How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket 2020

How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket 2018


How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket


Winning the lottery is a dream we all have as it would dramatically change the life of the person who wins a large jackpot, and the normal response I hear from folks is’ You can’t win the lottery without a ticket”, no kidding right? Well, I disagree. I will try to explain to you how you can, in essence, win the lottery without a ticket in 2020. But first, let us look at the possibility of winning the lottery the conventional way.

First, you need a ticket and hope that you can beat the 1 in 26 million chance ( or whatever it is in your area) and be the one that walks away smiling, having done no work except buying a ticket. We all love that option. Your local retailer can help with your ticket purchase. If you win, congratulations. If not then you try again next time

The Norm

OK so I am sure you may have figured out where this is going but I will explain anyway. LOL. The fact that you play the lottery like I do, means that you are willing to take a risk and spend money on something that may or may not work out even if the astronomical odds indicate that it will not, normally.

That is what makes it exciting but at the same time pretty much a waste of money. Depending on what you invest monthly on the tickets, has a direct effect on how willing you are to take a risk on winning the jackpot.

You pop by the local retailer and purchase your tickets each week or each day depending on how you play. Curious, how much money have you spent contributing to your state or countries general fund, trying to win the lottery.?

I am by no means implying you should not play, I play weekly as well. I am just saying that there is a way more affordable and lucrative option available to you that can amount to the same thing you are trying to do with the lottery

The New You

I have a new way for you to in essence win the lottery. Invest it in you. Yes yourself, by creating a very lucrative and potentially life-changing financial windfall by creating an online business. The chances for success are way more likely and there is really no limit to the potential financial rewards, so in essence, you could win the lottery. Let me show you how in a minute.

How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket 2018Can you picture yourself in a tropical location sitting on a beach with your favorite beverage in your hand and a laptop or book sitting on your lap? This is a legit possibility for the online business lifestyle.

For buying lottery tickets not so much, but you can keep trying and see if you can win enough of a jackpot to buy a sports team and retire. Good luck I honestly hope you win.



The Right Mindset

You are exactly the type of person that could do well with an online business. You have the ability to see value in something that could fail but could very well be very profitable and you also have the ability to take a bit of a risk. Why is this perfect? well because there is a certain mindset that can be successful online.

To have the ability to keep trying even when you don’t get it the first time, and also the value of what the end result trumps everything and keeps you motivated.

As a comparison, I just returned from a vacation over the holidays in Iceland. I was still able to run my business while on vacation ( yes I did take a vacation) because all I need is an internet connection.

My business allows me the freedom to work from anywhere. I will be doing it again soon in Hawaii. The whole sitting at the beach thing from above paragraph. Yes, you could be doing this as well.

I am not telling you this to brag or be arrogant, I’m explaining it because it is relevant to what you can accomplish online. My website went online 4/1/17 and I am already seeing success regularly.

The point is, you can make a good living online with the right training and tools that will help you really take a big step in your business.

The Difference Between The Lottery and a Website

The difference is that you do not have to work at all to win the lottery, Buy a ticket and another and another and wait, then repeat the process again next week. That’s the life. But what is the result? You spend money and normally get very little or nothing in return.

How about a real honest chance at something truly fantastic, the kicker is you will have to work for it, and you have to learn a new skill. However, you get to put your own stamp on what you create by creating your own brand of whatever you decide to go with business wise. You can control how well you do rather than leaving it up to chance.
Here is how– A website creation platform developed by Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not familiar with them please check out my Review Here and that may provide some clarity.

In a nutshell, you get all the training you can handle and more, along with 2 WordPress websites and hosting to make it happen along with the support of an awesome community and mentoring opportunities. Oh ya, and you get that for FREE as a free starter member.

Once you get the hang of it and feel like your business is in a good spot you can consider going premium membership and truly unlock all the potential that is available. But for now, try the starter and see what you think.

How it works Out so You Make Money

You get to build a business from scratch by learning how to use Proper SEO techniques and keyword searches that you used to create content on your site that lead to traffic and eventually revenue. How much? seriously the sky is the limit and it is different for everyone.

It is different for each person because of many factors. Think about it for a second, if you and I opened the same brick and mortar business next to each other and one is successful will the other one be as well? no guarantee. I may advertise differently or not work as hard or feature different products all which could change the success level.

