How to Buy Bitcoins Online

How To Buy Bitcoins Online


Get On Board With The Digital Currency Revolution


Without going into the entire what is a Bitcoin and what is the Blockchain here is a link for that. Today I have posted an article about how to buy bitcoins online. Stay with me for a few minutes as I explain a little about digital currency so you have a bit of an understanding of it.

Bitcoins are real, it is not fake money and no they are not a physical coin. You can buy and sell them for real money. To bring this into perspective a bit for you, Bitcoin is a “non-regulated” form of currency that is created and traded completely online.

A great source of information about Bitcoin is available in the Ultimate Beginners Guide To Bitcoin  as an additional reference.

All records and transactions regarding Bitcoin are stored in what is called the “block chain” which has an ever growing list of every transaction. Now before you say wait what? my transaction would be public record? yes, it is but it is not done by name or personal information. Let me explain.

To store and transact Bitcoin you need a Bitcoin wallet, which is basically a place to store your bitcoin. Wikipedia has a good description of a bitcoin wallet, a place that “stores the digital credentials for your bitcoin holdings”. It is basically a really long string of numbers and letters in a sequence. A 36Bit number. Looks something like this (example only) y4bgr6t44eswn5xbtr4sp33hffb3.

How To Buy Bitcoins Online

Where to go

Most Bitcoin transactions are shown in millionths of a coin, yes someone had a great sense of humor when they created this but it is true. You will see numbers like 0.00000010 of a Bitcoin as a transaction or 0.000045 and stuff like that. Use your decimal system to figure out how much of a coin that is ( your homework). Here is an example of a transaction that I received a while back. 0.01021643 BTC which equaled at the time $6.66

I actually would recommend a fairly easy route to get started. You can simply buy them or pieces of them just like buying with PayPal. Except you use a different option. I use Coinbase they are a legit company that handles Bitcoins, and 2 others, you can verify your bank just like for PayPal and then purchase.

There is also a Coinbase app in the play store for Android, well as one for iPhone I also recommend you go with the 2-factor authentication route when you set up your account, there are instructions for that on the Coinbase website. This helps keep your precious cargo secure.

Bitcoins and other digital currencies are white-hot right now. This is the beginning of the Glory days for Bitcoin and digital currency. What makes them a good buy is the same thing that makes them a risk. The Volatility, the value goes up and down regularly but the trend is a steep climb up ( see chart).

The Way to make money with it is to play it much like the stock market, buy low sell high then wait for a drop and buy again. As of the writing of this article Bitcoin or also abbreviated as BTC value is $2585.34 for 1 Bitcoin. Yes, that is correct, twice the price of real gold which most people buy and sit on.

Other Options

There are other ways to acquire Bitcoins, One of which is to mine for bitcoins, yes I said mine for it. No there is not a huge cavern in the mountains with a bunch of people banging away at the walls with picks to get this mythical thing called a Bitcoin to show up.

Mining for Bitcoins is another post altogether and is a bit complicated, so I won’t go on too long about it, but lets just say it requires a Hardware device that does nothing but crunch numbers faster than a normal PC can handle and it is hoping to match a 36 Bit number to “Find a Block” on the BlockChain ( I told you it was complicated) which then spits out a set amount of Bitcoins currently 12.5 to all the people “miners” involved. Stop me before I go on for a half hour about mining for Bitcoins.

Keep It Simple

If you are new to Digital Currency then keep it simple, but to do so you will need to purchase it or trade for it. Or Add a Nice “Pay with Bitcoin Button” to your website, Available on Coinbase and also many plugins if you are using word press. To except Bitcoin payments on your site, I suggest you buy some of your own first and see how the transactions work so you understand what you are looking at.

Since there are thousands of Digital currencies ( bet ya didn’t know that), get familiar with Bitcoin and the 2 others on Coinbase, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Basically like The Silver and Platinum of Digital currency. Ethereum is a newer coin that has exploded on the scene and is going up even faster than Bitcoin. Many experts believe it is the Next Bitcoin, so you have a chance to get it early while it is still affordable

How To Buy Bitcoins Online

You can simply follow the steps on the Coinbase website to get going. Again, I do strongly recommend setting up 2-factor authentication on your account. Which is critical to the security of your account. Not really much different from PayPal, as they have an option to do the same thing.

