How To Search For Keywords With Jaaxy And Alphabet Soup

Search For Keywords With Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

How To Search For Keywords With Jaaxy And Alphabet Soup


Finding keywords for our blogs and websites is something that can keep you up at night At the same time it can be fairly easy depending on the tool you use and what information you are in search of. Using the Jaaxy keyword tool has a feature I will be showing you. Alphabet Soup. No, it is not soup but a great way to find long tail keywords for your blog or website.

Before I show you how this all works let me first explain a bit about Jaaxy and why it is one of the most advanced keyword tools available online today. So you have a good frame of reference on the topic

Jaaxy was developed by Wealthy Affiliate, a company dedicated to teaching people how to start and thrive with an online business specializing in AffIliate marketing. They created Jaaxy to help take the guesswork out of many of the time-consuming tasks used by marketers to create website content.

They designed it to provide many features besides just searching for keywords. For example here are a few of the main features Jaaxy Provides

Main Features

  • Search for keywords
  • Save keyword lists
  • Alphabet soup- which we will cover today
  • Brainstorm function to stay with trending topics
  • Find Affiliate programs like Clickbank, Linkshare, Commision Junction and Digital River.
  • Search Analysis- See what your competitors are doing and associated stats.
  • Site Rank- Checks your SERP rankings for Google, Bing And Yahoo with one click., then you can auto track them with a chart or recheck the ranks anytime.
  • Jaaxy Affiliate Program- Yes you can make money with Jaaxy
  • Domain Availability,.org, net etc for every keyword result
  • Training videos

Since I digressed a bit into The features Jaaxy offers, how about we get to the Alphabet soup information?

So What Is The Alphabet Soup Function?

Good question. The simple answer is, the ability to add a letter from the alphabet prior to or after your primary keyword or phrase and it displays many options for possible keywords to target. Changing the letter changes the search.

I also have an article about how to do this type of search using Google and Cross-referencing using Jaaxy. Here is the link if you are interested.- Finding Keywords Using Google

Let me show you how this works in Jaaxy

There are 2 Options to access the Alphabet Soup function.

Option 1 is for existing members of Wealthy Affiliate, they can just use the Jaaxy tab and select one of the options or do a search on the spot. Jaaxy was just integrated into the platform at the end of 2017.

Members get a reduced cost for a Jaaxy membership if they choose the Pro or Enterprise versions or they can get Jaaxy Lite for free as a premium member. Below is the Shot of the Jaaxy options within the Wealthy Affiliate Portal


Option 2 is for Non-members who simply want to use the tool without having to join Wealthy Affiliate. Inside Jaaxy once logged in see screenshot below and access the “Alphabet Soup” tab


Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Tab



Follow with me and I will show you how to make keyword research a bit less scary and more effective at the same time.

You can do your own FREE Jaaxy Search Right Here and follow along with me. You get 30 free searches and access to most of the features in Jaaxy for FREE- Enter your keyword in the box below and follow along with me



Once you open the tab you simply enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar and select “Find Keywords” In my example, I used the phrase “Keyword Search” .
Jaaxy Keyword Search

Note In the Image above– The little blue dot, that is a letter indicator. You simply slide it to get to the next letter and the words below which are currently using the “A” as the alpha letter, they will change to correspond with the letter you choose. You can also scroll down the page and the letters will change along with the keywords to match.

In the example below I slid the letter indicator to “M” and received many more options for keywords below that have an “M” word as part of the keyword.
Jaaxy Alphabet Soup
Now let’s look at this in a little more detail. Once you find a keyword you like by using the letter slider in the case below I used “T”, you can then search Jaaxy for the specific results for that keyword and related keywords just by selecting “search on this” on the right side of the display.

What happens next is Jaxxy will enter search mode and do a keyword search just as if you manually entered it in the “search” option instead of Alphabet Soup. The results will display the data you need to decide if you have a good keyword for an article.


Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Search
Below are the results displayed of the Jaaxy search from above. The option you selected in the “search on this” button is listed at the top of the results since it is the most relevant to your query. So what exactly do the numbers mean? well I will explain below


Jaaxy Search

New Rules

In the above image, I have put a red box around the main options of the data you need to look at for this search. The rule I follow for ranking well in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) is the +100 -100 rule. Which uses the data from the AVG column and QSR column as shown above.