So just because you start a business and do the same thing as someone else, do not expect the same results. Expect the results that You create. Affiliate marketing, for example, is the fastest growing online profession because it works, but not everyone succeeds, in fact, there is a very high failure rate that has to do with the many factors but mostly because people don’t want to work at it, or they give up too early

There are also many people that are very successful with an online business because they have a certain mindset that allows them to see the big picture of the path they are on and keep working towards the promised land. Just like you do, they have the ability to play the lottery that is an online business.

The video below will show you how easy it is to make a website with Siterubix

Getting Started With a Money Making Website

You can start as a free starter member and stay free as long as you like, to try out the services. There is no time limit on the free starter membership. Try the free website creator below. You will go through the same process I did in the video. See if your desired domain name is available in the text box below.


You learn to build a business, step by step and as you progress you learn and apply what you learn, then your business grows and you start to make money, how much? well, that is up to you but if you think about 3.5 Billion People online, you have a way to reach out and share your skills and the sky is the limit on income potential.

I am not going to quote a monthly amount you can make because it really is all about how much effort you put into it. “You get out of it what you put into it” Here is a post from Wealthy Affiliate Co-founder Kyle about a general average of what you can expect if you follow the program.  Read It Here they are just guidelines, not for sure expectations

He explains that everyone is different and their businesses are different so the exact numbers are just a way to show you how this works when you build this up over time. It takes a bit to get rolling but when it does, it is life changing. Hmm just like the Lottery.

Note: the premium membership is probably less than you spend monthly on the lottery and get nothing out of it. Premium is $49 a month and there are no more additional costs no hidden fees or up-sells. You get everything you need and way more.

I still suggest you start for Free and see how it goes first. There is no time limit on the free starter membership

Effort is Key To Making Money

The key is the effort and staying consistent and not giving up. We all want to do little to no effort and buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot. The same thing with an online business, everywhere online folks are trying to make money by doing very little and expecting great results. Sorry to say it but those folks, unfortunately, will fail.

Making money online is easy if you stick with a defined process and add consistent quality content to your website and put in the effort to make it all work. That is a proven method that works for most of the top website or blog owners today.

Final Thoughts

You are curious about how to win the lottery without a ticket and I have shown you one way to do that. Actually, I have shown you several since you can use your website to open whatever type of online business you like.

Yes, the training I send you to is more geared for Affiliate Marketing but there is also stuff available for drop shipping and retail websites as well in the member training area and many more money making options.

Also, you can use the skills you learn to make money helping others like teaching proper SEO techniques for clients, setting up websites for clients, A site review for clients and show them how to get ranked better. All sorts of ways and more still that you can use the skills you will learn.

What does a normal lottery winning payout? Let’s say 1 million jackpot. By taking the yearly option you end up with about $38,000 a year in my state after taxes.

I know people making that much in a month with Affiliate marketing. No guarantee you will do the same but I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make a good living.

So you can really win your own lottery by investing in YOURSELF

You can learn from members who have been very successful online. Here is one example:

I Never Really Expected To Build A Million Dollar Company- From Member Dom W

He started in 2012 and is now running a million dollar company. There are so many more examples like this.

Want to win your own lottery? Try it for free right here below




I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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2 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    You have a lot of good points!

    The idea of starting a business and making it thrive is daunting, but it’s also so much more tangible than something like the lottery, or even the stock market.

    Have you found a lot of success with affiliate marketing, like the one you’ve described? How much of a role does social media play in success? I’m very new to the idea, but I’m warming up to it.


    • Todd says:


      Thanks for your interest and great question about how much success. No I am not to the level of sitting on a beach with a laptop in my lap just yet. That is the end goal for me and many others doing this for a living. I have however had success and am building my business up everyday.Wont take me long to get those goals accomplished.

      Yes social media plays a huge role in success. Even if you have no accounts setup yet. You fire up accounts and start building your followers lists and when you post, the results are amazing. I see traffic several months later sometimes.

      The training teaches you how to leverage social media to help build your brand. I am happy you are warming up to affiliate marketing, I can say that there are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing getting your website set up is just the first step.

      Thanks for the comment,

      Take Care

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