Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2020-Rank Page 1-Stay There

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review for 2020

Find Great Keywords That Rank, Stay On Top Of The List With The Most Advanced SEO Keyword Research Tool On The Net


Overall Rating: 9.4   out of 10
Price: $0 / $49/Monthly / $99 Monthly- See chart below
Owners: Carson and Kyle
Website: www.jaaxy.com

I first tried Jaaxy when I joined Wealthy Affiliate after having read reviews about it before that. What I found impressed me, and I have been able to use the data within the tool for all my SEO needs and Keyword searches. There is much more to Jaaxy than just keyword research. So I created my own Jaaxy review for 2020, I hope it helps answer any questions you may have

I know there are other tools that have nice features as well and I have tried some of them, but I always come back to Jaaxy, why? because it is very accurate with the data it provides and is easy to use once you get into it. From SEO to finding available affiliate programs for products to checking my ranks in SERPS It has it all in one package. I love it.

I have put together this Jaaxy review to show some of the great features of this tool. I hope you find it as fantastic as I do.

What Is Jaaxy?

A Keyword Research Suite of tools that can be used to discover keywords, competition, relevant data, site rankings for searched keywords along with storing saved searches or exporting them to a file and also giving information about available affiliate programs for products, brainstorm new topics. Providing the user with invaluable information to judge the market in which to promote.

Jaaxy keyword research tool is a web-based tool which requires a membership to use. Providing High-quality SEO keyword research information to the user to allow them to produce content on their site that will rank and get actionable traffic.

Jaaxy pulls information from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to show the most relevant information regarding keywords. Not just pay per click data, but the right data that shows you what you need in order to properly put together a post or a page and get it on page 1

Jaaxy has a new look. Jaaxy 3.0 New and even better version, The updated version was released in July 2017- The images and examples on this review are from the updated version.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool 3.0


You can try your own Jaaxy Search For Free In the box below, see it in action for yourself

Who it is for

  • Internet marketers,
  • Bloggers
  • Advertisers
  • Retail website owners
  • Domain Flippers
  • Internet Researchers
  • SEO keyword research
  • SEO optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Trend Searches
  • Social Media Marketing

Jaaxy can be used in many ways as listed above. Providing a rich set of data which is relevant. Many tools provide lots of useless data that can be hard to understand. Jaaxy lays it out well and has data that is accurate

Site Rank Feature

Jaaxy gathers data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo at the same time and displays your current ranks in all three and has charts to display the trends

Example of the rank checker in the images below

Jaaxy Keyword Tool 3.0

The shot below shows a post I have on this website and the positions in Bing, Yahoo, and Google. the tabs on the right show which search engine the display is for and provides the position rank and if you have gone up or down in the ranks


Jaaxy Site Rank


You can also track rankings via a graph as shown below

Jaaxy Rank Chart


     The arrow next to the Position Change text indicates if you have gone up or down in ranks

Jaaxy Rank Checker Example



  • Can Provide Information On Competition Websites 2 Ways
  • Has Brainstorming Option For Keyword Research
  • Save Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Easy To Use
  • Has Multiple Training Video’s
  • 3 Special Bonus PDF
  • Domains Checker To See If Available For Purchase Based On Keyword
  • Outstanding Results That Are Valid And Very Accurate
  • Affiliate Program For All Users
  • Site Ranker To See Your SERP Rankings For Keywords from 3 Major Search Engines
  • Can Use For Free
  • Web-Based So No Need To Install


  • No Multi Lingual Option
  • Amount Of Data Available May Be A Bit Overwhelming To Some Users


 The new Jaaxy 3.0 has some great features and a new layout. The same features from the previous version, as well as a newly updated rank checker and a few more added enhancements.

Here is Jaaxy in action in the video below I show how Jaaxy can use what is called the Alphabet soup method for keyword searches. I demonstrate in the video

Results Explained

Some important definitions you need to know to help maximize your success with keywords

  • AVG– Total searches per month – These are the traffic numbers of people looking for your exact keyword search phrase. Even small numbers here are good, it means traffic which will potentially payout.  If you rank just by the keyword then you will have a much greater chance of long-term success than if you have artificial rankings like PPC
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This is keyword quality indicator. Green is the best, meaning it has a much better chance of being successful for you in all your rankings
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is your competition. This is the number of websites using the same exact keyword you searched for.  If you aim under 400, you have a good chance of getting ranked (300 is ideal). I try and keep mine below 150 so I have a much better chance of getting results much quicker  The opportunities are truly endless for keywords and having this information is extremely helpful
  • SEO Power –This takes into account the three other metrics above and determines if your keyword is a good candidate to get ranked, the indicated number is a % chance of ranking on page 1 for your keyword provided you have good content. If you can get ranked, you WILL make money online as long as you provide quality content when people find your article.