The +100-100 Rule is this. The AVG column is the average number of searches this keyword receives per month. And the QSR is the “Quoted Search Results” or in other words, Your competition. The number of websites trying to rank for the same keyword. Make sense?

We at Wealthy Affiliate call the +100 – 100 rule the low hanging fruit for keywords, meaning you find a keyword that has some traffic, in this case over 100 AVG and You look for QSR or your competition to be under 100. This is a method used to rank well in Searches because you have a greater chance to rank on page 1 because of less competition and you can benefit from the traffic to your site that way.


In the results above, you have an AVG of 455 and a QSR of 55. That is perfect for following our +100 -100 rule. As a bonus, you get a 95% chance to rank on page 1 if you use this keyword as indicated in the SEO column. Real quick let me cover the remaining columns and what they mean then I will further explain how this data helps you

The Traffic column is an educated guess by Jaaxy indicating the amount of traffic you can expect per month if you achieve page 1 rankings. It is not an exact science since you may be in slot 10 on page 1 which gets less traffic than slot 1 for example. It is a great indicator for you of what is potential for your keyword.

In the Example above the Traffic column only has 78. So you may think that is not much traffic to depend on right? sure you are right but here is the deal. Google will rank you better with the lower hanging keywords and as a result, you will end up ranking better overall as a site once your website is mature and established as an authority.

The other reason this helps is that you will be creating many articles with unrelated keywords, and the aggregate of all the traffic adds up fast. You also end up with more user and reader interaction with your articles as a result of ranking better. Which is a huge plus in the eyes of Google.

The Big “G” likes the interaction with your content. Comments create additional content to your site and show that you have provided value and as a result, you will get rewarded.

The SEO column is a 1-100 scale of a reasonable chance to rank page 1 based on several behind the scenes factors Jaaxy uses. I can say by experience, this is pretty accurate.

Once you have been established and are seeing good results in ranking you can change the numbers and take on more competition.

          Here is a Video showing the entire process from above

                  If you enjoy the video please Like Share and or Subscribe. Thanks

How This Helps You

So the results used in the example have indicated that we have a good chance to rank well and get some decent traffic with this “SEO Keyword Search Tool”, so you could use this and format an article about this topic and provide good value to your readers and probably by rank well.

An additional bonus of how this helps, is by finding other results in the same search when they are displayed, in the figure above the last results displayed in the image are “free keyword search tool” that sounds like a great keyword to me, and the stats are even better than the one we selected to search on, there is more competition so you have to take that into consideration but my point is that you could use this word and also do well.

So we have shown you 2 keyword examples just from a simple Alphabet Soup Demo. There are many more options available in the Alphabet soup results, but we selected ours to use for this example. So as you can see, you could find hundreds of choices to pick from and in a few minutes you can jot down many post ideas.

Change up the keyword phrase to something totally different and start again as long as it relates to your niche. This is an incredibly valuable tool when used properly.


I have walked through just one of the many awesome features within Jaaxy. I hope you see the value in what this tool can do. You may not really see the value until you try it out. Seriously the Free option is just that, Free and you do not need a credit card or anything personal to give it a shot. If you are more curious about other features, and what the costs are for jaaxy- see my Jaaxy Review

There are many keyword tools available today and some are totally free to use. So it is your call on how you use this data. I am just providing you with the information and letting you decide how this helps you. You can try Google keyword planner for Free. You will see different columns for the results displayed.

If you have found another tool that provides you similar results please share it in the comments below, or comment if you have any questions or just want to share your experiences. I like meeting new people and hearing other opinions.

Take Care and Have a Great Day


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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26 Responses

  1. Great tutorial, Todd. I’m thinking of testing out Jaxxy later this week, is it comparable to semrush? That’s the only platform I’ve used so far for finding key words.

    • Todd says:


      Both SEM Rush and Jaaxy are great, However, I find them to be very different. SEM Rush has great features that help with other parts of your website like SEO I find Jaaxy to be more useful for daily research. While Jaaxy has more of a focus on what you need to know for keywords and how you will rank. The QSR field is nice because instead of a guess, it gives you specifics on how much competition there is for your keyword. The alphabet soup tab is fantastic and really opens up potential content possibilities. I also find Jaaxy to be very accurate with the data provided.

      Thanks for the comment. Try Jaaxy and let me know how it goes for you.

