How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Online Step By Step

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

One of the fastest growing online income options available today. Affiliate marketing is rewarding and at the same time a very challenging profession, the rewards are unlimited with what you can make. This article will talk about how to learn  Affiliate Marketing online in a step by step format. Learning the skills to create and run your own online business, start a website and learn the process of making a living online you can be proud of.

Before you dive into research and try to find information about how Affiliate Marketing works and how to get started, please read on and I will explain a high-level outline of how it works.

See the Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing to learn how it is done.

Make a Plan

First off you need a plan. A general idea of what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. As you gain additional knowledge your plan can be updated to better meet your business goals

For example- You could write down your goals and what you would like to attain within 6 months. Realistically it will take several months to really get rolling and that time can be less or more depending on many variables. But for the sake of this example lets go with 6 months.

Start Your Online Journey

What would you like to be making monthly within that time frame? 500,1000, 2000 or more all possible

How do you plan to get there? Finding a training program? I can help with that, read on.

I know you may not know the answers to these as of yet but that is ok. You are making an outline that will help you learn and adjust the plan accordingly as you progress

Write down your interests and hobbies

Next, you will need to write down your interests or any hobbies you enjoy. Stick with your top 3 for now and refine it down to 1 to start with, you can always do the others later as you gain experience.

Literally, anything can be a niche market so do not be afraid of showing your skills in an area you are passionate about already. There will always be competition within your market so do not be discouraged if you see other websites doing the same thing or even promoting the same product or service.

The key is to get your information in front of as many eyes within your target market as possible. If you see an article on another website, no problem, do not copy the article but for sure read it and learn from it and then write your own and write a better article. Or do a review of your product and be as detailed as possible

Here is an example of a review of the program I use to run my online business- My Review of Wealthy Affiliate

 Create A Website

Once you have identified your market, you can create a website to begin creating content about your chosen niche market. The most effective way to make your business work out online is with a quality website. There are many ways to market a brand but honestly, a website is your direct connection to your reader and possible buyer.

Creating a quality website today is not as scary as it used to be. Using WordPress as this website does, you can use pre-formatted templates for Free and simply configure the layout of how you want and add your content regularly. No need for fancy coding.

Create a New website

This saves you time and money, you can now spend time writing content and researching new topics rather than coding or fighting with design layouts.

You can get going on a high-quality website by using one of many options online today. But the place I recommend is the same place that hosts this website. You not only get the site and the hosting but World Class training to teach you what it takes to make your website generate a nice profit and how to scale up your business to achieve whatever financial goals you may have.

Here is how you get started with your online journey. Create your Free WordPress Website and receive the training on how to profit from it

Find Affiliate Programs

Once you have narrowed your idea down to a single option, then you may start searching for relevant affiliate programs for your market. For example: If you are interested in Telescopes or accessories. You type “telescope affiliate program” in the results you will see many options to choose from to begin an affiliate relationship with a supplier. See below for an example

Choose the one you are comfortable with and read the terms and conditions before signing up. It will cost nothing and sets you up for a valuable partnership with a supplier for your market.

This is just an example, you may not have the slightest interest in this topic, which is fine, what I am trying to show you is how you find an Affiliate Program for your niche, whatever that may end up being.

Content Creation

Creating good value to your readers by providing high-quality content on a regular basis is what will drive the success of your business. Research is your key to obtaining the needed information you seek to create good quality content. Setting a regular schedule for posting your latest writings is a good idea.

3 times a week is a good place to start but the most important is consistency. Regular updates and new content is the best way to make progress quickly with your business, the time frame on how often you post is up to you, just work it all into your daily schedule. You do not have to post every day but you can research and market when not writing.

The search engines like Google and Bing will have a tendency to reward you more if you are consistently updating your site. They want a user to have a good experience online so they could push you up the page ranks when you keep providing quality content that has value to your website visitors

website content

Engaging content is also very good for ranking factors. When someone leaves a comment on your article, it counts as adding to your word count for your post and also shows activity and that you are giving people what they are looking for.

Research as much as you can about your market and the product or service you are promoting. Write reviews or comparison posts as well as general useful information that can show your followers that you know the topic. You are the messenger for the answer to a question or problem they may be searching for about what you have to offer.

Market your brand

You will need to get the message out to your audience by marketing. There are many ways to share. Social media is a nice way to get free advertising and also drive a good amount of traffic to your site.

Online forums like Quora and Medium give you a platform to share your knowledge of a specific topic. Quora, for example, is a place where users ask questions about almost any topic and if you have a good answer, you have a great opportunity to share and demonstrate your knowledge.

This builds trust with your followers and your readers. Try not to only promote your brand on the forums, you are better served by answering questions in detail and let them come to you for more information. Sure if you have an article that explains your answer better, by all means, share the link in the answer. Just try and avoid promoting with little to no value to the questioner.

Make money

Get paid commission for your efforts. Once you have signed up as an affiliate you will receive a unique affiliate link that you share on your site that allows you to get credit for any purchases from what you have promoted or shared.

You can share the link on social media, directly to friends or potential customers or even just a link in your content on your site or many other ways to share the message.

The way it works is you generate a sale and get paid a commission from the final sale price. This does not change what the customer does, they pay the advertised price from the retailer. You get your commission from the retailer directly for each transaction.

Once you start generating a great deal of traffic, you will see this income grow rapidly and that will allow you to invest in other money streams that bring in profit for you.

You can make life-changing income from this if done correctly and if you stick with it. The results are different for everyone based on many variables but the point is you can make it work out and realize all your goals with this option.

Rinse And Repeat

Expand your business by finding other niche related products or services to promote, or keep building on the one you have developed by using the techniques and skill you have acquired along the way. The process is actually simple and can be repeated over and over to keep generating profit for you

Wrap up

This is a high-level overview of the basic steps that will get you on your path to making money online with Affiliate Marketing. There is much more to learn but that is alright, you progress as you learn and apply the knowledge you obtain into your business and before you know it you are making a nice living online.

I said in the beginning that this is a rewarding and at the same time a very challenging profession. That is true, however, do not let the challenges deter you from proceeding.  You will have setbacks but just do not give up. The folks that are making money in this profession kept driving forward and pushed through whatever challenges came up.

I hope to see you online thriving with your new business. Pop by and let me know if you decided to try it and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Either way, just taking the step to get started and learning all you can will provide value for you.

Good luck on your journey to abundance

Thank you for your time


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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