Jaaxy 3.0

Competition Analysis

Jaaxy can check your competition in a specific keyword. In the example below I entered “kids books” as the keyword and the results show in Google, Bing and Yahoo tabs. I selected Google and view details to see what I can find out about who is in the top page of search results.

You can use this information to get a better Idea of how others are successful in your niche. You can learn from them and get a better idea how to make your article stand out in searches


Jaaxy Costs

  1. Free 30 Searches Access to All features
  2. Pro $49/ Month or $499 / Yearly- Unlimited Searches
  3. Enterprise  $99 Monthly or $999 /Yearly Very Fast And Several Enhanced Features

The last major update in added the Jaaxy Lite account which gives Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy for Free which is really cool and a huge discount to members on the rest of the accounts. Jaaxy pricing is below

Jaaxy membership options

The chart below shows what a premium member of wealthy affiliate gets as paid and free options for Jaaxy. A Huge savings from non members if you upgrade to a paid plan

Jaaxy Price Chart


If you would like to read the information provided to Wealthy Affiliate members regarding Jaaxy 3.0 Here is the Post By Co-Founder Carson about the New Jaaxy  Read it Here

Jaaxy Domain Searches

Jaaxy Domain Search

Domains are like Internet Real Estate. Having a tool that searches for available domains is fantastic. With every keyword search you have the option to see what .com .net or .org is available for that search. Instantly find very lucrative domains you can potentially turn into a valuable commodity



Jaaxy is very robust and very dialed into current trends and keyword searches. I have used it now for a while with great results, using the keywords results to determine what to post has helped and I am ranking on page 1 or 2 with several keywords within a short time frame of using them. (26 minutes on my last post) No, you don’t just throw a keyword on a page and get ranked but my point is the information Jaaxy provided was accurate.

This is an outstanding tool and a must-have for anyone serious about online commerce. Once you learn the way around it is a great suite to add to the collection.  I highly recommend trying it out for yourself. With all the features available within the suite, you will start to notice it is the only tool you need to provide the proper information to get organic traffic to your website.

Outperform PPC sites by getting the data that will allow you to rank for free instead of paying per click. I have several posts that are on page 1 while others are paying per click to be there. Jaaxy, is what got me there. this Jaaxy keyword tool review for 2020 has covered many of the great features available for you. I have found it very helpful and useful for my website.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Sign Up


Final Verdict

Jaaxy is for real and here to stay. Stay on top of the board with this tool. There are many keyword tools online and some are very good, however, most provide useless data that is hard to understand.

Jaaxy gives you key elements needed to find your niche market. Traffic, Competition and SEO success possibility. those three elements alone are driving factors to know what to market and will save you hours of research time.

I recommend going with Jaaxy and finding the training videos and watch them. They really show what this tool can do. Jaaxy is developed and managed by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate so the information works as designed in order to help anyone be successful in an online business

My Verdict= LEGIT and a Must Have

Overall Rating-  9.4   out of 10

Do I recommend?  = YES


Try it for yourself. 30 free searches and only requires email to sign up


Jaaxy FREE Search

 If you would like to see how this all comes together and how to use these keywords properly, Here is my #1 Recommended Option for you

If you like our posts please share them on social media

do you have a tool you like to use? Please share it in the comments.  I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time



Data Accuracy




Current Data



  • Easy To Use
  • FREE To Start
  • Relevant Data


  • Nu Multi Lingual
  • 3 Price Points
  • Data Overload


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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26 Responses

  1. SaintJaymes says:

    You are spot on with Jaxxy. I use Jaxxy to find the titles and topics for my videos. It’s a bit pricey compared to others but the features save me a lot of time and make it well worth the price. I finally upgraded and am very pleased.
    What are your thoughts on using Jaxxy to find a niche?

    • Todd says:


      Jaaxy without a doubt provides the value needed to justify the 3 price ranges. I have switched to only Jaaxy as I have found the data provided is amazingly accurate and all the features available really make SEO and Keyword research easy. Jaaxy is fantastic for Niche research and once inside there is training available to assist with that and while you find a great niche you can also find out if the domain name is available and click to purchase easily.  Infact I have a post about using Jaaxy to find a niche market https://webincome4me.com/how-t

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  2. Neil says:

    I tried various keyword tools, but none have really lived up to my expectations. However, Jaaxy looks like an amazing keyword tool!

