How To Make Money With a Website-Key Steps To Success

How To Make Money From A Website

How To Make Money With a Website-Key Steps To Success

No More Long Work Commutes

Been searching for answers on how to make money with a website? I can help you out. First of all I will say this is no scam and I only provide information that will help people out. Yes I am a marketer and I am in this as a business but my first priority is to help “you”. Before we start let me tell you a bit about me so you understand my perspective a bit. I have been online since 2004 with a variety of online business options and have learned a great deal by taking a leap and going for it when most people would not. I have run multiple websites and have seen many good and also many not so good ways to make money online. I will share what I know with you as best I can and you can decide for yourself if this is what you are looking for.

How To Make Money From A Website

Know Your Market

Before any success happens you need to take a few steps and the first one is this, finding a market or what we in the affiliate marketing world call a “niche”. That is a group of people looking for something you have to offer them. You do that by searching for keywords or phrase in a keyword tool normally. There are many good ones out there online to choose from but many give data that is irrelevant to what you need to know. You need a few numbers to make it work. You need to know how many searches people have looked for recently for your target keyword, how much competition there is for the keyword you are using and also what is the likely hood of ranking well for that keyword provided you have good content in your post or page. You do not need to know about Pay per click costs at this point as that will only lead you down a path of costs that explode f you do not have the traffic yet organically to convert. There is a time and a place for PPC but not when you are just starting out. The tool Of choice I use is Jaaxy since it gives the relevant information needed and it is very accurate, as well as providing other options for you in case you get stuck, see my review on Jaaxy here In that review there is a walk thru video of Jaaxy and how to search for a niche market.

Content Is KeyHow To Make Money From A Website

In order to make money with a website you will need traffic and to get traffic you need rankings by creating good quality content that is relevant to your niche. It s not the only factor to create rankings but it will go along way in regard to conversions of sales on your website. You will need to keep creating relevant information in the form of posts and or pages that provides information to help people find what they are looking for. You can do the same thing with a blog as you can with a website in regard to content, it is the core of your business so quality is important.

Research Is Your Friend

To continue with quality content listed above you will need to make research your friend. Finding out as much information as possible related to your niche and what it is that may also be trending in regard to your niche. There are a few sites to search for information on as well as there are many great forums out there to get signed up with to get going on finding information. It is also important to not spread yourself to thin in regard to gathering information, what I mean by that is get a few “go to” spots you use for valid reliable information and use that to power your content. If you try to sign up for every forum and information site you will soon have information overload and that tends to get people frustrated and stuck.

Website Hosting Service

In order to have make any money from a website you will need a website. I know it is obvious but many people may not know how it works. To get online you need a hosting service, several places online offer hosting services, search around a bit until you find one you are comfortable with, Hostgator is good and so is Godaddy but my preferred choice is where I have all my websites hosted at today for free. Wealthy Affiliate, nothing tops the free hosting and free SSL and the outstanding customer support. Go ahead and search for places to host your site and you will end up coming back to wealthy affiliate since the others charge monthly fee’s for hosting as well as SSl security. So a free membership in wealthy affiliate gets you online at no cost, that’s a cool deal. I am not just mentioning wealthy affiliate here because I am a member but because what I am saying is true about costs and service available is far better here than anywhere else I have found.

Here is a video on how to create a website for free in minutes

Decide on your path

There are many directions you can go to monetize your website. I have explained a few options on directions to go on another post, I will summarize. Deciding on your path is determining what you will do with your site to make money. Retail? Drop Shipper? Affiliate Marketing? or is it a blog, These among other options can get you going but you need a direction and stick with it. Here is the link to my other post that explains these options in detail, it will open in a new tab “what is the best online business

Rinse Repeat

Once you have it down and you research your niche you write content for your site that ranks and gets you traffic which can ultimately convert to sales. Once you understand how it all works and how the research and the keywords go together to create great content, then you just keep doing it over and over, and you will get ranked and then the money starts to flow and you hopefully have a website producing revenue. To Keep it that way you need to keep doing all the above and interact with visitors thru comments and help solve problems or answer questions for them, to help them find whatever they are looking for

How To Make Money From A Website

Mail It Home

A Mailing list is a huge factor, so get it going as soon as you can by asking folks to join it. You have a unique opportunity to connect with readers in a way that can be rewarding for both you and them as you can try out new promotions or a new product line or whatever you like and have your loyal subscribers be first up when it comes out. It is said in the online industry that “the money is in the list” and that is true mainly since folks who join your mailing list asked to receive your information and are interested in what you have to offer, so you can really help them and also at the same time guide them to a decision or a direction on what to purchase

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I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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