How To Start In An Online Business For Free In 2018

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Stop Working for The Man and Work For Yourself


Think of the time you wanted to start your own business, You had many questions I am sure. The main question, How to start an online business from home for free. Just like our title says, this is a question many folks ask as it seems hard at times to figure out how to do something that makes money without costing you too much to get started.

Obviously, there are many options to choose from when starting an online business, but most importantly do something that you are passionate about. That will lead you to more success than something you are just doing to make money at. I myself have tried a few online options before I settled on the one I am using now. I will try and provide you with a few options to look at and you can decide for yourself if it is what you want.

It Starts With A Passion

To know what you want to do, think of something you really care about and maybe know about. Would you like to share that knowledge with the world? and at the same time profit and develop a successful business from it? of course, you would. To make the online business work, you need to want it bad and need to know there will be a few bumps along the way. Stick with it and it will pay off.



Research Your Options

Alright so you have an idea and now you need to know how to get it all going, well research is the key. This business is heavy in research. You always want to know what your customers are looking for and how to help them. So finding a place to get the information you need is a big deal. Use the computer and research your passion, find out who is doing the same thing you are about to do. What they are selling and how is it presented. You can learn from others who have already been successful.

Some options for generating revenue online

  1. Retail Website– This is a business where you will need inventory and shipping/return capabilities-
  2. Drop Shipping– You Use someone else that has inventory ( known supplier), you sell it on your website, the buyer pays you, you then purchase the item from that supplier, they ship to the customer with your label on it” from you”.  Returns are handled by you. Requires website
  3. Auction Website– you need inventory (normally) or a digital item and you sell as auction Item-several sites do this- I have a review that covers this see- eBay Review Here
  4. Affiliate Marketer– You need a website and an account with an affiliate program- No Shipping/Returns needed, No Inventory Needed.- See Review Here  – Good for starting out, Gold Standard In the Industry
  5. CryptoCurrency– The Financial system of the future is here now. You can learn how it all works and still make a nice income from it. More of an investment Idea but it still can be lucrative- See My Post on How To Buy CryptoCurrency Here

There are several I left out because many require a specific skill like web design or resume writing. The ones listed above allow you to start an online business tailored to what you feel comfortable doing. These are very stable business options


Discover Your Niche

Following your passion can lead you to a niche that you can profit from. What is a niche you ask? Really nothing more than an audience. A group of individuals looking for specifically what you have to offer. I have an example of this on my getting started page

I’ll explain here as well. A niche is a specific market. I’ll use the example of my getting started page. Say you wanted to sell “books for kids” well that by itself is too broad of a niche, but if you did ” best storybooks for kids” that is more specific.  So your chance of being the authority in that niche and ranking well in searches would be much greater. So, in turn, your chance to make money is greater even if the traffic is less than “books for kids”. make sense?

Regardless of the option above you decide to do, you will be more successful if you use a niche to market your brand.

Decide On a Direction

So to help decide what you should do for online business lets figure out what you are ok with doing.

If you have a contact on a retail option as a supplier and you don’t mind doing quite a bit more work. Here is a link to a place to get information regarding suppliers and drop shipping in case that’s the route you feel you may want to go.  I have done drop shipping before and it can work as a business option- I will tell you though that it will require more work on your part than say an auction website or affiliate marketing.

A retail website can use the dropshipping method as can the auction site or you can have your own goods and services you will provide, both will be higher on the labor required to make it work.  Auctions like eBay are very lucrative, but starting out you will be in competition with the power sellers who get their goods way cheaper than you do and have a more established set up already and can sell items cheaper than you can because of the volume of sales.



I chose affiliate marketing because of the lack a requirement for inventory and shipping/returns. The principal is, you advertise a suppliers inventory on your website, the buyer uses your site to purchase the item or service and you get a commission for the sale from the supplier. A good example is Amazon, You can advertise Amazon products on your site and get commissions for all sales via your site. You need not deal with all the other stuff the above options require, other than a website. If this sounds like something you are interested in learning I have an option for you. SEE IT HERE


 Figure a Budget

Many people just getting started tend to forget to determine what they can afford when starting out. Most are looking for everything free and want to put in very little effort and retire to a tropical island and surf all day.  Then when they discover the system they chose isn’t working they say ” it’s a scam” or it doesn’t work. Time for a bit of a reality check. What did you expect?