Also, once you get signed up at Coinbase, go ahead and download the Coinbase app for your phone. On your phone I recommend adding an app called “authy” available in your app store, it is entirely a two-factor authentication app. Very helpful. What it does is sync with Coinbase to spit out a random number set for you to use for authentication when login into Coinbase.

The link I have here for Coinbase. Gets you going and we both benefit as it is a referral link. You and I both benefit. You can get an additional $10 of Bitcoin by getting going. See what is inside and you are on your way

How to Buy Bitcoins Online


Get In The Game

Once you have set up your account and verified it with your bank attached to it. You are in the game and can buy and sell at will for either of the 3 coins Coinbase supports.There are many industry experts predicting that Bitcoin Will Climb Many more thousands of dollars in value so you still have a chance to get it and make money. Here is an article about it

You may also want to get signed up on GDAX via Coinbase, it is a digital exchange much like the stock market, buy-sell exchange coins there. The link is on the Coinbase website

You are now on your way to owning and understanding the digital currency market.

Good Luck and Coin On



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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7 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for this most helpful information. I believe this “trend” will continue to rise and become more popular as time goes on.

    All the best,

    • Todd says:


      Yes for sure, this is not a passing trend, Digital currency is here to stay and will become more and more mainstream as time goes on. The sooner folks get going the sooner they can take advantage of the Digital Gold Rush that is currently underway. Please let me know If I can help in any way to get you into the Digital Currency of your choice. The value is crazy and will keep rising, it is basic supply and demand principals on steroids..

      Take Care and Thanks for the Comment

  2. asen says:

    Hey Todd,

    Trading with bitcoins is a very popular business these days.
    I have friends who invest crazy money in order to do the mining.
    Do you think that it is just a temporary buzz or this is a serious business that can make a full time living?

    • Todd says:


      Good question. Yes Bitcoin and many other Crypto coins are huge right now as the values are going crazy. I am not sure I would say that this is a full time business opportunity buy just buying and selling coins,but for sure a chance to make some good money. Once someone understands how the Bitcoin market works? sure I can see them making a business out of it in other ways like educating people about crypto currencies and providing a good service for folks that way. Yes it can be done. Just get yours while you can since the value is expected to go even crazier soon. Mining for Bitcoins can be very lucrative and can be a business, but folks will need a place to do it like a garage or a warehouse since the miners generate a great deal of heat and are usually pretty loud. But Ya, for sure they can make it a business by leasing the miners processing speed out. I did it, I would Mine “for someone” they pay for 24 hrs of mining on your miner, you add the credentials to your miner and use the hashing power to find a few blocks for them for that period of time. I had 4 miners running in my garage and would rent out one of them on eBay for a fee and made a few bucks that way. so yes it can be done as a business.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care

      Thank you for your comment

    • Todd says:


      In adding more information to your comment. I need to say that there are thousands of digital currencies and it is not a short term fad. This is the future of commerce, eventually these coins will rise up enough to play a major role in online commerce, in fact Bitcoin is already there as many websites have a “Pay with bitcoin button” now and many major companies except Bitcoin as a form of payment. That’s Why I encourage people to get in now. The folks that started out with Bitcoin when it first came out have thousands of Bitcoin, and are very rich. Other coins can do the same thing. The 3 supported on My link in the article are ones to seriously look at.

      Thanks again

  3. Don says:

    I have heard about Bitcoins, but don’t know anything about it, Todd. You go into great detail and you have my interest. I will click on your link to find out more about what Bitcoin is.

    All the best to you, Todd.

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the interest. Many people think Bitcoins are a myth and have no idea how to get some if they exists at all. Well they do and it is easy to get inline and purchase. You just need to follow the steps on the link I provided and get set up and you can buy and sell at will. The Digital Currency Revolution Has arrived and we need to get in before it is out of reach to afford. Let me know if you need any help or have more questions about digital currency. I can help.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Take care

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