Optimize Your Website SEO Using Internal Links

Optimize Your Website SEO Using Internal Links

Get On Page 1 With Solid SEO


Getting your site noticed online is a big deal for website and blog owners, there are several methods used today to get on page 1 in searches, paid options and what I call organic options that have a set of steps to follow consistently to help get ranked, one of those methods is to optimize your website SEO using internal links which helps search engines validate your content as quality and worthy of ranking higher in SERPS( search engine results page) which is the page that is displayed when you do a search in a search engine.


Quality Content

Google will crawl your site looking for a few key factors within your content, and using a solid internal link strategy helps a great deal in proving quality content. Over and over again industry experts have had success using internal links.

So what is an internal link? It is a link to other content on your website, a page or a post or even using anchor links to go to the top of a page. For example if your article is about the best story books for kids and you have a page or post on your website that has additional information or maybe a sales page with kids books on it, you can link to that with an internal link.

Optimize Your Website SEO Using Internal Links

Be Relevant

It is very important to be relevant to your topic when using Internal links. Google and Bing will punish you with bad rankings if you are stuffing non relevant Internal links into your content, and besides you are looking to make a living online and your credibility is at stake if you make UN readable keyword stuffed internal links rather than trying to communicate your message to your reader.


Link Example

Since this post is about optimizing your website SEO I will demonstrate an Internal link by linking to my article about SEO Keyword Competition Analysis. Notice how the text makes grammatical sense rather than just showing the actual link? That is “anchor text” which also is a nice way to get google to pay attention. You now have that same keyword used in 2 places on your website which helps with exposure for the crawlers and relevancy for your content. That article by the way is about how to search for a keyword and how to determine the competition for your same keyword, it is relevant to this post since keywords are the main driver of SEO( Search Engine Optimization)

The actual link looks like this below, which is not very reader friendly nor does it fit within the article very well.




Do Not Over Use Internal Links

How many Internal links should you use in your content? At least 1 but the rest is up to you depending on the content you are trying to share, you need to consider that sending someone off to another post may detract from the message you are trying to share within the current post and that can hurt your conversion rate and also make it hard to follow your message, so keep in mind that staying relevant is important and you really only need 1 link to justify your additional content.

You could link to an FAQ page within your website if you feel something in your content may be confusing or need additional clarification. I would advise against linking to your Contact page for multiple reasons, one is that you normally have a link in your footer or somewhere else on your site for that and also contact pages are not what sells or converts nor do they help get your message across to the reader. The point of your content should be to help your readers find an answer to what they are looking for.

The Difference Between Internal and External

In the article we are talking about internal links so it is important to mention external links so that you do not get confused as to how they work. Your website domain address contains many links, to your pages and posts and other content on your website. You may also have “external links” on your website, which is something I will cover on another post but for now they are links “yes you guessed it” going away from your site. Examples could be an affiliate link for your affiliate marketing campaign or an informational link like to Wikipedia to share additional information about your subject. I am not going to go on and on about External links just yet but I wanted you to know the difference. They both are contributing factors to rankings but are totally different in how they drive traffic to or away from your content. Here is a quick example of an external link to Wikipedia’s definition of an Internal link.

Open In New Tab

When you add a link to your content it is important to use the “open link in a new tab” option. Why? it opens the page on an additional browser tab so the reader can read it and not lose the page they were on for your original post, they can read both just by clicking on the tab. This really is important for retail websites when trying to sell a product with a buy it now button at the bottom of the page, if you send someone off to a new link they can lose the page they started on and in turn have to start over to get to were they were. Not good for conversion rate, and is annoying to readers

The Image below shows the box I am referring to. The editor I am using has a little different text but it is the same idea. The check box that says “Open link in new window” is the one used by this editor. The standard WordPress editor says Open link in new tab as shown in the second image below


In your standard WordPress editor it looks like this below. The link text box is were you add your anchor text for this link just like I did above. The Checkbox for “Open link in a new tab” is checked.





So we have talked about Internal links and how important they are to rankings and a good user experience for your readers. I hope I was able to explain this in a way that was easy to understand. As I mentioned in this post there are several factors that go into getting ranked well, The on page SEO has a few simple requirements that you need to follow for every piece of content you create on your site. I have a review for you to look at (Another internal link) that will show you were to go for the training on how this and the other steps work together. I have in that review a bonus offer of my 10 Steps to SEO Ranking Success which I give away for those that sign up, that information contains the additional steps to help get you ranked on a consistent basis. Simply follow those steps every time and you will do well in the rankings as your site matures.

Here is the link I was referring to. My Wealthy Affiliate Review. Check out the review and see if this would interest you in learning how to be successful in your own online business.The bonuses are near the bottom of the review.


Thank you for your time

Please let me know if you have input on this topic, I would love to discuss it and help you in any way I can. Have you tried using Internal links before? Share your story below.


Update:  Since this Post Launched It is Now On Bing Page 1 Slot 1 using my exact post title. Within Minutes Of Publishing-



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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2 Responses

  1. brad says:

    What I learned about internal links in this post, was unknown to me and so I had only used one (1) in my entire site. I currently have no internal link strategy, but will be addressing that issue today. I know how to install an internal link, but I’m not sure about anchors. Could you brief me on that? I feel I’m making progress with content on my site, but sometimes feel a bit lost re SEO and ranking. This helped. Thanks and have a great day.

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Internal links are one of the google rank factors as well as external links. If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member then here is some great information about anchor tags and how to use them https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co…  Basically they serve as a way to make the link more user friendly by displaying text regarding what the link is going to like a review, you would not want to see the entire link listed, you would want to see the text that says “XYZ review” and underneath that text is the link.

      thanks again for the comment

      Take care

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