How To Monetize Social Media Followers And Drive Traffic


Monetize Social Media Followers And Drive Traffic To Your Site

Social media is everywhere it has placed itself or invaded every part of our lives from the second we wake up to the minute we go to bed we are bombarded with the presence of social media. Businesses small and big have figured out that the key to growing any business includes a social media plan. This overview is going to be geared more toward a beginner of social media however I also plan on sharing a couple of secrets that can make a big difference in how you monetize your social media followers.


How to Choose the right Social Platform

Let’s start at the beginning. Let’s assume that you have not set up any social media profiles. We know that you want to start with one of the biggest social brands being Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, or Instagram. Don’t be concerned if you have already set up all of these profiles, it’s a good idea to have them all set up even if you do not plan on using them right away.


Before deciding on what social network to use there are a few Questions that need to be answered in order to focus your efforts into maximum impact or efficiency.

1) Who is your Target customer

In order to identify your Target customer, you need to be able to describe everything you can about your Target customer this includes

Age, gender, location, income, what industry do they work in, are they homeowners, hobbies, and do they have kids. You will use this information to figure out what problems can you solve or need you can fill with your product.

2) Which Social Media Platform Will Best Target my Customer

Once you determine your Target customer you can now determine what platform will be the most effective. I would recommend starting off with only one social network at a time and learning everything you can about that Network. Then once you have grown an audience move on to another.

I recommend only starting and using one social network, in the beginning, is due to the unforeseen amount of time it is going to take you to figure out how to use the features and develop a plan to increase your followers and then monetize your followers. It takes a lot of time to learn how to master each network to your advantage. If you spread your time and activities to thin you may end up with nothing.

Now with that being said if you have lots of time and resources and help then by all means set up profiles and go to town on all the social media networks you can. If your time and resources are limited then pick the one that will work the best for your situation.

Base your decision on Statistics

You have gathered the information needed to identify your target customer. Now how do you use that information to decide what social network will be the most beneficial for your product or website?

Big Data

The answer is in the numbers, you need hard data and statistics from companies that collect the very information you just researched. There are many places you can find the data you need to match up your ideal customer. Blue corona Which I have no affiliation with provides an Easy-to-Read layout for you to determine what platform will be the most effective based on your target customer. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to tell the number of men and women who use YouTube and Linkedin but when it comes to Pinterest an Instagram women are bigger users than men. Is your target audience 18 to 29 and primarily women with good incomes then you may find Pinterest to be the best platform for you to start with.

It also depends on your business

Depending on what your goals are and if you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer then the way you go about things with platforms you use may change. This may surprise you but if you are a brand name with a product then Twitter is one of the best places to begin increasing your brand recognition and getting in front of decision-making prospects Twitter users cover a wide range in both age groups, income levels, education and almost equal levels of men and women using the platform. You will also find that Twitter accounts are generally run by the decision makers and not by some assistant controlling their social media. Of course, it’s always important to be in front of a decision maker and not someone who is unable to make a purchase.

The most effective Strategy to Drive Social Media to your Website

There’s a fantastic Four-step process when beginning to use Twitter to  start growing your audience

The first step is to Target your Dream Customers

You did the research now it’s time to use it. This will be based on the questions you answered earlier. Your first goal is to make a list of 10 to 15 People in your industry or shoulder niche(that would be a niche closely related to your industry) who already have a massive audience on Twitter.

For example, if you are in the cooking niche, you may want to make a list of people that include Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, Nigella Lawson,  and so on. You may also want to make a list of interest such as cooking gadgets for specifics of the people you are targeting. If its baking-then you would list baking items. BBQ-then tools related to grilling, pastries-all the latest pastry gadgets.

Step 2: Target your Audience

Once you have come up with some ideas that your target audience would be into you’re going to create a follow campaign. This is an area where you could create multiple campaigns with multiple headings and do testing to see which one is more effective. Obviously, the one that is more effective would be the one that you would continue putting money into.

If you’re selling gadgets for the kitchen maybe you’re heading would say something like Oh my, I just use the most amazing pineapple cutter in the world, follow me and check it out


So crazy, this kitchen appliance just put him in the hospital


Have you tried the best dish in the world seriously, Follow me if you’re sick of food that sucks

What do these suggestions have in common?

Let’s start with what they don’t have in common. None of these headlines contain boring titles like here’s what I had for dinner, best mango cutter review, 10 recipes for dinner, Products sale $10 off this gadget. Sale, today only. Do you get the idea?

What you find above is boring, overplayed generic titles that you see all over the internet. There is a reason clickbait works and that’s because people click on it. Just because you are trying to get people to click on it though does not mean you have to offer the same low-quality content clickbait sites offer.  The idea is to use catchy quirky, sensational, different, interesting titles so that people will follow you and eventually come to your website.