    I really love how Jaaxy 3.0 simplifies the process of keyword research by displaying only the relevant metrics and also that it has an inbuilt rank checker features as well.

    This keyword tool seems very user-friendly and delivers a lot of value for a reasonable price.


    • Todd says:


      Very true about Jaaxy and the relevant results, I see to many tools providing graphs and PPC info that has little to no impact on how to maintain good rank standings. Jaaxy has it all in one place and really delivers the goods. The updated rank checker is fabulous as you can track your progress over time and see how you are doing. The price is very reasonable if you consider it is for a business, and it should really be the only keyword tool you need once you learn all the perks within, which will ultimately save money. The interface has changed and is even more user friendly than before.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care

  3. GiuliaB says:

    Todd, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have known about Jaaxy for a while, but never fancied spending the membership money whilst I had access to the keyword search tool offered by Wealthy Affiliate. However, I have now started piloting Jaaxy on the first 30 free searches, and boy if you are right! It is truly a powerful tool, which not only enables a genuine keyword search which reflects Serp ranking on the major SEO (and I have tested this myself by ‘playing about’ with keywords on these platforms), but it also offers website ranking, which for the same price you never find on alternative keyword search tools available on the market. To me, this in itself is a winning combination – definitely worth the upgrade to Pro membership!

    • Todd says:


      Yes Jaaxy has it all really. Not just Keywords and an Awesome new Rank Checker but also competition information and other methods for searching. Much More under the hood than what is a first glance..Highly recommend getting in with Pro Or Enterprise BEFORE SEPTEMBER so you can keep the current price structure. Those in after September will be subject to new prices..I am Glad you like jaaxy, keep using it and you will see how accurate the data really is.

      Thank you for the comment

      Take Care

  4. B says:

    Thank you for a great review! I had to say that before I used Jaaxy I used a free keyword tool that gave “Low”, “Medium” and “High” as results.
    When I was aiming for “Low” it could be a competition with 10…or 310 other websites. It was such a waste of time working with this kind of free tool!!
    It’s SO important to choose good keywords, and Jaaxy is indeed a wonderful tool.

    Thanks again for sharing

    • Todd says:


      The Jaaxy Information regarding traffic and Competition is spot on. Jaaxy was created By Affiliate Marketers FOR Affiliate Marketers, so the data we need to really run our business is all in one tool. Keywords are a must have with accurate information. Jaaxy delivers that and more.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care

  5. Hi there Todd

    Even though I don’t currently use Jaaxy, I know that it is a very efficient KW tool.

    I am currently using the WA keyword research tool and I think it is fantastic. However, I will make in an investment in Jaaxy when the time is right because I know it will be a very wise one to make!

    All the best.


    • Todd says:


      The WA Keyword tool works well also and I am glad you like it. I use it as well. The reason I prefer Jaaxy is because it is an entire suite of tools in one package for an affordable price. Good choice to wait until you can budget for it. The free version gives a good taste of what is available but the paid versions both Pro and Enterprise are truly game changers. Once you make the leap you wont go back.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care

  6. Mrs S says:

    Jaaxy is no doubt one of the best and most reliable keyword research tool for search engine optimization.
    Great review!
    Thanks for sharing,Todd!

    • Todd says:

      Mrs S,

      I agree about Jaaxy being one of the best. Especially now that Jaaxy 3.0 has arrived, With much more than just keyword searches it has the ability to really help dial in the SEO of a website and also help keep track with the ranking checker options.

      Thanks for the comment
      Take Care

  7. Kevin Bulmer says:

    Great review of Jaaxy! There certainly seems to be a lot to like about the tool. I’ve dabbled with keyword searching and there’s no doubt that looking into it changes and shapes how you construct your content and even helps get you thinking like the end user, which is extremely valuable. Thanks for this great resource!

    • Todd says:


      Yes solid keyword data dramatically changes the game as far as rankings go. I have seen many tools that provide Cost per click stats and meaningless charts that confuse most users. the data Jaaxy provides helps drive “organic” traffic to your site on a consistent basis which will out perform PPC sites every time. I like how you say thinking like the end user, as I feel that way when I search. I dive into what people are looking for and it really helps drive content idea’s. I have seen great results from that.

