New Website Pre Launch Checklist-Are You Ready?

Website Pre Launch Checklist

Set up your New Website With A Solid Foundation –

New Website Pre Launch Checklist


So you have a brilliant idea and you want to start your own online business with a website. Cool congratulations that is a great choice, The money is trending online now, so getting setup with a business is a good idea. But before you launch a new website, I have a new website pre launch checklist for you to use to see if you are ready to go.

Getting connected to the online opportunities can be a bit daunting for some, and it ends up actually being fairly step by step. Yes hard work is involved and there is no magic instant free money online, but you can get your site up and running and work at it and start to gain an income and before you know it, your in the money. But it requires a few things on your end before it all starts to work out like you planned

Sounds simple, get a website up and running and then all else takes care of itself right? Nice thought, but the reality is, you need a plan and a method to make it work. So my website pre launch checklist can help you understand what is required to get going and on the path to success.

How about we go over a few things you either need to be thinking about or already have in place before you go live


New Website Launch Checklist

Hosting plan

In order to get online, someone has to host your website- unless you’re techy enough to set up your own hosting. Best bet is to find a hosting plan that will support your needs. There are many companies that do it and simply searching on google will return many options, vet them properly and compare costs.

I recommend you look for WordPress hosting options, because I am going to guide you to use WordPress as the platform for your website so whoever you choose needs to support WordPress.
I will list a few to get you on track to research, then you decide from there.

  • SiteGround – Is the bloggers choice for hosting- By the way I am an affiliate for Siteground, why? because they are good at what they do with outstanding support and great services and I gladly promote it. Exactly why many top website or blog owners choose SiteGround.
  • Hostgator- Popular affordable Good options for WordPress Hosting
  • Blue Host- Well Known, easy to get started, very popular.
  • Wealthy Affiliate– More monthly cost up front but way more value due to the entire package they offer, It is worth a look. Host up to 10 websites for one price with everything you need for your business under one roof

You will find many options for hosting and depending on your needs you can make an informed decision on your choice. Before you commit, think about how you will be using your site. Will you be wanting more than 1 website? possibly, I have a few myself.

Does your hosting option charge you more for having multiple sites? Many do. Check the pricing based on what you think you might need going forward, since you really do not want to have to change it all later

 See where this site is hosted and why you should consider it


Niche market idea for your website

In order to make money, you need a market. We in the industry call it a niche, which is basically a group of individuals searching for something that you can provide for them. Just about anything you can think of can be a niche, the important part is to not be to broad when you decide, I know it sounds odd but it works.

For example take a broad topic like living a healthy lifestyle, that is huge and very competitive, but maybe “Living a healthy lifestyle after 40” or go into the exercize niche and refine it down a bit. Get the idea?. Be a bit more specific and you will have more success normally.

You are probably asking why would I limit my exposure by only catering to a certain group?.-Great question I felt the same way when I started. But it all comes down to knowing what your audience is looking for and being the authority for what they need, the more specific the better.

You can expand your niche later after you have become an authority for your market and people respond to what you share. Help people first rather than go after the money first. The income comes with trust and authenticity on your part. Other wise you are nothing more than a use care salesman

You use the internet right? you found this website so you can relate to this. When you are searching for something online, you are after something specific, and which link are you going to select? The one closest to what you are after.

The same approach can work for you except this time you are on the other end providing the information. This method has been proven to work in the online industry and still holds true today.

So enough of me babbling about niches. How about a project? unless you already know what your niche will be but if not then get out a pen and paper, I’ll wait.

Now write down at least 5 things that you are either good at, passionate about or interested in learning. Then reduce that list down until you have your market. Then one last step refine that niche down one level like adding an age group, or men or women only or for kids but refine it down a bit more then you have it.

If you would like to Let me know in the comments what you came up with I would love to learn about it and perhaps help direct you or share information to help you out. Just let me know, I would be happy to help.

Decide On Type and format of your website

You have several choices for your “type” of website. What I mean is how you are going to make your money, your business model. Will it be a retail website setup like a store front with tons of products? or maybe a Drop shipping website where you are the middleman between supplier and customer or even better a blog or affiliate marketing site ( my favorite) I will stop there.

There are many ways to make this work, you decide what is comfortable for you. Each type of business model requires different levels of activity on your part. I am pretty sure you have an idea what you want to do or you would not be reading about a checklist before launching a website right?

As far as a format goes I am going to recommend a WordPress site. Here is my guide on how to use WordPress to create a website, a beginners guide to getting rolling online, it covers much of what I mention in this article with more specifics on how it all works.

WordPress makes things very easy to use and manage, but yet very top of the line and professional, you can pick a WordPress theme at Template monster, or Theme forest but do not over think it, you can change it later. You can also get your theme directly through your site editor once you get hosting setup and install WordPress.

Be social with your website

I mean get set up on social media, if you have accounts great, if not then get them going and start to grow your followers list. I don’t need to list them all, you now what they are. Social media can take your brand into orbit if you do it right, so it is a great idea to at least have accounts and be engaging with people.

The best place I know of to handle all your social media posts in one place and grow your twitter list at the same time is Crowdfire, an app which can connect all your platforms together so when you post you can do the main ones at the same time.

