How To Make Extra Money From Home Online-Go Outside The Box?⭐️

How to make extra money from home online

How To Make Extra Money From Home Online-Think Outside The Box

Earning a living online these days is getting more difficult with a variety of growth opportunities. At the same time, it is also becoming much easier. Want to fire your boss and get rid of the daily commute? Try a few legitimate online work from home jobs that can make you a nice living. Learning how to make extra money online from home can be a fantastic option to start gaining the income you desire

Let the freedom ring.

I know when I started out online I was like you in a quest for the right way to go about it. I did not really want to spend a couple of decades working for an employer with limited income growth. As I quickly discovered. Working online from home can provide a great deal of freedom from the normal routine of commuting and spending 8-12 hours or more a day traveling and working at a physical location. You know the drill.

So what gives?

How does one start making a nice living online to the point that any of us could leave our current rat race lifestyle and exchange it for a way of living that provides a bit more flexibility depending on the work? Working online under the right situation can have few nice perks as opposed to the traditional route.

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I have a few choices for you listed below, in two different paths. One set of ideas is more of the traditional income-generating job that we all know, doing work for an employer or a company and getting paid for your services. That in itself is a potentially very lucrative way to make money from home online. Instead of heading out to a place and commuting and being away from home most of the day, you can find viable employment simply from working at home.

The other path I will offer up for you takes a more outside the box type approach. Online business-related choices and hey they can help you gain the income you desire, add the difference between running the show on your own and a more traditional employment structure.

What Real Online Income Opportunities Are There?

Before you decide on a path to follow you need to know what choices you have. Sounds reasonable right?

It comes down to a few factors but one of them is. What do you like doing? seriously it’s a fair question when deciding what you will dive into, The reason being is that when you start out online, you will need to be able to stay focused on your choice and the work it requires. Yes, folks, there is work involved.

The type of work will ultimately be up to you and it will not always be easy. Regardless of what you have heard about making easy money online by doing no work and expecting big money, it simply is not the case. Those are scams.

To make this work out it is best to do your own research after you have an idea what you like. Just about any online field has many variants so you should be fine. Let’s talk about how to make extra money online

Freelancing for Online Income

I like this option. It has so many variations that it really is a great way to make a living. Sure there are a few obstacles like getting consistent gigs to do or what you will make per job. But overall if you have a few skills that you would like to share you can certainly put together either a part-time job out of it or as you get more jobs to make it a full-time opportunity

with freelancing you can work at your own schedule and depending on the way you set it up, you can even choose what jobs you perform based on your skill set. Fiverr is the place to start with this, check it out and see how they roll.

Customer Service Jobs Online

There are many stay at home jobs available online in several fields. Online customer service jobs are becoming more common, many companies will allow you to remote(work from home) and perform a variety of customer service roles including a virtual assistant type role that can open up some new area’s to offer your skills.

With so many companies moving to more of an online commerce model, the need for online customer service jobs is growing fast. Work for a company from your living room, they may even be in another country but you still get the freedom of being in your own home making money

There are many companies looking for data entry type jobs-Try for a few choices

Online tutoring

Just like it sounds except this one would be all yours. You set the fee and determine what you are willing to do for clients. You may be proficient at many skills that you can share with others who are following the same path. Start a blog, share your experience and offer up what you will do to help others learn. Advertise your blog on social media sites to get exposure for your brand. Using the freelancing option above you can set up a great side hustle and make some extra cash in the process

Surveys- Swagbucks

This may sound like a gimmick but it is not. Sure there are shady companies that offer online surveys for compensation, but there are also some good ones. I like Swagbucks. They have not just surveys but many other ways to make money, you earn “Swagbucks” by doing tasks like surfing the net, we all like that, right? answering surveys is just part of what they do. You redeem the swag bucks for gift cards or credits or purchase or any one of many ways. Even in the form of visa cards which gives you the real money to control how you wish.

Best bet is to check it out for yourself. It costs nothing to join Swagbucks and start seeing how it works. You can even combine some business options together with this one. For example, you can be an Affiliate for them and get credit for anything your referrals do that they pay for. So you can earn Swagbucks several ways including watching videos.



Pretty cool huh? get credit for what we all do every day anyway. Surf, do research, watch videos and so on. This may be a good option for you if you want to accumulate credits. When the holidays come around, the gift cards are a nice way to use your Swagbucks. This is one of the better survey sites but they are much more than that, they offer several ways to accumulate passive income.

They also offer Swagbucks for watching short videos and or ads. You already run into that today when searching online. Now you can get compensated for it. You can also transfer Swagbucks to PayPal.