      Thanks for your comment and your interest in my review

      Take care

  8. Simon says:

    Hey Todd,
    This jaaxy keyword tool sounds way in advance to Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool I currently use. How do you think they compare as they are both owned by Wealthy Affiliate?

    Your web post rankings are superb – well done.
    I use the keyword tool for every post I create to find high traffic keywords with about 100 monthly searches and competition somewhere in the teens and I am slowly seeing my website rankings increase due to this competitive edge.

    I notice they have a 30 free searches promotion. I think this will provide my answers, I’ll give jaaxy a try.
    Great post, I’ve shared your link on Google+

    • Todd says:


      First of all Thank you !! for sharing our post on social media, that really helps get the word out to folks who may need to know about how awesome Jaaxy is. As far as the comparison, well they are both good tools, I will say that the Keyword tool inside WA portal in accurate and has very good useful information, I use it as well. It is however not a complete suite of tools like Jaaxy is, with the Rank Checker for 3 Major search engines, and the search analysis features and the “alphabet soup” search which is amazing as far as relevancy for any niche.. I have found Jaaxy to be extremely accurate in the data provided and as you can see, my ranks are showing as much and this website is still fairly young.  I have now sent 4 consecutive posts to page 1 or 2 within minutes after posting, simply by using the data Jaaxy provides and following what we have been taught on how to use the data.

      You are on the right track with your searches and competition numbers, keep doing what you are doing in that regard. To many people jump straight to PPC and spend to much money chasing the rainbow. You will end up out performing pay per click sites by doing what you are doing.

      If you need any help or more information I would be happy to help

      Thanks for your interest in Jaaxy and my review. You will not be disappointed with Jaaxy

      Thanks for the comment

  9. James Crabtree says:

    I have use Jaaxy for my website and I think it is a fantastic program highly recommended. I use I ask a key word research tool for my website but I was not aware of the other areas that it could be used for that you have listed in this article. With the new latest updated feature and the fact you can try it for free what do you have to lose. Thanks for the great article.

    • Todd says:


      For sure there is much more under the hood with Jaaxy than just keywords, I use the rank checker quite a bit to see the trends on each search engine to get an idea of how they process my posts, it really helps, and you can set it to update twice a week for rank checks so it keeps you up to date. Yes the free portion is fabulous, as people can get a good idea of what is available and still get good results. 30 free searches can bang out some great content potential. This new Jaaxy 3.0 as I call it, is loaded and continues to offer all you need for online data information and SEO. It is the only tool I need, which saves cost.

      Thanks for a great comment

      Take Care

  10. Ben says:

    Jaaxy is definitely a great tool that every internet marketer should use.

    It’s 100 times superior to using the Google Adwords Tool, which isn’t that accurate and doesn’t even have SEO competition metrics.

    Jaaxy is one of the only tools I’ve seen that actually give you SEO competition data.

    • Todd says:


      You are correct in your Comparison. Many of the tools have pros and cons about them as does Jaaxy but nothing I have seen gives the complete package like Jaaxy Does. The competition metric is huge for success possibility.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Take care

  11. Ronnie Jordan says:

    I think this tool is very much needed to get your website seen. You explained its function very well. I’m sure if you use it succesfully it will bring you better results. Thanks for giving us this information.

    • Todd says:


      thank you for the comment. I have been using Jaaxy for a while now and it truly works as noted in the review. Getting ranked by using the information provided. I know just about anyone interested in more exposure for their site might be interested. Using the training provided inside Jaaxy helps people learn to use it correctly. Thanks again for the comment


  12. Rebecca says:

    This is definitely a reliable keyword research tool and it is the one I use too! If you want to rank high you have to use it! It is not expensive and it is reliable since is a tool made by Kyle and Carson! Great tool, great review! Thank you, Todd!
    Best wishes,

    • Todd says:

      WOW thank you Rebecca,

      for the nice words. I agree with you on the reliability, Jaaxy seems to always return viable data that is accurate. The cost is part of doing business.
      Thanks for your comment. It is nice to get a conversation going about Jaaxy so others may benefit from it. Im glad you like Jaaxy.
      thanks again.
      Take care

  13. John Vine says:

    Because SEO is such a vital part of online business, we all need some reliable keyword research. Jaaxy is certainly among the best available, and you have made a good job of presenting it in a positive way.

    • Todd says:

      Thank you John,

      you are correct that SEO is so vital to how successful a website is in the rankings. I have tried other tools and have never seen the data be as accurate as Jaaxy. Getting the valuable keyword data is a must. If Done properly, rankings will follow.

      thanks again for your comment

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