      Take care

  2. Denham says:

    Hi Todd,
    Thank you for such a comprehensive review of Jaaxy. This is like a refresher for me. It lets me know I have not been using the alphabet soup technique to it’s fullest potential. I think I need to go back and review some of my articles and maybe make some keyword changes that would give my posts better placement.

    Wealthy Affiliate is just the greatest when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s been taking me a little longer that some but I’m finding all the help I need to keep going. Thank you again.

    • Todd says:


      Updating old posts can help with rankings for sure, and Jaaxy can help with that like you already know. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate being the Affiliate Marketing source for training. No worries on taking longer, this business takes a while and that time frame is different for everybody.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. justin says:

    Hey i really enjoyed your article, it was very informative about JAAXY.  I do love using this feature within Wealthy Affiliate, i only use jaaxy when i do my keyword research.  I even like to check my article ranks on there which is pretty cool.  I have not made any money from jaaxy itsself yet but i have had referrals to it.  I will continue using kaaxy for all my keyword needs!

    • Todd says:


      Good to hear you are using and liking Jaaxy. It really is a fantastic tool. Most may not realize it until they use it for a while and see the consistent accurate data provided. No worries on not making money yet with Jaaxy , that will come as your business grows. Nice to know you will keep using Jaaxy

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. flowstash says:

    Thank you very much for posting this great review on how to search for keywords with jaxxy and alphabet soup. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can vouch for both WA and the jaxxy tool. I use jaxxy almost everyday. The keyword search jaxxy tool is worth more then gold because it lets you see the overall search traffic of your potential clients that will eventually visit your website.

    The cool thing is, if you keyword search a phrase and there is minimal hits…you just saved a whole mess of time that could of been wasted by just avoiding using those keywords on your site. On the flip side if you keyword search a good phrase that has hundreds of hits and hardly no competition then pretty much you struck oil! Black Gold! Texas T!

    I don’t see how people could function without it. It gives you such an edge.

    • Todd says:


      I agree with you Jaaxy gives you an edge. It was designed for Affiliate Marketers By Affiliate Marketers, so it is designed to provide the accurate and correct data you need in order to rank organically. You will notice that there are no PPC stats in Jaaxy thats because unlike most tools Jaaxy gives you data that allows you to rank organically.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Grant says:

    Thanks, Todd, for your informative post.  I use Jaaxy myself, the Lite version since I too am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I have to admit that I haven’t used the alphabet soup feature nearly enough.  That’s strange, I know, since keywords are so important to SEO.  You’ve inspired me to get busy and use the feature.

    I have a question that you may be able to answer for me.  Like I said, I’m using Jaaxy Lite, simply because it’s free with the WA membership.  I have this idea that I want my business to pay for itself so I try to use the free versions of things and plan to upgrade when I make money.  Do you think that’s a good idea, as far as Jaaxy is concerned?  Is Enterprise or Pro so much better than Lite that I should upgrade?  I wonder if I am holding myself back.

    Again, your post hit home with me.   Have a great day.


    • Todd says:


      You are on the right track with Jaaxy. Using the lite version until you can pay for your tools and membership via your business. Jaaxy lite is a full functioning version so you are fine. The differences are in speed, how many search tabs you can have, and all the columns appear automatically in Pro and Enterprise. And you get a bunch more Rank Checks per month. For now, Yes stay with Jaaxy Lite, it will do just fine.

      Good plan on trying other tools, I do the same thing. Try them out and use some keyword data and see if they perform as expected, you may find a good secondary tool to use when you are ready to dump some money into other options.

      I do not think you are holding yourself back by using Jaaxy Lite. It works fine.

      Keep rolling and let me know if you find any other good tools you are having success with.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  6. Jag says:

    I like the alphabet soup idea, it seems to catch a lot of keywords. Once you have your words, I guess that is when you want to plug them into Jaaxy to see what they are ranking at as well how much demand they are in.

    I’m very interested in getting jaaxy, but my question is how are they different from google keywords?

    • Todd says:


      Alphabet soup is fabulous since it provides so many options for keywords just by selecting a letter at the top and entering your root keyword. The difference is Jaaxy pulls from not just Google but others as well and the data provided includes the stats like competition or Ranking potential. That is just for keywords.

      There is so much more to Jaaxy than just keywords. You can check ranks for your posts on 3 search engines at once with one click. You can make money as an affiliate. You can find other affiliate programs based on your niche and brainstorm additional ideas.

