How To Market Your Website -10 Methods That Work

How To Market Your Website

How To Market Your Website-10 Proven Methods That Will Get You Noticed


As a blogger or website owner, we are always on a quest to promote our work, our latest post, or whatever new information we have created and we want to share our brand. The process is ongoing and to get our site noticed and generating traffic we need to practice a few proven methods that will work to help get the word out. Learning how to market your website is crucial to your success as an online business owner.

For you to market your brand properly you will need to follow a few methods that work for the top websites online today and build a solid foundation going forward. I have a list of 10 steps that will greatly improve your marketing efforts if followed. They are not in any specific order.

How To Market Your Website

1. Quality Content

The backbone of any website is the content within, and it is important that the content provides value to your readers. Not just a bunch of keywords stuffed in an article in an effort to rank. (It happens) It is a myth that you need to be a great writer to produce quality content.
What is important is that you clearly define your message that you are sharing. Write like you are talking to a friend, which will make a better connection with your visitors and that will lead to authenticity and trust.

2. Social MediaSocial Media Marketing

The exposure possible with social media is massive. You can receive traffic for months with just 1 post and if you are lucky enough to have someone share your information then you are seen by their followers and so on. Another myth is that you need a large following on social media to be a success.

You can start new business accounts and start promoting your brand immediately, and you will grow your brand very quickly if you stay consistent with posting to your accounts and not spam your friends. In other words, do not run your business through your personal account, you will end up annoying your friends and family with all your promotions that they are not interested in.

There are some really nice tools available that will help you grow followers and share your message. They can automate your postings on all your accounts and send them out on a schedule so you don’t have to.

I recommend Crowdfire for this honor, they have a great format that allows you to manage your followers and also share useful information from the network of sites they pull from and you also share your own work. They connect all your social media accounts into one easy to use package

3. SEO and Keyword Research

If you have been a website owner for more than 5 minutes you have heard of SEO and keywords. Search Engine Optimization ( in case you have been living under a rock) is one of the most important factors to getting ranked in searches and also to make readable content that people are looking for.

The skills to proper SEO techniques can be learned quickly if you have the right training and tools to do the job. To be a success online you will need to be a keyword hound and continue to post quality content related to your niche.

There are many good keyword tools available, but what I suggest you do is find one that has a column for competition and not just CPC or PPC stats. You need to know what you are up against when you find a gem of a keyword. Google Keyword Planner is good and fairly easy to use.

If you are looking for more advanced options than I suggest SEMrush, Jaaxy Or LongtailPro as good options for you to look into. They all have free trials and then eventually have a range of fee’s associated with them


One really good way to get exposure is through Forums. You can search online and find them all over. The key in the forums is not to market to folks but to help people, you will get much more response if you turn off the marketer hat and share what you know. Eventually, folks will trust you. You can drop a link in now and then when it fits the situation. The best answer may actually be a post you wrote about the same issue.

Try Quora and Medium to get started with and see what others post and how they answer questions

5. Your Own Products

It may sound a bit scary top produce your own products, but it is actually much easier than you may think. Once you have a market identified you can put together a guide book or a training manual and save it as PDF and send it out to your contacts. It is a bit more detailed than that but in reality it is not as scary as it sounds.

You can use your products as free giveaways to readers in exchange for joining a mailing list or when they make a purchase, or even just a follow on social media. People love FREE stuff and it will work to your advantage to offer up something as a giveaway.
Here is an example of a guide that I created for my own site. I am working on a few more but here is the “5 Steps To Affiliate Success” link. You just opt-in with an email and it gets sent to you and that’s it. No fee no cost.

You can do the same thing easily once you know your market.

6. Email Marketing

Connecting with your audience is what marketing is all about and email marketing is one of the best ways to do just that. Asking people to join a mailing list and they opt-in and allow you to send them material relevant to your niche. It is a ready-made market for individuals who want to receive your information. That is powerful

Sending out your latest product information or simply a post you just completed really keeps your subscribers engaged with your content. It will take quite a while to build up a substantial list but even 1 person subscribes, that is still a list and you follow the same process. Once your list grows you could make quite a bit of money with 1 email.

I use Aweber for my mailing list needs, but there are many great email automation companies out there. Get Response, Constant Contact, Traffic all are great. They come down to personal preference and cost. Research them and before going with a totally free option, know that you do not want to have to switch to a new email service later on.

All your subscribers would have to opt back in when you switch. You may lose many subscribers that way. So you may have to pay a bit at first then once your traffic comes up your operating costs will cover the fee

7. Be Mobile- Responsive Themes

Mobile Optimized

The trend online is mobile, Google is rewarding sites that are more mobile friendly with higher ranks.

Why? it is where the market is with all the smartphones and tablets now out on the net, people can connect from anywhere and still find what they need. So having a mobile-friendly site is a big deal.

WordPress has many Responsive website templates- Responsive meaning they are mobile optimized. I recently wrote a post about just that exact topic.

You can find what I think are the 5 best responsive WordPress website templates by reading the article or just go to WordPress and search for templates that are mobile optimized

8. PPC

Pay per click or PPC is a good way to get on page 1 for a high traffic keyword. No need to worry about SEO if you are in a highly competitive keyword. You will just pay to be on page 1. However, it can get very pricey very quickly. Using PPC as your main source of traffic for a new website (less than 6 months old) will tend to cost you way more than you gain.

The Results can be very cost prohibitive but at the same time, you do get exposure by getting in with the big boys. Try to run limited PPC campaigns on a tight budget until you start converting sales more frequently, Then open it up a bit. This is a great tactic for 1-page websites or landing pages since you are not as concerned about ranking as much.

