How to use WordPress To Create a Website 2020-Beginners Guide

How to use WordPress To Create a Website

How to use WordPress to create a website 2020- Step By Step

This article is one of a series of posts I will be doing about WordPress and the functions you can use within the WordPress platform to build a website and keep it updated. This is a step by step article about how to use WordPress to create a website in 2020. It is actually easier than you may think. It requires little to no prior experience to get a website online, which is much different from in the past, so having the ability to keep it simple is a nice benefit.

Creating access to the internet opens up many opportunities for online business owners or even just someone setting up a WordPress website as a hobby or to share experiences with friends. Websites can be used for many purposes as we have all seen in our online searches. There is quite a variety of formats and layouts for today’s modern websites. WordPress has created a platform to bring it all together to make the process of building a website simple and easy for all skill levels. I will also show you a place where you can Build a Free WordPress Website

What is WordPress

To understand what WordPress is you may need to add a bit of perspective. Websites used to be built in HTML code (Hyper text markup language) the code used to make websites display online. So unless you knew HTML or other web coding options like CSS or XML you had little to no chance to get online, unless you had someone build a site for you which costs money and limited the control you have as a website admin.

Well as the online world grew so did the need to have easy access to getting online with a website. WordPress is a platform that makes the coding a non factor for most users. Sure coding geeks can still work their magic in the platform but WordPress is set up to basically be a drag and drop technology for building websites.

This is mainly done with theme’s or pre designed formats that are coded in the background so all you need to do is pick the theme you like and add content. Sorta. It’s not exactly that easy but almost, and in this article I will layout how it works and show you the steps to create a website with WordPress and what you need to get a new website online.

How WordPress Helps You

Before we dive into the steps to make this happen, I need to explain how WordPress can help you succeed and make the job of creating and running a professional looking website as easy as can be. The main reason I like to share is that it takes the need for coding away, you can have no experience at all with web coding and still have a fantastic website that functions just fine and looks great. Fantastic for beginners

Why use WordPress to build a website? it is easy and fast as well as a great way to set up a professional looking site while still providing you as the owner to have full control of what is added to your site and how it is presented. WordPress is a content management system or also called CMS which has many features going for it all at once, they have simplified the process of getting online and creating good quality content which is the core function of your site.

Build Your Website Step By Step

To get started with your new website you will need a web host, a place that stores your website which allows it to show up online. There are a variety of hosting platforms and they vary in costs but they are essential to getting your site actually up and online.

1. Find a hosting platform– To get started with your new website you will need a web host, a place that stores your website which allows it to show up online. There are a variety of hosting platforms and they vary in costs but they are essential to getting your site actually up and online. Most charge a small monthly fee to host your site. I have an article about the 10 best web hosting platforms, we recommend either Siteground or Wealthy affiliate as your potential hosting option.

The article should explain more detail as to why. There are other choices to use for hosting as there are many great companies that will serve your needs just fine. The main reason for our recommendations are the reliability and what you get for the cost compared to others, I have many contacts within the industry and the vast majority agree with these choices. It is also what I use for my websites


Web Hosting


To better understand web hosting, think of a web host as the home of your website where your site lives, it is really a collection of files stored and accessed by a server maintained by the company you choose as a host. For the sake of example, web host = home.

As mentioned above when you choose a web host you will need to sign up for a small fee depending on the provider but normally around $3 to $5 a month for WordPress hosting which is not bad. With that you get whatever features they include like a back office dashboard(which we will cover) likely an email account you can set up for your site and several other great features for you to use as the admin for your website. Be sure to shop around and see what works best for you.

Just as an example here is what Siteground offers for WordPress hosting

Siteground WordPress hosting plans


2. Come up with a domain name for your website-A domain name is what your website is called, the link used to access it online, commonly referred to as a URL, It is basically the address for your website if the web host is the house, then the domain is the address. It is what is entered into google search to find a website.

Domains have endings,.net among many others but I recommend as it is the most popular and easiest to remember and market as well. Look at the address bar of your browser, the text in the field is a URL which contains the domain of this website Domain = Address

If you have decided on a market or what is called a niche you want to focus on then spend a few minutes and come up with a few choices for a domain. Your web host usually has the ability to sell you a domain, since they will be hosting your site is much easier to have them provide your desired domain.

Sure you can get a domain name from many providers’ but as a beginner it is best to try to get your domain from your host, the other route involves transferring files and permissions and so on and unless you are familiar with that process it can be a bit confusing.

For example- The place I use as a web host Wealthy Affiliate provides me a website management utility as shown below. To request a Domain name I would simply select the site domains button below. I can also get a Free website with free hosting but I have chosen to use the paid option as it provides me so much more.

Wealthy affiliate menu optionsOnce I select Site domains I get to enter a desired name into the search tool and it goes out and finds out if that domain is available for me to use, if so I can purchase it and then I become the owner of that domain name. In the example below I used the name “yourwebsite” and the display shows what would be available for that name.

As you can see the “.com” is not available and owned by someone else which is fine, if you still want that name you can use one of the others on here or choose a different variation of the name and search again until you find one you like that fits with your desired market you intend to get into. This article does not currently cover how to find a niche market. That will be covered in a future post or added to this one as an update.

wealthy affiliate domain search


Once you have settled on the one you want, select add to cart and then follow the steps to purchase that domain name, they are usually around $13 to $15 a year to own, which is nice. The web host you select may have a slightly different look or process but the steps are the same. Just follow the steps to get your own domain and you are ready to get your website started.