Seriously though, figure a budget that you can afford to start out. There will be costs along the way that pop up for items that can help you succeed, so be prepared for that. An example? Web hosting service for your website, most charge a yearly fee, it’s low but still a fee. Sometimes suppliers require a fee to sell their goods or be a member.

I know I was using a bulk warehousing supplier that required a fee of $99 a year to be a member when I did drop shipping, and you could search for whatever commodity you wanted to sell and they point you in the direction of that supplier, who may or may not also charge a fee. See how this can get confusing? The idea is, once you start making money with your business, the fee’s just become part of the business and it’s no big deal. That’s great if you’re making money but until then it can get costly.

That’s why I chose affiliate marketing, you don’t deal with many of the fees like that. Sure there may be a web hosting fee- Not with the option I showed you earlier they do it for free. Still, there will be costs along the way but I have found this to be a much less expensive business option than any of the others.

Training Availability

If you are just getting started you will need some help. So finding training to do what you want to do is very important. Many programs offer good options but there are also many others who only want your money. I have a few reviews on some options for you to look at that are viable with more to come. I also recommend you do some research as well.

Once you figure out what option you would like to pursue then dig in and find out everything you can about training. Be wary of programs that ask you to pay a fee up front with very little to no information provided about what they offer, and also promise to make you rich. SCAM, avoid it. If a program is legit, they will stand by what they offer and share information “before” you purchase anything.

I see it all the time, offers that say something like ” See our proven Way to make you $10,oo0 a week in 30 days” or something along those lines. then when you click on the add they ask you for $99 to sign up, still without giving you squat for information other than a bunch of testimonials who they probably paid for, that tell you how great it is.

Then if you pay them, they want you to pay again usually a much higher fee or a monthly fee, for ” the program” which they still don’t give you information about. Those programs will do one thing only. Make “Them” rich. that’s it. That process is known as an Up-sell, it is a proven marketing tactic that can be very lucrative and also be annoying at the same time, especially for those looking for what they are expecting to receive for their investment.

Commitment To Success

Before you make it in this business you need a commitment to yourself and your business. That you will put forth the effort required and the time it takes to make it succeed. If you are wanting everything for free and are not willing to work for it? then you will really struggle with this business.

Here is an example of a friend of mine. He is doing affiliate marketing and started about 18 months ago. He had no experience at all and knew nothing about websites and how to design them. Well he signed up for the same program I am on and it took him a few months of working at it every day before he started really seeing benefits.

Yes, he made some money before that but it was still small, he was ready to quit but stuck it out. Now his business is growing very fast and he has hit the mother load financially. We in the business call it the “waterfall” effect. first, it’s a trickle then a running faucet, then it’s a waterfall and you’re doing the happy dance.

Before you run off scared saying omg it will take me months to make any money? relax cowboy, everyone is different and there are many factors that play into how soon it works for you. It also depends on the option you chose for success and your competition, how well you do research on keywords or SEO for your website. Most importantly it depends on “you”, If you have the desire to succeed and the willingness to work for it and understand that it is a “process” then you are in good shape.

Final Thoughts


I have laid out a few options for you in this post about how to start in an online business, do your research and make the call that works for you. I personally have done all the options listed above all have had various amounts of success, but I admittedly am a bit biased towards affiliate marketing at this point.

It is way easier to get started in, and have success “if you have the right training” and also I have found it is much cheaper at overall operating costs and also allowing for much more free time when it is up and running.

You would still need to work at it, but once established the amount of time handling day to day business duties is a bit less. You spend your time researching and learning and being with those close to you instead of shipping products or handling returns

Thank you for your time

If you would like to get started now and stop working for the man and work for yourself. Then why not get going today, especially if it is totally free to start an affiliate marketing business, yes put that credit card away. Free to start means free.


Thank you for your time.



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Great post with much helpful and easy to follow information. I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing. Great breakdown on working for yourself. All the best to you.

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      Thanks. I am glad you liked the post. I am trying to help folks get started in an online business, so I am putting information out the for folks to learn from, and hopefully use to maintain a thriving business. Take care and Thanks again for the comment

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