9. Guest Posting

Posting on someone else’s website can be a dual edge sword but can be rewarding if you get a high traffic website and you contribute value. Most website owners that allow guest posting have a set of criteria for you to meet before allowing a post they didn’t write on their site.

You will need to overperform with quality content and correct spellings. If you end up with a post of yours on their site they normally can let you add a link to your site in it and then you have a new source of traffic that is likely to be curious since they came from a well-known site when they saw your link. Potentially this can be huge.

A word of caution, do not plagiarize an article and research the website, if the site does not rank well, it may actually have a reverse effect on your rankings I have allowed guest posts on this site. Here is my criteria.

10. Repurpose Old Content

Update some of your older posts with more current information, or use the information from that article in a video or an ebook and get a new life for your message. You can end up taking a low ranking post and making a dent in page 1 if done properly


You can also market your site by word of mouth with friends and family. Make sure you use the information on your website to teach rather than sell. Helping someone find the answer they are looking for will pay off big time later as your traffic increases

Be consistent with posting on a schedule like 3-4 times a week and make sure you provide quality like we mentioned already. Check your stats in google analytics to see what is working and what may not be performing well. Lastly, make a solid business plan with clear attainable goals to reach along the way.

The methods listed above can be done for Free, the rest are very affordable and should be a consistent part of your marketing efforts going forward.

How have you marketed your website? You may have other methods you can share that will benefit folks reading this, Please comment below and let me know.

Thank you for your time



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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10 Responses

  1. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Todd, I really enjoyed your thorough post. I am using all these methods to market my website except for PPC (for some reason nervous to try it) and repurposing old content. Really should work on those two this year. A few other methods I use are Stumbleupon and Flipboard. I also get a lot of traffic from the wonderfully supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate. Another method I’ve used quite effectively is featuring people (some have higher authority sites than mine) and then offering them a badge for their site, saying “I was featured on…”. I’ve also found round-up posts of other top bloggers to be very effective at exposing my site to new audiences. Guest posts can sometimes bring me referral traffic, but I’ve accepted more posts than I’ve offered. Perhaps something I should work on this year too.

    • Todd says:


      It looks like you have a good handle on your website marketing. I will also check out Stumbleupon and Flipboard. I use Medium and Quora as well, they are good sources of traffic. Yes having other authority sites tagged to you is fabulous as well as guest posts, I have a couple guest posts on this site already. You obviously have a good understanding of how to market your brand. I Appreciate you sharing your insights so others can learn from it.

      Thanks For The Comment

      Take Care


  2. Emonne says:

    Wow, Great Post! I really like how you take the readers through all of the essentials of marketing a website. I also like how you explain what each of these methods are. Those who are looking to improve their marketing skills, will find this to be very helpful. Really nice work.

    Thank you for this!

    • Todd says:


      Thanks, Glad you liked it. I wrote this with the intent to help people understand what it takes to market their business. Marketing a website can be a bit intimidating for someone. My hope is that this information makes it easier and helps set up a core group of methods people to use. 

      Thanks For The Comment

      Take Care


  3. andrejs says:

    Hi Todd and thanks for the great list. I started somewhere in 2009 and still learning and is making tons of mistakes. If about the list then the N6 about email marketing has always been a problem for me. I tried about three times but unsuccessful for my Amazon promotion site. The last in your list about repurposing Old Content is the very good point. Does it realy worth to spend the time? I have many of such posts.

    • Todd says:


      We are all constantly learning everyday in this business, I make mistakes as well. If you keep on plugging away you can see the difference when stuff comes together. Yes email marketing can be  a tricky one, but as with anything you do, consistency is key. Send out your latest tips or your new post. You do not have to be elaborate, just be consistent and real without emailing to much. Yes repurposing old content helps. I have updated several of my older posts and they are performing much better than when I first wrote them when my site was new. Spend some time and look at some you think need an upgrade and go for it. Then re submit to google and bing the link and I bet they perform better

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

      Take Care


  4. jessie palaypay says:

    Do you have a place where you can see which sites do guest postings? I would love to start guest posting to get extra help with linking. Also, does the guest post have to be on a similar niche as my website, or can it be a different niche site?

    • Todd says:


      Many sites that accept guest posts may not openly say so, you will have to contact them and ask and propose a post topic, that is related to their niche. The guest post needs to be inline topic wise with the site you are posting on, If someone has a site about RC cars, and You offer a post about Gardening, it wont work. Best bet is to search the top ranked sites within your niche market and offer them a topic they may not already have on their site and see what they say. I allow guest posts and have already done so, here is my criteria page…. Be careful when searching for guest posting just for link building, it can backfire hard. You may find a site that will allow your post but find out later that the site is a fraud or poorly ranked, which will have an adverse effect on you and your information. So you need to research them a bit before hand. Let me know if you find a site you want to post on, I will help validate it for you.Hope this helps

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Paul Huggins says:

    Hi Skydancer great site. It looks clean and professional. So much good information all over the place.
    I like your list of ten things to do. I’m struggling with the social media part. I have not given any thought to using forums. Thanks for adding that.
    I belong to many I should have realized it might be a good tool.
    I place a high value on your post about email marketing for the same reason as social media. I have no clue what to do with email. So thank you.
    Very good tip about old content. Thanks I will use that. I will be sure and mention your site to anyone going into online work. I will be back to read more of your work myself. I plan on reading the 5 step guide right now.

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the nice words about our site and the layout. I opted for the keep it simple approach so people can find what they need with out a bunch of navigation hurdles. Yes social media can be a huge benefit if done correctly, just start from where you are at and you will be fine. build your followers list and exposure, offer interesting content and all is well in that regard. Glad you are interested in the 5 Steps Guide, It is Free so why not. I appreciate it.

      Thanks for your comment,

      Take Care


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