How To Create A Website From Scratch In 2018

How To Create A Website From Scratch In 2018

Build Your Own Website And Thrive



Getting involved with Internet commerce can be tricky, and to really have a chance to be competitive you need a professional website. That being said, it is much easier than you may think to make that a reality. I have put together this post to show you how to create a website from scratch in 2018 and use that to start your journey to online success.

First a bit about me:

ToddI have been online doing business in one form or another since 2004, trying a variety of business models some worked some didn’t work as well. But I am now an Affiliate marketer and I love it, This is my permanent home as I have enhanced my skills and learned a great way to make a living online.
I can help direct you to a way to build your own website and do it in a way that is very affordable. There are many ways to get a website online and I am certainly not saying my way is the only way. I am just sharing what I know works and let you decide from there if it works for you.



To build a website you need a way to host it and also an editor to build it. No not a guy behind a typewriter but a tool that helps to take the coding portion out of the equation. Yes the hardcore folks can still code but you won’t have to if you are not familiar with it.

How To Create A Website From Scratch In 2018

Getting Started With WordPress

WordpressWordPress is that platform to give you what you need to make this easy. WordPress has taken the guesswork out of making websites and provides a great platform to work from that makes website building truly plug and play. This website is a WordPress website.

WordPress uses themes for you to pick from for your website. Themes are the basic display and design of your website, which still gives you the ability to update and change or configure the website to your liking. The theme just helps because the code is already done for you. Combine that with the web editor tool you have a great way to build a high-quality professional website.

Making A Safe Choice

So If you are like me then you are looking for a way to build a website without getting scammed or having to pay for something you do not need. I see it online too much these days, programs or websites trying to sell you on a way to make a fortune without doing much at all. Well, that is not realistic nor is it what I have in mind for you. I have your back here.

I am going to show you the system I use, to run my business, so you will know you can have a good quality website built from scratch.
I chose WordPress as part of a program I am involved with which I will cover in a minute, but that choice has helped me take my business from just a thought to a reality and it can help you do the same. I will not promise any riches or easy money, as the success will depend on how much effort you put into your business. No website will provide any revenue if there is not someone behind the scenes working hard and adding new content, But the end result can certainly be a website build from scratch by you. Let’s get to it

Let me show you a legitimate way to get your website started and hosted for FREE


What Is Needed To Build A Website

To get a website online you need a few things.

  1. Hosting service
  2. Content Management System ( Unless you’re a code junkie)
  3. Quality Content
  4. A Niche to promote your service or product
  5. Training on how it is done
  6. A desire to learn and create something you can be proud of

These are the basics but very important to your online success. So how to go about all this if you have not done it before? Siterubix
Siterubix is a platform developed by Wealthy Affiliate to make it simple to get started online and like WordPress, take the guesswork out of creating a website. All the items above are covered by

Siterubix is the domain that offers free hosting and 2 free websites(Yes I said 2) using a WordPress website editor which has been scaled down a bit in order to make web building an easy process, there is no scam here, this is real and it is how I started my website. Come on Todd doesn’t the old saying “If it is too good to be true it probably is” apply in this case? No, and here is why.

Wealthy Affiliate has developed a robust and very thorough training program that truly provides you with all the knowledge and tools to get you started. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for any questions you may have. They offer this membership for free because they have a great program and can stand behind what they offer. There is a premium membership that is a paid option and that is how they make money but the free starter membership covers you and gets you going with a great foundation.

You get training on how to make it all work, not just 2 websites and a hosting service. Check out the Siterubix website and see if this is something you may want to try. You can stay a free member as long as you like, this is not a trial membership. The hope is, that you will like what they have for you and decide you need to upgrade to a premium membership once your business gets going by using the skills you acquire from the training

Here is a video of how easy it is to create a website using Siterubix


I will walk you through how to create your own website from scratch.

Step 1 Use the Siterubix box below and enter a name for your website. You will then go through the process just like I did in the video above.

Step 2- Follow the prompts to set up your free starter account and set up your profile.

Step 3– Follow the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate to build an awesome website and learn the skills that show you how to drive traffic to your website.

Start your new website right here in the box below


What You Get

If you choose to go this route here is what you will receive.

2 Free WordPress websites using the SiteRubix domain

FREE web hosting for your websites on a very secure and stable web hosting platform

Free Starter Membership to Wealthy Affiliate

World Class training to back you up and show you what you need to know

An honest chance to create something fantastic, with no behind the scenes scams or hidden agenda.

Note: Please Read

Due to high volumes of spam coming from these countries. Wealthy Affiliate does not allow free starter memberships for the following Country’s Here is a mention of it on our portal so you know I am not misleading you, Wealthy affiliate has a very secure hosting platform and one of the ways it protects its members and their websites is to weed out the unwanted spam

  • Egypt
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Morocco

However, you are still allowed to join as premium members anytime. Sorry for the hassle but the company has to protect itself. We would love to have you as a member so you can live your dream as well. If you are from one of the mentioned countries and would like to join Wealthy Affiliate you can use the link below or contact me directly and I will walk you through the process and get you in.



I have provided you with an option to create 2 free websites with free hosting and the training to get you off the ground. Having done this myself I can honestly say this was and still is the easiest online business I have ever ran. My day consists of research and writing posts instead of fighting with web code or image alignments. I encourage you to consider this option but I also encourage you to research other options as well. Like I said earlier, This is certainly not the only way to do this. But It surely worked for me and many others who have followed this same pathway.
I wish you good luck in your quest to find out how to create a website

Thank you for stopping by.




I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for the great advice on how to create a website from scratch.

    Having personally used siterubix I love how very easy and fast it is to get a very good looking website up in running in literally about 1 minute.

    I also love that is runs of WordPress — as you can do all sorts of things with this program and you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

    Thanks again for showing us how simple it is to create a website.

    • Todd says:


      I agree, I used Siterubix on my first Wealthy Affiliate website and I loved how easy it is like you said about a minute and I was online. WordPress makes it so easy to add plugins or extra features with just a click or two. They really have taken the coding out of the equation unless someone wants to do that.

      I am glad you liked the post.

      Thanks for your comment

      Take Care

  2. Gabe says:

    You’re right I have seen so many of those make money online scams, I’ve even been apart of one lol. But the one thing so far that I noticed with this company is that they don’t make any false promises. They set realistic expectations which makes it easier to set good goals.

    I read your review on wealthy affiliate and I think I’m ready to sign up. I have a question though l, let’s say I do sign-up and go premium, what would happen to my website if I canceled my membership?

    • Todd says:


      Im am happy you read my review. If you signed up for free starter you get your 2 free websites, then if you decide to upgrade to premium you still keep those websites but you now would have access to up to 50 websites, and switching from siterubix to a .com is a one click option once you buy the domain, which you can do at wealthy affiliate. If you decided it wasn’t for you after you went premium you could certainly end your membership and your websites would still be ok for 30 days before you have to move them to a new host, that way you do not lose all your hard work.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care

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