it higher if there was a more user-friendly site for daily operations

Thanks and have a prosperous day



Global MoneyLine


Free Worldwide Leads


Join For Free


Income Source



  • Free Leads Daily
  • Affordable Membership
  • Direct Downline Messaging


  • Website Hard To Use
  • Not Mobile Optimized
  • To Many Membership Levels


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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10 Responses

  1. Alexander says:

    I have seen this Global Moneyline thing talked about before and I have this bias about it that it is mostly for the make money online niche. My niche is Christianity and I’m just not seeing how Global Moneyline would help me with such a niche. I could be wrong so please explain if I am not realizing the true potential of Global Moneyline for any niche.

    • Todd says:


      The way it would work is you send people to your website with whatever offer related to your niche is promoting. It does not have to be make money online only. Could be “how to make your own organic dog food”, whatever the niche. This system is designed to get your message in front of thousands of people that join after you. Grow your email list by sending out an Opt in link in your message and explain it a bit and what it is about. Stuff like that. Use the list and the platform to get many eyes on what you are promoting. Hope that helps

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Lee says:

    mmm. looks like it might be worth a look. See lots of products out there that don’t tick many boxes. this could be worth a try deffo. great review by the way. always good to see reviews you feel confident to trust. need to stop spending money on rubbish and continue to take action on decent products. thanks again. 

    • Todd says:


      As with any program out there, the best way to see if it works for you is to try the Free membership. That gives an up close look for you to see what will be successful for you. Thanks for the nice words about the review. I try and share about stuff I have used or know about. This is no different.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Olonisakin Kehinde says:

    Waoooo,  this is one if the coolest I have heared about.  If it is that easy then why is everyone not looking that way??  Perhaps they don’t know,  that’s why you have done well with this your review. 

    I think for those who might be skeptical,  a good bet is take a free membership and then decide from the experience you have. 

    Your review is helpful. 

    • Todd says:


      Yep you are correct, if it is that easy why is everyone not doing it? Honestly it is not very easy to use the system but it does work and can generate multiple benefits for you depending on how you use it. It is always a good bet to try something on for size so yes the Free membership gives a user a look for themselves how it all works.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Todd,

    This was a very interesting and detailed review.  I had never heard of Global Moneyline before.  As I was reading through it I was thinking that it is another social media site where income can be made, much like Webtalk.  You confirmed this. I am a member of Webtalk but it concerns me that it has been in Beta testing for so long.  Whereas, Moneyline seems more developed.  I wonder how many people pay to go through the ranks when it really doesn’t seem necessary.  I’m going to read your review again and do some additional research before joining.  I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention.  Thank you.

    • Todd says:


      The similarity to Webtalk in regards to the multi level referral program is there. Glad to know you are a member as well. Moneyline does work and I know a few folks who are going through the ranks. It makes sense if you are making the money to cover it, since most of the fees are yearly except bronze which is one time only. The video on the review explains how to compensation plan works.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Jim says:

    Hi Todd. What an interesting blog. You are very honest in your article and you give an excellent breakup of how global Moneyline works. It certainly got me interesting. It may sound a bit complicated but I’d love to give it a try, At least at the free level for now. The only issue I have is that it all sounds a bit time consuming. Could you tell me if the results are worth the time you put into this business? Jim 

    • Todd says:


      Yes it can be time consuming and like I mentioned in the review the site is set up kinda goofy so it makes you scroll over and over again. It is worth the effort if you stay up on it, and don’t let your list get stagnant by not sending out your messages. I try and login daily and get mine done, it is growing at about 300-400 Daily. So that’s why I went Bronze which allows me to send 20 messages at once. It makes it much faster. I have had both referrals and traffic from this site so yes I feel it is worth the effort for now.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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