I use Crowdfire for my social media marketing and I have been very happy with the results I increased my followers and exposure by more than 65% in less than a week after starting to use it. Social pilot is also a good choice as well as buffer, all worth a look at least.

Create a Business plan for your online business

Every successful business has a plan. It can be simple but you need to spend some time and come up with how you want to do business and what you are willing to do to make it happen, look online for ideas on business plans and take the time to put it together. It will save you when you get stuck.

Create a business plan
Being organized and sticking to a plan or schedule will greatly improve your likelihood of success in this industry. Listen to any of the top blog or website owners out there and they will tell you the same thing. It is well worth the time to put a plan together, use goals and set dates for those goals, you can use that as a guide to your progress as you grow your business. Sure you can adjust your plan and or goals along the way, but at least get them down on paper and hold yourself accountable to your plan.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action becomes a reality

Stick with it and you are well on your way to making this all work the way you imagine it will.

Figure a Reasonable Budget for your Business

Like it or not you will have to spend a bit to make this work out. There are no legit instant money options out here that cost nothing, anyone that tells you otherwise is not being honest. You can certainly have a full-blown online business running at a very affordable price.

Just as a comparison I run my business at around $500 a year. That includes multiple websites online, email auto responder and keyword tools and many other things I use to run it. there is a cost, yes but I consider it reasonable compared to what I can get out of it as a result.

You can go even less if need be and still have it work for you. But what I have done is found a place that has everything you need to run your business in one place for one cost. Cool huh? See my recommended option below and you will see why it works for me

Think about brick and mortar stores starting up, imagine the costs of a building, inventory, power usage, employees and so on it gets costly quick. But online you can have a double benefit, by getting going very affordably and have no limit on what you can make financially. That is a win in my book.

Just plan on a realistic budget that you can afford without hurting yourself financially. This website can ultimately change the landscape of your financial life, so treat it as such and you will be fine.

Be Realistic With Expectations for your Website

That sub heading may set you back a bit but I have a reason. Every day, I see people getting started online and they are expecting to have a magical door open up in the wall and just start spitting out money, they ultimately get frustrated claim the entire process is a scam and they give up.

It sounds harsh but it is very true. We live in the instant gratification age, so we expect things right now. Well this business doesn’t work that way, you can make money and quite a bit of it, but you WILL have to work for it and like listed above, spend a little to make it work out the way you intend it to. Those are the facts

I will use affiliate marketing as an example because it is what I do. It takes months to get traction in Google unless you jump right into pay per click, which I do not recommend, the rewards however when you get rolling and start making money can be very lucrative and provide you with the freedom to live life on your own terms.

So Let’s review

here is your checklist paraphrased a little

  • Hosting Plan
  • Niche Market Idea
  • Decide on a theme and type of site
  • Get Going On Social media
  • Create a Business Plan for your business and follow it
  • Decide on a budget for your business, one you are willing to commit to.
  • Be realistic with your expectations-it may take a while, but it will be worth it

The rest will be learning on the go while you grow your empire

The last thing you need to know is what to do with your new shinny website, how do you make money from it. Well You need training and I have a place for you to get that. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate a place that covers your online business needs and more in one place, you will learn the proper way to make money online by building a solid foundation for long term success.This will get you on the path to success, It is the place I use for this site it is hosted there.

My #1 Recommended Option



Now that we have gone through the website pre launch checklist, you can start to get these checked off so you can begin your adventure online and have a realistic chance at success. You can even consider making this a website launch checklist template for other sites you may want in the future

My recommended option above has everything you need to succeed under one roof and is at a reasonable price considering the vast amount of training and tools available to you, not to mention they have great secure hosting options with in incredible community and support staff that can assist with the inevitable bumps that arise.

Are you ready to launch your website? or have you already done it? Need help to find a niche? or webhosting ?Comment below and we can help if you are stuck.

Take care


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Sukumar Thingom says:

    This is a good checklist, especially for beginners. About choosing a good hosting company for a website, besides the cost factor, what are the things we should consider? I have heard that Wealthy Affiliate when they host, gives you the opportunity to host 50 websites in a year. But is it possible to realistically manage 50 websites in a year if you are a solo player? I do not think so. The Crowdfire does look like an interesting application and I’ll be having a sneak peek into its traffic-boosting potential. Thanks for a good read.

    • Todd says:


      Other things to consider would be if they host WordPress and what the diffference in cost is, I know some of the popular hosts have different fee structures for WordPress. Also you want to consider what you get for the price. Sure you get a website hosted but what they heck do you do with it, how do you make money? That is where the Wealthy Affiliate option comes in, Yes you pay a larger fee but you do get up to 50 websites like you said, it is very hard to manage 50 sites solo but you can do things like domain purchases and sell them or use them when you get a bit bigger and have a staff working for you. The cool thing is that you get everything including SSL Secure hosting and all the training as well in one place.. That makes it worth the price easily. How much would you pay on the other hosting companies for 50 websites? quite a bit.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Norman says:

    Having an online business is the same as having an offline business and it should be treated that way. Good planning is to go into this type of business if you hope to have success. What you have listed here is a great help and will really direct your readers in the right way. tons of helpful information

    • Todd says:


      Having a process that can be followed before launching a website really helps, I am sure many people wonder what is needed. So I tried to spell it out and give them a checklist.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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