To be fair this is not a way to make massive amounts of income like many more traditional online options do, but it is a way you have some fun and earn from living life so to speak. Swagbucks has so many ways to add to the pot, including web searching using the built-in web browser or you can set up a “swag button” in Google Chrome and get credits that way

Thinking outside the box for Online Income Sources

Now we get to the fun part. I say that because these choices below are different from your normal employment structure type work. Traditionally when you or I go to work at whatever we do, we go to a place or even at home but the difference is the money. Traditional jobs have a cap on what you earn for a particular time period, Year, Month, Day, Hour whatever you get the idea. For example, you may have a job making $20 an hour and you can count on that amount but not go over it much.

Online businesses or freelancing offer a way to get out of that method of earned money by limiting your salary. If you set it up right and work hard you can change the equation and the financial rewards can truly be endless and the cool part is they have no cap on what you make. You’re the boss, so you can do it your way and make your own business choices.

Web designer

You may be a gifted web developer. Why work at a job and limiting your income potential when you could make a good living designing websites for clients. This is a growing field in high demand as more and more people are starting an eCommerce business and many have no idea how to develop a solid website.

Creating websites is not nearly as hard as it used to be, but there is some skill that needs to be used to really get good results from a blog or website. If you are an SEO master or have a passion for coding and HTML or CSS then you are in luck as this may be the work for you. If you are not set up with one of the large online job placement companies you can certainly try the freelancing site Fiverr or Upwork to get going and build up your experience within the field.

Retail website

We have all seen them online, the small business websites that are all over the net. With content management systems like WordPress, creating a blog or website can be easier than you may think. However, the prospect of creating a site that offers products or services can be a bit daunting if you do not know how to do it. Do I need products to sell? depends on the business you want to run.

You may be a hands-on person who likes buying and selling online and enjoys interactions with people and or potential customers. For you, a Dropshipping model might be an option. What is a Dropshipping Business. you ask?

The short explanation is you are in the middle between an online buyer and a retailer. You advertise and sell products for a retailer that has agreed to be your supplier, they ship the items to your customers directly. That provides you with a great benefit. No Inventory!! Yep they take care of the warehousing and shipping and you deal with the purchase from the customer and then, in turn, take that money and purchase from your supplier who then ships to the customer with your brand attached. Honestly, that was the short version. Check out the link above for a complete breakdown on how it works.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the fastest growing online business models. With nearly 4 Billion yes that’s with a “B” users online now and that number grows daily. The potential is unlimited as to what you can achieve. How does it work? very similar to dropshipping except you do not buy or sell anything. You advertise for a retailer and you get a specific link coded for you that gives you credit when a purchase is made from the retailer via your efforts. Your reward is a commission of the sale. That’s it! No inventory, no selling directly.

For a more detailed breakdown check out my Complete Affiliate Marketing Breakdown

However this and any other option is not easy, it requires you to add good quality content to your site that will attract readers and grow your online presence. It is a test in patience actually. Most people that start with Affiliate marketing businesses think that things will happen right away. Not so fast. It takes time for Google to trust any website and by following good SEO principals and adding valuable information you can start to see success.

The rewards of this path can really be life-changing if you are one of the fortunate ones who work hard at your craft and can find a nice niche market to advertise your skills or products. Online businesses fail regularly and there are many reasons why, but they usually boil down to 3 reasons

1. Trying to make millions without doing the work and falling for every new shiny object or gimmick to get rich quick.(It is not realistic)

2. Quitting too early when the money is not coming in. Online businesses take time to mature and many folks can’t wait for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

3. Bad information and following the wrong path.

Do not let that list scare you. If you have the patience to wait for the rewards and go into it knowing you have to work and work hard at your business then you can stand a much better chance of success and can truly create portable residual income that can be made from anywhere there is internet service.

If you like to travel and still want to make a living? this might be your option. It is what I do with this website, I have chosen Affiliate Marketing for a few reasons but mostly because of the freedom it provides me to decide my own path to a steady income source online. I have done the others as well but prefer this method and business model.

You obviously can choose your own path, so I offered up a few ways to do that for you.

Wrapping it up

I hope this article helps you realize the potential that is available and how to make extra money from home online. You may very well try a few of these options above. Many online business owners have tried similar ways to make a living online and they stick with what works best for them.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me today. I am very passionate about helping provide information that is based on honesty and truly works. I won’t lead you to a scam. Nothing I promote or use is scammy.

If you like one of the ways I have shown you then do some research before you dive in, get an idea of how it will go and make a written plan and set some goals to shoot for. There are many great places that are legit online that can help you gain the skills to be a success at whatever you decide to do.

What options have you tried already? are you curious how it all works? feel free to comment below and share this article with your friends.

Take care


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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