Step 3 Keep in Contact

Stay In Contact

Once you get people to follow you remember that these are real people and that you want them to like you just like they took the time to follow you are not going to send every person who follows you a message thanking them for connecting with you. Once you begin to get followers you would like those followers to end up on your website. In order to do this, you are going to post content to your Twitter while always linking back to your website.

Before they end up on your site they need to trust you. Before the trust you, they will need to see more of you. Whenever you add new content the next step will be to promote this content to your new followers and to your custom audiences (your custom audience is based on the list you made and the information you have on your target customer.) One thing to remember is that people trust people and if you can get your face in front of them in the form of a video they’re much more likely to connect with you, trust you and purchase from you.

Step 4 Find your Customers Need and Fill it

You have now determined your audience, created a follow campaign and promoted content to your followers and custom audiences. Hopefully at the same time gaining some traffic to your website.  The final step is to also turn those followers into an email list that you can then use to drive traffic to your website and gain sales.

The final step is to create a lead generation card, you will promote this to the people who viewed and followed your posts. It’s time for you to offer them something that you know they want because you are solving a problem for them. You have already come to understand what they need because you know your customer.  Put yourself in the mind of your customer, what do they want from you, what would they be willing to give you their information for?

Make a list of ideas and then begin to try them.  

The prospect has already seen you a number of times at this point and hopefully, they are beginning to trust you. This tactic works because they are getting used to seeing your content and recognizing your brand name. By waiting until you have developed a sense of trust with your potential client they are far more likely to share their information with you. Now you have built an email list to provide content, drive traffic and sell products to people that want what you have to offer.

Advanced Facebook Tactics

My next tip is a little controversial and I understand why some people may not want to use it. This will really depend on your audience and your business if you feel like you can get away with it or not.

I would title this the Most Effective way to gain Facebook Followers

I happened to stumble upon this while working on another company’s Facebook profile.  I was having an extremely difficult time getting a response from normal Facebook posts and it all had to do with the niche. Every time I would try to promote a post, Facebook would shut down the promotion due to the topic.  I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong but because the moderators of Facebook don’t really understand the niche, the workers tend to blindly just block ads and boosts and promos for no reason other than it’s related to stuff they don’t like. Related, not the same.

What I did was out of spite for nothing else seemed to matter. I just start posting extremely controversial topics that got people fired up on purpose. I did this in two ways. The first post was complaining about what Facebook was doing to our company and what people thought about it. We even made videos calling Facebook out and asking them why they were discriminating against us when we were following the rules.

In a matter of minutes, we start getting shares and comments that led to thousands and thousands of people voicing their anger toward Facebook and they’re censoring. At that moment from the comments, I figured out right away that this really had nothing to do with our company. Instead, this was a deep visceral response from American freedom being squashed by this giant company.

What I learned is if you can create an emotional connection, good or bad, then people will not only talk about you, they comment and argue for you, and more importantly share your post like your page.

The next step after you have created a controversial emotional response that gets people talking about you is to now promote that post.  I was able to promote the post because it did not reference our niche in any way. If you have a post that people naturally are sharing and talking about then putting a few dollars behind it will be a huge multiplier in growing that post.

Here is the Secret Sauce that Gains Followers

Facebook secret sauce

Finally, turn those commenters and page sharers into followers but one word of advice, you have to be careful. You will go to that post and look at every person who commented and every person who made a face and you will start to invite them to follow you.  

This is where you have to be careful I have found that Facebook does not necessarily like this tactic in large quantities.  After the second day of inviting over a hundred people at a time to follow me, I had my ability to invite people blocked for a few days.  If you’re like me and relentless I just used another page administrators profile to continue inviting people until they got blocked for a few days.  I do not know what the magic number is but if you invite too many people to follow you in a short amount of time they will without a doubt block your ability to invite people for a little while, but don’t worry you will get it back. I would recommend having other people as page administrators as well.

Facebook has changed its algorithms and it’s getting harder and harder to get your everyday post in front of your followers, unfortunately, advertising on Facebook is getting more and more expensive due to more and more advertisers if you want to be successful on Facebook your best shot is to create videos and give excellent content do your target audience.

Once you’ve created a video you will want to target your ideal customer to watch your video.  You will then want to target the people who watched your video with additional content and then soon after a targeting offer like above that we talked about with Twitter where you will be giving them something or solving a problem that they have in exchange for their information.

Always make sure to include your website information in the material you are promoting on social media sites. Your goal is not only to get followers but to drive traffic to your website and collect email addresses.  By getting emails you can remind people of the gyms they found on your website month after month and you can turn those followers in two more frequent visits and more sales.

Written by Mike Epson

Blogger, Website Developer, and forever learning


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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