3. Setup account at WordPress -you can set up a free account and download theme’s for your website. This is not a mandatory step but it is a good idea to get set up with WordPress As you progress you will see why using what they can provide will help you out. Here is how you install WordPress on Siteground if you decide to go that route for hosting

In my example above I used a different host so the one you choose will most likely have a different process. Follow whatever they have that allows you to set up WordPress on your hosting account and activate your domain.

Using my choice above I am able to do all these steps in one interface. Hosting, websites, domains, Theme’s and a keyword research tool and site security are all available in one place among many other helpful features, which is one reason why I like it so much. Some web hosts already have WordPress pre installed so all you do is activate it and then go get a theme from your editor dashboard once you login

4. Select a theme for your WordPress website– Some platforms offer themes and hosting- Or you can go to WordPress directly and setup a free account and download a theme file format. There are multiple ways to upload it to your host.

Adding Themes from your dashboard looks like the image below. You can select one from the list, scroll through thousands of them or if you know one you want to try, then entire it by name into the search themes text box and hit enter.

A Solid theme for you to possibly consider is named GeneratePress, it is very fast and not bloated with additional code behind the scenes like many are. You also have many more customizable options and over all control of how your site is displayed. GeneratePress is one of the fastest loading themes for mobile as well. Loading speed is a major factor in ranking your website as Google is looking for you to provide a good user experience


Wordpress add new theme


The video below shows the step by step process of setting up a website in less than a minute. Many hosting sites take up to 24 hrs to get you online, I know Siteground and Wealthy Affiliate are almost instantly online once you select build your site. The video below shows how I use the Siterubix platform to get a free WordPress website online in just a few minutes.



5. Use WordPress dashboard to build out your site– You can select a theme from your dashboard in the appearance tab. The dashboard or editor is your place to control what your website does.

You are the admin and this is your editor, you use this to add content in the form of posts or pages, add free plugins to enhance your site with additional featured and perform all the things that need to get done from your end as an admin. I will have more posts on adding posts and pages and plugins soon.


WordPress Dashboard


6 Add content and connect with your audience- Once you have set up everything to your liking it is time to get rolling by adding good quality content to your site. This is how you will connect to your readers, it is a good idea to plan out your posts to be as helpful as possible to someone looking for that specific information. Content is King and it is what will get you ranked and noticed online.

The image below shows how your website would look once it is initially setup. There is no content currently for this example and the theme used is fairly basic but I used it as a way to demonstrate how using a pre coded theme can help.

Marketing website homepage

How to configure your WordPress website

The next steps are getting you setup correctly for SEO for search engines and also posting content and or adding widgets and menu’s to your site. My follow on posts will cover those steps. Follow the sequence of posts to get your site properly optimized and working efficiently online.

Learning your way around the WordPress dashboard is a good idea, selecting items from the left side menu opens up that ability to perform that function. For example if I want to create or update a post on my website I would select the posts link at the left.

Once you learn your way around you should be updating your site and adding new features and content regularly. To stay current with updates you will select the updates bubble at the top left. In this example I have 6 updates that are available for some behind the scenes features like theme’s and or plugins.

In the diagram on the left it looks like 1 plugin and probably some older theme’s I have downloaded to try out need updating. This is a training website so I do not have it optimized as properly as it should be and I did that on purpose so I can show follow on training on how to keep your site up to date

Simply selecting updates takes you to the screen where you select the ones you want to update and it just takes a few seconds and you are now current with your website as far as keeping up with new features and also keeping the ones you have running smoothly. You should update all recommended updates as they become available.

It is always a good idea to perform updates regularly since older versions of site features leave it vulnerable to hackers and also can cause compatibility issues with other functions on your site.


Wrapping Up

Now that you have seen how to create a website with WordPress you can go about the process of finding a web host and a domain name. Then follow the steps to get your site up and rolling and then it is all about staying updated and adding quality content.

So there you have it, you have learned how to use WordPress to create a website in 2020. WordPress is always adding new features and plugins to the list as well as offering tutorials and information. You can find many great pieces to add to your site. I will be adding additional articles to continue this path of how WordPress works which will show you how to add features to your site and make sure you are properly optimized to perform well in search engines.

Pending additional topics- include the following and many more not listed.

1. Creating content in WordPress posts and pages

2. Setting up menu’s on your website

3. Using widgets and sidebars

4. Optimize your website for SEO

5. Setting up your sitemap and adding your site to Google and Bing.

6. Finding and adding plugins to your WordPress site and how to update them

7. Navigating the WordPress Admin dashboard

8. Adding media and images to your website

Affiliate disclosure– My business model is affiliate marketing and I am an affiliate for several sites and services, some links on this article are affiliate links, which lead to the providers’ website. If you decide to purchase from one of them I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you, The commission comes from the retailer. It is what keeps this website and my business running to provide you with the information you seek. I only recommend products or services I believe in, that provide true value to you as a customer. I happily promote these services as I know they are legitimate and valuable choices to consider.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have found what you needed in today’s lesson.

Please comment below and share this article with others you feel could benefit from it. I am always happy to meet new people so I will respond to any and all comments.  What is your niche? maybe I can help come up with a domain name if you are stuck.

Take Care and have a great day


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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