How To Find a Niche Market In 2018

How To Find a Niche Market


Find Your Target Niche With Ease


My aim is to help the visitors of my site get the information needed to truly start and maintain an online business. Specifically in this article about ,how to find a niche market, I will demonstrate and explain what is needed to properly find a niche market.

I have been in the online Business World since 2004 running a variety of online businesses. Having struggled a bit when I started back in 2004 ,I learned many new ways to succeed. Having discovered the importance of rankings and keywords I have used that knowledge among other skills to operate a successful online business today. Having been at the beginning as you are now. I know what it takes to make it all work.

In this article I will show you how to find a niche market that you can profit from. Once I have shown you how, you will be able to search for your own niche and get started right away on your online empire.Here is a video walk thru of the tool I use to do the job. In the information below you will see how it all comes together



Know Your Skill

Have a passion you want to share with the world, but don’t quite know how to find a niche market that you can profit from? Well I can help you out. First let me explain a bit about niche marketing. It all comes down to a few things that can refine your search. First Know what you have to offer, like a skill or a hobby or information you want to target. Secondly be as specific as you can within your target.

I have an example on my getting started page that explains this, but I will shorten it a bit here. Say you feel you are an interested in “books for kids” as a niche, since you feel you know about kids books pretty well. Unfortunately that niche is a bit broad, yes you can still show your knowledge and share information regarding kids books, but will you get found in searches? Let’s see. As shown in the video at the top of the page, the example showed that you may need to be a bit more specific if you want to be competitive. Try ” The Best Story Books For Kids”, a much more specific niche and less competition and a much better chance of ranking in that niche.

Let Research Be your Guide.How To Find a Niche Market

Once you have narrowed your niche down, now you can research and gather as much information as you can about it. This will be an ongoing process as you will need to continually post new information and get user engagement on your site before you start to see much benefit. You should conduct research in multiple ways.

  1. Keyword research to find more related content for posts ( see my review)
  2. Niche research for your brand so you are up to date on latest information
  3. Market trends to see what folks in your niche are searching for
  4. Affiliate programs for a program related to your niche

These are just a few places to use but neither should be left out as this is a long haul adventure not a sprint.

Tools to Do The Job

To get the information you desire you need good tools. Find a few good sites for information like “wiki how” to find out what the hot topics are and how you can help within your niche. Also, you need a great keyword tool that helps with not only the research but also with rankings and how your competition is doing, as well as providing you with a multitude of content topic ideas for your site. The tool I use is the same as in the video above, I use Jaaxy An all in one tool that has pretty much all you need in order to check the boxes off in your research guide above.

Follow the Numbers

Once you have an idea what you are searching for, using Jaaxy, you just need to follow the numbers. AVG, TRAFFIC, QSR, KQI these are explained below. To find the market with the best chance of getting ranked due to low competition and also a good amount of traffic is preferred. Going after traffic only, will normally get you buried in the rankings and defeat the purpose of your marketing. Wait until your site is more established, then you can tackle the bigger fish, so to speak. Remember the example above? “books for kids” was high traffic but also high competition, so odds are you will struggle to get ranked. That’s why a smaller amount of traffic but lower competition gets you traffic and still produces results. The “best story books for kids” is way more specific. A smaller market but a better chance of success. Get it?

The options below are available in the Jaaxy Keyword tool, among other options.

  • AVG– Total searches monthly – These are the traffic numbers of people looking for your exact keyword search phrase. Even small numbers here are good, it means traffic which will potentially payout. If you rank just by the keyword then you will have a much greater chance of long term success than if you have artificial rankings like PPC
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This is keyword quality indicator. Green is the best, meaning it has a much better chance of being successful for you in all your rankings
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is your competition. This is the number of websites using the same exact keyword you searched for. If you aim under 400, you have a good chance of getting ranked (300 is ideal). The opportunities are truly endless for keywords and having this information is extremely helpful
  • SEO Power –This takes into account the three other metrics above and determines if your keyword is a good candidate to get ranked, the indicated number is a % chance of ranking on page 1 for your keyword provided you have good content. If you can get ranked, you WILL make money online


Using the information you have gained from your research, can now lead you to many options within your niche. You will be able to repeat these steps for any new niche you are interested in for another website. By continuing to add quality information to your site and interacting with visitors you will move up the ranks within your keyword niche and soon be able to profit for your efforts.

Next Step is Yours

I hope this guide helps you understand how to find a niche market. I can help you get started right now on your own journey. Select the search box below to try Jaaxy for yourself for free



Can I help you find a niche? Let me know. Leave a comment and lets talk about it

Thank You for your time


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  1. Interesting. I always thought that finding a niche is about following your passion, but I realized this is a blunt approach. Without data, I can’t really build anything.

    Keyword research is what shows me the black and white of my niche, what’s hot, what’s not and what exactly is profitable. In essence, finding a niche is all about finding keywords opportunity and if you know how to do that well, you can potentially become successful in that niche.

    • Cathy,

      I agree with you that keyword research is what provides the real behind the scene data you need to profit from a passion and turn that into a niche market. The ability to understand how keywords work and how they help shape your content you share goes along way to providing a foundation of success. Following a passion is what fuels the research, your passion can be refined into a market and at the same time you share your message with the world. The work together to provide the method to make it all happen, as long as you add good quality content you can greatly improve your chance of making it all work out

      Thanks for your the great comment.

      Take Care


  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, your post is well detailed and has a lot of good information that will really help your readers to know how to go about this. It is good to see that you are sharing your years of experience to help others to have success in the online world. Your post is an easy read. Thanks for sharing.

    • Norman,

      I am all about helping folks get the right information. there is to much deception going on online, so to provide quality accurate information helps people make an informed decision on their future. I appreciate the nice words about the post, I try and keep them short so folks don’t get bogged down with information over load.

      Thank You for the Comment

  3. When I started online marketing, I didn’t give keyword research much thoughts. I just create contents and publish and guess what, it doesn’t gain any traction with search engine and users alike. I do not get the engagement I’ve wanted. Then, I start taking niche and keywords seriously, and has followed much of strategies that you have covered. Now I start seeing positive progress with my website.

    • Kenny,

      Glad you explained that about just posting content with little regards to keyword research. I see to many people try and get traffic with little to no research on SEO or Keywords. Having a consistent pattern to follow really helps. I know I have seen a consistent flow of visitors doing it this way. It works. using the right tool makes a huge difference. Jaaxy is the best that I have seen.

      Thanks for helping spread the word by commenting

      Take Care

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