Passion vs Profit for Online Income-Your Dreams Do Pay

Passion vs Profit for Online Income

Passion vs Profit for Online Income-

[Your Dreams Do Pay]

So I have seen a few blog posts online lately that claim you cannot make money simply by following your passion or dreams and that you need a market to make a profit in a niche basically passion vs profit for online income. So I am posting this post to disagree with that theory and offer my thoughts as to why.

I am in the camp that passion can drive your business to success, you have a tendency to push through challenges that come up by staying focused on what you do and having that inner drive that makes it all go. The importance of passion in business, as mentioned by Billionaire Richard Branson. This helps confirm that line of thinking

The discussion on passion vs profit is a never-ending debate. Honestly, there is a valid argument to be had both ways. I see folks online all the time finding a profitable niche and selling products they really don’t care about except that they make money.

On the flip side, I see individuals who have a great love for a particular hobby and normally have a great deal of knowledge about there market already. This is what makes it much easier to push through when times get tough. To write that one tedious article that you know you need to write but it may not make much money. Guess what, it just might. Especially if you put your heart into it.

Yes you will struggle at times with a business, they all do mine is no different and neither will yours be. But my point is that you have a much better chance of getting through the barriers if you really drive for success powered by passion. 

I currently use the Affiliate Marketing business model for my business. I have tried several ways to make it online and I like this method because it allows to me to follow what I like doing and at the same time help me live life on my terms without being bogged down by ordering products, selling products, dealing with all the mundane details that go along with some of the other business models online today

Being an affiliate marketer is all about passion in my opinion as you need to be able to add quality content on a regular basis to stay on top of the Heep in rankings. Having to continually update posts and pages with relevant information requires quite a bit of “want to”.

When doing research on a topic you really care about you have a leg up on the information since it is familiar to you and you know what is real and not real information to use based on your experience with the topic.

passion vs profit for online income

The Facts About Your Passion

There is some truth to the fact that you need a market in order to make money but it is not the only factor as has been claimed in many online articles. Passion is huge in helping determine success and I would argue that it also helps you develop a market since you can use many variations of your passion that may payout for you.

For Example- Say you are Passionate about “Healthy dog food” yet you may research it and find it too broad of a market for a niche, so you take it one step further and try ” Healthy treats for dogs” or “Healthy treats for small dogs” and it may end up being a profitable niche to follow through with.

You see how this works? You still get to cover topics you are passionate about and there can be a market for it. Just because there may not be a huge market with your exact keyword you can still follow your heart to a good living. So to the naysayers out there who do not believe you need passion to be successful, I say “Do Your Homework”

Getting to the point with your website that allows you to continue to write and add good quality content not only helps in user experience, it also helps in rankings. I have been able to outperform Pay Per Click keywords simply by having a passion for what I do and researching the information I need and posting accordingly and it is free so I do not pay for the rankings.

You can do the same by following what you care about and applying that to a website or a blog, heck you don’t even need a website but it is much more likely you will succeed if you do

passion vs profit for online income

Why Profit Works

To be clear, I am not against folks who are driven by the profit side of this debate. I get it, I am in business to make money as well but my first priority is to help you or someone who needs information that can help find that success online.

I have seen way too many products that are being offered up online by folks who are in it for one thing and one thing only. Money, They will sell you something you don’t need simply because they can get you to part with your hard earned cash. Many do this without even knowing a bunch about what they sell, they do it because it works!

This is not to say that making a living online by simply aiming for profit is a bad thing, it is what we are all here doing on a daily basis. The folks who work hard at their craft and profit from something they really don’t love should be commended in some ways, since it does take some luck and knowledge of how things work online to make that happen.

My issue is with the ones who will sell you a broken screwdriver when you need a hammer. Simply because they can sound convincing. There is way too many scammers online today and it is hard to tell what is good and what is not.

The Profit Comes With Work

Writing consistently about something you are passionate about is easy, doing it about something you are simply trying to make money on and have no interest in is way harder as you have to make yourself dig for information in order to post and the quality of the content tends to be a bit lacking normally.

I hear it quite a bit in the Wealthy Affiliate portal from people that are following the passion they have for something and many say it unleashes many new ideas as well as powering them to share information to the world with a website.

In contrast, I have also spoken to a few who are really struggling with their site because they chased a keyword that has a market but they have no interest in so they have a hard time creating posts.

Having been online doing this stuff for over a decade now, I have seen many examples of websites or even blogs that are written by people just trying to make a buck and put out poor quality in their stuff. As well, I have seen many great websites and blogs of people who really care about it and are very good at it. Nice work.

That being said, I am certainly no prize-winning writer. I do my best and you can do that as well and still provide value for your readers

Here is the deal that many in this business already know. Having a revenue-generating website requires a great deal of work and commitment to make it successful. You have to want to do it, as you do not just post a few pages and post’s and then say “hey here I am” and people magically come to your site.

It is not get-rich-quick by any means, but it is rewarding and fulfilling to know you are doing something that you care about. We are all unique and have different talents and things that drive us. Using those gifts and sharing it with the world is truly outstanding.

Celebrate The Results Of Your Work

Once you start to see the rewards of your efforts by promoting something you truly care about, it is a great feeling. It empowers you to do even more. Celebrate that and use that fuel the flames you have for your niche and keep working at it even harder.

I hope you now see the difference between Passion vs Profit and how they can both work for you or hold you back in some ways. I choose Passion, as it will be a much more sustainable path going forward

Once this blooms for you and you have the waterfall of traffic coming in, all reading what you care about and many helping share the message. Count that as a win and enjoy it



Thank you for taking the time to read my post. What are your passions? comment below and I may be able to help you get started

Take Care


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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