Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

The Race Is On To Rank Well


Many of us that have websites are looking for an edge or a way to stand out from the others in order to gain the traction needed in order to “rank” well online. Google PageSpeed Insights is one of those ways. If you do not know that google has put an emphasis on fast loading web pages well then now you do. It is all about the best user experience. So naturally they and other search engines will reward you for a faster loading website by bumping you up the ranks a bit. This is especially true with sites that load on the mobile platform.


The Waiting Game


We have all done it, logged on to a website and saw tons of spinning wheels and pages slowly creeping across the screen at an agonizing pace. What happens next? we leave and move on to a different site. I know I do. I am just like you, I want the information I am after and don’t need to play jeopardy music while I wait for a page to show me what I want.
The speed at which your website operates is vital to your success online and a huge factor in how you are placed in search results. Google and others want the best user experience for readers so to do that, they will rank faster sites higher in search results to offer up the best experience for those searching online.

Warp Speed Ahead

To have your site perform at the most efficient level you need to know how fast it is performing. There are a few good places to go to check your speed, but do you have software built in to your server hosting your website that is designed to speed it up from the server level? A few plugins work to speed up websites but they are limited because they operate at the website level instead of within the hosting server for your website itself.

Those of us that are members of Wealthy Affiliate have been recently blessed withing a few great features lately. One is the proprietary Site Speed developed by Wealthy Affiliate to help members achieve better rankings by operating at the server level. Example below shows the option we have available to our members. This is game changing for online business owners. Let me show you why


Changing The Game

There is more to this than just Site Speed we have also just been given another perk to help us lead the way in online business websites. SiteSpeed Insights has also been added, which is also a great feature developed by Wealthy Affiliate to take the Site Speed from above and track it in one place that shows how each page is performing combined with Googles Page Speed checker also known as PageSpeed Insights, so you see what is really going on. Better yet you get to see how to fix it if your pages need improvements.

Here is a nice write up on the feature from the creators of it within Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Page Speed Insights

Below is a Video of how I use these 2 features to understand what needs to be improved on my website. The numbers displayed by the checker are simply a 1-100 scale 100 being the best. Traditionally in most hosting platforms you will see 50-75 range for site speed. However, many of us in Wealthy Affiliate are seeing speeds well over 80 and even in the 90s. Like it is mentioned in the article above, 90s are UN heard of in this industry normally.



Problems Identified

Traditionally the culprits for a slower loading site are Images, plugins for social media and advertising banners. This tool finds that and displays that information to you so you can take the steps to maybe replace a plugin for social media or compress an image then upload it again to your site. Once you use it a few times you get the hang of it and it becomes a must have tool for you. As I discovered in the video I have some work to do on a few of my pages I discovered that some of the banners I have are slower loading and in turn that slows down my site. I also found that I have several pages performing in the 90s which is fantastic.

Some website themes can be coded in a sloppy manner which can show up in page speed also, so when you are using a theme and stills struggling with speeds maybe consider a new theme, they are easy to change.


Leading the way

So these 2 features are yet another example of how Wealthy Affiliate is leading the way in the industry. Constantly improving the options for member success with new features and training to drive a thriving business for the membership.


I have shown in previous posts additional features like The new “Site Content” tool also developed by the same people Here is that post Website Content Management Tool. I will be adding a video to that one soon.

I hear and see websites on line regularly claiming that Wealthy Affiliate can not be the real deal and they are a scam. The people saying that either have no experience using the services provided or they used to be a member and didn’t follow the training like is instructed and tried to skip ahead and struggled as a result.

The tools are all in place to help you succeed but if you choose to ignore them,don’t blame the system

I shared this information with you to show you what is possible if you are choosing a platform for training or are looking for answers on how to start a business online. I hope this information is helpful to you in your quest

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and why they are the industry leader in online business training? Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information


Are you having trouble with site speed? do you want to know how to fix it? Let’s talk and I will see what I can do for you. Let’s get to know each other better so I can help you succeed.

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I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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2 Responses

  1. Ilias says:

    I admit that I have not the patience most of the times to wait for a slow website or post to load.

    I usually close the page when it happens. So, I do not want to happen the same thing on my website.

    I checked my pages on the Google PageSpeed, most of them had good numbers.

    But there are a few with 50-60. However, below it says that it takes 1,5 sec to load. Is this a problem that can affect my rankings?

    • Todd says:


      the “un written rule” is 2 seconds or less for a webpage to load is the target. However they should be much faster than that to get the best results. Yes 50-60 range and taking 1.5 seconds to load can affect your rankings. Google and others, will try and rank you by many factors, one big one is the site speed, so yes it will have an impact on your rankings. I too have a hard time sticking around for slow loading sites. So do our customers, so the faster the better for all parties involved

      Thanks for your input and your comment

      Take Care


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