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How to make money online from home:

We have all been there, wondering why we continue to go to a physical location to go to work for a set income and come home hrs. later tired and wishing there was more that could be done to create an income source. I know I have, I have worked at my current job for 20 years (laid off for 4). I have searched for answers for what I could do as a home business. I tried a retail website as I explain in my about me page, but that didn’t work like I had hoped for several reasons. One being the lack of knowledge on what the heck I was doing. I made it work for a while and broke even in the end when I hung it up and was recalled from layoff of my current job. Now with today’s grind, I strive for more again. I finally found it!!

Affiliate marketing. No products to sell, no inventory to deal with, and for free I joined a community of over 800,000 folks doing the same thing I am, looking for more. I gained the knowledge by the vast amount of training available to create websites and market online to create income. It’s fabulous, and it works. You are here, so it worked. That’s proof enough to show you that anyone can do it. Honestly the best way for me to help you understand affiliate marketing is to introduce you to the community itself. Join here .I joined last December 2016 and already you and I have met. See it really does work.  I have outlined below some of the ways affiliate marketing is a great home business opportunity

Work from home and make money: Home Business Opportunity

Think about it. Sitting on a beach on a tropical location with your laptop, working on a post on how great it is to have a job working at home making an income with affiliate marketing.

Get away from the current structure of driving to a place to do your job and have limited income potential. Achieve financial freedom by following a passion you have or knowledge to share with the world. If this sounds like an unrealistic expectation then affiliate marketing may not be for you.

This is completely realistic and I am working my way to it and I can help you get there as well.


Website development tools:Home Business Opportunity

Learning the basics with proper training and using website development platforms like WordPress or Siterubix domain and you can have a website up and running in short order. You will be taught the best practices used by industry experts with over 10 years of experience to share with you one on one or mentoring. The rest of the community is also be a great help, over 800,000. I know I have asked a few questions and found the answer within the community of folks doing the same thing as me. Think about it. 800,000 folks would not stick with this if it was not legit

Using Keywords and SEO:

Using the tools of affiliate marketing Like Keyword tools, SEO (search engine optimization) you can get your site created in short order and begin to see the benefits of your hard work. Below is a shot of one of the best keyword tools on the net. Sign up with Jaaxy today and get 30 free searches on your way to being a Keyword master.  Select the image to join Jaaxy, it is easy just an email account and user name.

Affiliate Marketing Keyword tool


There is also a free to use for members only tool inside wealthy affiliate

free keyword tool

So you will have the tools at your fingertips to get you going.  Along with the community support and structured training (see video below) for a walk thru.



There are many affiliate training options online and I encourage you to do your research However I am sure you will find that for the price and what is available you will have a hard time finding a better option for all things affiliate marketing than Wealthy Affiliate.  You can sign up today right here. And start your journey to financial freedom.



Please see my Wealthy Affiliate review here to really bring this home for you.

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