      This is truly an all in one tool

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. Telma says:

    I have been used Jaaxy and I love the help I get from it. With Jaaxy every key word becomes easy to find and choose what we want.

    I took a word that I found in Jaaxy, went to Google and compared the numbers and they became the same number, so This was how I see how accurate Jaaxy is.

    For all of the newbies make sure you use this tool that can make your life much easy.​


    • Todd says:


      You see the value in Jaaxy and that is great. The tool is truly a one stop shop for all things Keyword and SEO related. Using the Alphabet Soup method you can find many more niche related keywords

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  8. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    This looks like a very good keyword tool, thanks for sharing this with us, it could be a benefit for my site.

    What do I say, could be? I’m very sure it will be, since it is necessary to have this to see the competition, and how hard it is to rank for a keyword.

    I only have one question, Jaaxy never let you down, in which I mean, you are veery satisfied by it, and don’t want to use another one?

    • Todd says:


      Good question about Jaaxy. I would have to say honestly that like any other tool it has it’s flaws, but overall the data provided and the accuracy I have experienced by using it is very good for the majority of the keywords and competition information. The rank checker Rocks!.  Alphabet soup function is a great perk and many other pieces to use make Jaaxy an all in one SEO Keyword tool.   

      It is the only one I use right now, I have tried others but keep coming back to Jaaxy

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  9. Karen Noone says:

    This sounds like a great tool to help me with Keyword research. If I’m honest I have tried all sorts of things but never seem to really get great keywords.
    I like the idea of the alphabet soup technique, it will really help me come up with ideas for my posts too.
    How long do you get for the free trial?

    • Todd says:


      No worries on the keywords, keep using jaaxy and the alphabet soup method and folllow the +100-100 rule like Jay has taught us and you will be fine. The free trial gives you 30 keyword searches and with many of the advanced features available until the 30 searches is up then upgrade is required to continue. Thats why having both Jaaxy Lite and Wealthy Affiliate Premium for one cost is huge..Jaaxy lite is a step up from Free since you get unlimited searches and more features. Glad this helped you out. Let me know if you need anymore information

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  10. Marley Dawkins says:

    This is cool, really helpful for me to get to grips with Jaxxy as I haven’t been as comfortable with it as I have with other keyword search tools, especially since the old search tool in Wealthy Affiliate got switched to Jaaxy.

    I really love how you break down step by step how to get the most from these keyword search tools, I love the alphabet soup concept and its always worked well for me I feel, so thanks for sharing this Todd, your helping me take my keyword knowledge to another level!

    • Todd says:


      Glad I could help you improve your keyword searches. I find new things Jaaxy can do all the time. It took me a bit to get used to it as well, but wow what a difference it makes when I get competition stats rather than just PPC bit amounts, I can out perfrom PPC and do it for way cheaper.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment

      Take Care


  11. Ravinder says:

    Nice tip todd! I hope I will work also. Did you post any tips for seo and please share link


    • Todd says:


      I have a page about SEO Tips that I share with my referrals to Wealthy Affiliate-I will be creating a post eventually on SEO tips, But right now I just have the page That I give to members. I do have a post about internal Links which are one of the SEO ranking factors You can find that Here
      Thanks For the Comment

      Take Care


  12. Awesome. These are great tips Todd! This is also what I do for every of my post. But after these steps, I’ll go and do some SERP analysis to see if the competition on Page 1 is intense or not. Some may not have much competition for the keyword but all the pages on page 1 have very high authority which is not good for us also.

    • Todd says:


      Very true on checking the SERPS and seeing what the competition is doing. We can also learn from them as well. They have a formula for success so seeing how they use the keywords may lead to a boost for us in the future as our sites gain authority.The Method of using Jaaxy really works as you already know. Thanks for adding your insight on checking the Serps. I am sure readers here can learn from that.

      Thanks for the Comment

      Take Care


  13. Great post and very detailed. What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are presented with tools and methods to rank for the best keywords ever. The alphabet technique is a great way to search for these terms and jaaxy puts the icing on the cake by giving further insight into these keywords. With these methods, you are on your way to getting your post index as SEO.

    • Todd says:


      Yes Wealthy Affiliate has nailed it with all the training offered as well as awesome tools like Jaaxy. I have been using this Jaaxy technique for a while now and it really works well to bang out several article topics and rank them well. The tool is incredibly accurate with the data provided so it makes keyword searches much more efficient

      thanks for your comment

      Take Care


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