How To Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing

How To Generate income With Affiliate Marketing

Change The Financial Equation With Affiliate Marketing


Yes you can get that income source you have always dreamed of by learning how to generate income with affiliate marketing, it takes research and dedication to make it work.There some basic steps that you will need to follow as well as work at it, it will not be a get rich quick type thing.

If you are expecting to throw up a website and boom magically you get revenue and live on a tropical island then you may need to re evaluate your expectations. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing professions on the internet. Think about it, 3 Billion people are online today and estimates say 8-12% more people will be having access to the net soon and increasing every year. Today’s commerce is done online mostly, why not get your piece of the pie like the rest if us are.

I have been lucky enough to be involved with a community that has made the hard work much easier. You still have to work at it, yes, and you will not get rich in a day. But you very easily can generate income with affiliate marketing. You just need to know how right?

I will try and show you how it works below.

Take The First Step

How to make money affiliate marketing for beginners

  • Follow a passion or hobby that you would like to profit from
  • Build a website with the skill and learned knowledge from good training
  • Use Keywords and SEO tools to get ranked in search engines
  • Add good quality content to your site related to your brand
  • Research your brand
  • Maintain the website to stay current and grow your business
  • Generate traffic and income from your site.

Those are the basics and yes there is much more to it.

Build a quality website

To generate revenue you will need a website that is of good quality, good user experience and contains good content that will attract readers and hopefully convert to income. There are many good website creation tools available, I use the WordPress tools provided thru Wealthy Affiliate ( see my review here).

Using WordPress significantly makes the website creation process so much easier today than many years ago when I used to play with HTML. It is almost as easy as plug and play. We have many members who have no experience at all with websites, and they are doing well simply by following the training provided and using the proper tools. I have a page on how to create a free website using the WordPress platform, feel free to check it out here  to get yours going today.

If I sound Biased I apologize. I am simply trying to show you how easy it is with the tools we have at Wealthy Affiliate. They have simplified the process to the point that you don’t worry about creating a website. You spend your time researching and adding new information your site to enhance your brand, and generate traffic and hopefully revenue to your website.

Here is a shot of the WordPress dashboard to layout your website features

Build a free website


Look both ways before walking into traffic

Generating income is all about the traffic, how do you get traffic? Rankings…To get ranked you need a variety of things and many helpful tips which you learn along the way, but most of all it is about content. Getting good content is key, even if you are like me and not a writer, you can still have quality content that the search engines like and will rank you with.

You learn these steps as you get the proper training on the main steps to quality content. We cover all that in several lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate. But no matter where you go to get your training or information, you will need to make sure you have a good user experience for the reader.

Keywords and SEO

Pardon the pun but keywords are key. Using the right keywords helps in the search rankings. The content mentioned above combined with the right targeted key words will help drive the rankings up if used correctly.

Google hates things like keyword stuffing, which is just a poor use of keywords stuffed into content in order to get rankings, many times they don’t make sense in the content. SEO (search engine optimization) is embedded in the WordPress platform we use at Wealthy Affiliate.

Along with many 2 click plugins used to enhance the website and the user experience. We do have a free keyword tool we use for members only ( see it in my review) but there is also a much more robust tool available to get you all you need for keywords and researching your rankings and various other information to help you out.

Jaaxy as shown below is my keyword tool of choice. Truly the best on the net.. Also free to sign up for 30 free searches.


Try your free search here. Just requires email to sign up

Research your brand

In order to stay in the game with rankings, you need to use the tools listed above as well as stay on top of current trends and find out what people are looking for in your specific niche your are promoting on your website. You need to be informed and provide users with a good experience to get to the information.  Use current events websites to find out what is hot in your market and provide users the knowledge they seek and they will reward you with trust hopefully

Create and maintain your website with WordPress

Keeping your website current by adding new relevant posts or pages and filling them with viable content will help keep traffic coming once you are ranked. We use the WordPress site creation tool partnering with SiteRubix to offer members free hosted websites thru Wealthy Affiliate. Create your own free hosted website Using the same method as shown in the video below

Build A Free Website In With SiteRubix

Selecting  the Image below will display the Training video used by members to create their first websites

(Video Here)


Practice and repeat

Using the methods above is a Start to getting a good revenue generating website. Obviously there is more to it than just a few words in a post. I have tried to show you how it is done, now you have a chance to start your own adventure online as well.

Please see my post on my review of my number 1 recommended solution HERE. I am sure it will answer most of the questions you may have.

Feel free to email me with any questions at  and I will be happy to answer any thing you are curious about, you can also leave a comment on this post and I will answer you if you have a question. I would love to help get you started.


Take care and thanks for visiting.



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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