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How to Add Images to Your WordPress Media Library

Simple steps to Make your website visually appealing


Images are a big deal. It is a known fact that posts with images and or video perform much better than text heavy articles with little to no imagery. To get Images into your posts you need to learn how to add images to WordPress media library and refine or edit them in a way that is optimal for SEO purposes.

If you follow along with me I will walk you through the process of adding media items to your WordPress Dashboard. Media items are images, videos, audio files and even documents like downloadable items. Along with ways to find images that you can use without violating copyrights or license agreements.

These all can be added to a post or page on your site, which will help with an improved user experience when reading your blog post.Assuming you already have media items to add to your blog or website then we can follow along, if you are still needing a website check out my article on how to create a website using WordPress.

I Will cover where to get images if you do not already have a source for them and why you need to be careful what images you use.

Adding Images To WordPress Dashboard Media Library

On Your WordPress Dashboard editor on the left side menu.

  1. Select The “Media” Tab- This will display the choice of add new or Library. Select Library to view your current media items
  2. Then select the add new button within the window
  3. Click on “Select Files” – This navigates to your computer where you have your media in folders, select your folder and file to upload. You can drag and drop or select by title and choose “open” from your folder area
  4. repeat the steps for additional media files- You can multi select files and drag and drop as well


Media library select files


Your Computer Folder that contains your images

Marketing Website Folder

The moment you select the file or drag and drop into the upload window WordPress starts uploading, you will see the uploaded image in the display below the select files upload window.

Why Image Titles Matter For SEO

Have you ever done a google search and selected the image tab? Many people may not realize that you can get website traffic from image searches On Google.  It relates to the title tag for your image as well as the ALT tag, which we will cover. Optimizing your image titles can really help you in the SERPS. Google is looking for relevance and that your content you are sharing matches closely to what the article title is about. Images are very similar in that regard.

Images downloaded directly from your source without being optimized can slow down your page load and also if the image title and alt tag are not relevant to the article you can take a bit of a hit with SEO

Images carry with them a messy looking URL when downloaded directly without optimization. What I do is, edit the file name of the image before uploading it. creating a name that is in line with the article and also what the image is.

To rename an image just right click the image and select rename in the options and then enter the new name into the text field. You then have a much nicer file name to upload. This step matters, so make it a habit.

Where To find Free Images To Post On Your Blog

Pexels-A source for attribution free to use images, check each image prior to download for the rights and if it is free to use. If not then choose another image or follow the instructions to use the image

Pixabay– Another source for free images. Over 1.7 Millions free and stock images, with various license requirements. Make sure you see this below before using the image


There is a section in the download area that allows you to follow the artist or donate. Both are great, and donating once in a while is the right thing to do. Not required but recommended

Unsplash– Free to use images with many great selections, do a search for a topic and choose what you want. Please give credit to the artist, again it is not required but very helpful to both them and your reputation. Read the Unsplash License Page about giving credit.

How to add Media Items to your blog post

For this example we will be using images as the media source. This step can be performed with videos,audio files, downloadable documents as well.

Once you have your images properly named and stored. Follow the steps above to add the images to the media library on WordPress dashboard. To add them to your article follow the steps below

  1. Select the location in your post you want the image to appear-
  2. Select the Add Media button in your post editor
  3. Choose the image from the media library
  4. Select the Insert into Post button.


Select “Add Media” Button from upper left of editor as shown below


Select your chosen image from media library and edit any details on the right in Alt text and Title tag as desired and select “Insert into post” button on bottom right


Your chosen image now displays in your editor window. When satisfied with the changes select “Save Draft” from upper right or “Update” if your post is already published


There are options to align the image within the post. You can have it right,left or center. You can also have it resized within the post by grabbing one of the corners and resizing to what you want.

Once you are satisfied with your image and have successfully placed it in your post or page article, you should update from within the editor. If you have not published the article yet then select save draft, as mentioned above.

When you are ready to go live with the article select the publish button your post will be live online and  all the great work you just did with your images and any other media you have will now be able to be view by your audience.

Add a Featured Image To Your Post

To add a Featured image for your post. The image that will display on your blog roll and at the top of your post as well as in search results. Select “Set Featured Image”. This is a good way to get people to read your article by having a good featured image. For the sake of example I will use one already within the media library.


Select the image you want as your featured image and click the”Set Featured Image” button on bottom right.


Now save draft or update again and you have a new featured image as well as the one you already added to your article.

This is what your post looks like after updating with the new images. It is a bit bland but I just used it as an example



As I am sure you are aware of, there are many parts to the puzzle of getting your website optimized for SEO and at the same time make it visually interesting and helpful to your readers. Using media really improves the user experience as well as just plain looks better.

It is proven that visuals work, and people respond better to an image or a video when used in an article. Why do you think YouTube is the number 2 search engine for popularity? People like videos of stuff. Your site is no different.

You now know how to add images to your WordPress media library, following the steps above and making a habit of renaming image titles before you upload them to your site is a bigger deal than you may realize.

You can gain traffic by using images properly. If your readers enjoy your post then the featured image is likely to be shared to others and your site gets more and more traffic that way. It’s just one way, but it helps with exposure of your information.

Have you followed the steps above? let me know in the comments how it worked for you. I would be happy to connect and help others learn by your experiences


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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      Visuals are a big deal, and being able to make this process simple hopefully can help others as well become confident in adding media to their site.

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    • Todd says:

      Muhammad asif,

      Thanks for the compliment, I add my own images basically the same way, use a folder on my PC to store them, rename them to a relevant name, run them through on optimizer then load as per the the instructions in the article. It is the same process, the only different is where the picture originate from. 

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      Wow very high praise of this article, Thank You :). I am happy you can now upload images much easier. Using Media can be a daunting task for many, but it is so important to the success and relevance of your information. I am happy to help make this process simpler for you and anyone else who reads this.

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