Real Online Income Opportunities-You Can Do Today

real online income opportunities

Real Online Income Opportunities

Solid Options To Start Generating Revenue From Home

No matter what you have heard about internet income sources there are plenty of real online income opportunities, I will lay out a couple for you and you can see if you like it or would like to try something else. Deal? You can build a sustainable home business or earn residual income online if you do not want to make it a full-time gig.

Having been in the online business world for many years I can honestly say that there are many choices for income potential, the key for your success is finding the correct working at home opportunities that suite your needs and still provide you with the freedom to work at home and not get bogged down with to many distractions or additional tasks that can take you away from making a solid and real residual income opportunity into a reality

A Little History

I like you wondered about online income opportunities and tried several before I found one that really stuck and is what I do today. See my review here. There is no doubt that many scams exist online and also some get-rich-quick schemes that have outlandish claims that cannot be sustained. If it was that easy wouldn’t we all be doing it? for sure, we would. It is really sad that many online opportunities are passed on by folks because of the scams that have scared people away. There are many legitimate
Income sources online.

Let’s look at a couple. I just recently posted an article very similar to this one in which I listed options that I have done in the past that you may consider as well. You can see my post about how to earn extra income online from home if you want to read it. I will summarize with a few for you to look at.

How It Works For Online Income

Drop Shippingcontent is king

I list Drop shipping as an income source for 2 reasons,

  1. Because I did it Myself
  2. Because it is fairly robust as an income source

Meaning you can keep it small if you like or branch out can go bigger and expand your business. All with no in house inventory. You rely on a supplier to deliver your goods to your customers, so the relationship is important between you and a supplier.
A quick summary of what drop shipping is. Here is a high-level view of how it works. You have a website or post on auction sites like eBay and you offer items for sale of some sort.

When a customer purchases an item from you, that transaction pays for the same item you will then purchase for your supplier at a cheaper price than what you sold it for and the supplier than ships the item to your customer with your brand label on the package (normally). After whatever shipping costs are, you keep the profit, and you also deal directly with customers and returns normally come to you, to deal with your supplier about how to handle.

This model allows you to live anywhere and no have overhead costs of a warehouse full of inventory, which is why it is a great option for an online business since you can be anywhere and still run it. The catch is, that you will need to be heavily involved in the day to day transactions and correspondence with customers and also your supplier, this is why I said earlier that you can keep it small or grow larger if you choose and can handle all that goes with it.

I had success with drop shipping and that’s why I am listing it for you, I will say that it is extremely important to have a good relationship with your supplier, as they will be your warehouse and you will need to be in sync to make this work well.

There are several places to try to get started as a drop shipper one is hey have some very good suppliers that cover a very wide range of interests, roughly 8000 suppliers to choose from and other options and products as well, they do charge a yearly fee of $67 for the basic membership which gives you access to the entire list of suppliers and many tips and training options to help you succeed. I like Salehoo because they are much better for folks just getting started than some other options.

The other is Worldwide Brands-Pretty much the gold standard for online wholesaler directories with an A+ rating from the U.S Better Business Bureau. They have additional options that will help you refine your market. The service is not Free but I would recommend checking it out.

Affiliate MarketingSEO Growth

I list Affiliate Marketing as a great source for 3 reasons

  1. I have Also done it myself and have had success
  2. No Inventory required Just Like Drop Shipping
  3. Easy to upgrade and can run on Auto Pilot if need be

You can be an affiliate marketer and make a living literally anywhere that has an internet connection. Here is how it all works.

You have a website based on something you are good at that has a market or otherwise known as a niche which is a group of people looking for something that you can offer them. You advertise for a supplier that has products or services relating to what you offer when someone clicks on an ad or offer you have on your page and that results in a sale, you then receive a commission for that sale from the supplier that sold the item.

There is no need to have inventory nor do you deal with shipping or returns, there may be some customer correspondence but the main communication will happen between the customer and the supplier for the item or service.

Once you get established and get this business going you can maintain it much easier than drop shipping as you will mainly be working on new content for your website instead of handling transactions, which is why I said you can run this on autopilot in item 3 above. Here is the place to go to find out everything you need to know about affiliate marketing basically the gold standard within the online marketing world see My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How This Will Help You Earn Income Online

This information I have for you can help you take the step on getting started with an online business and can provide a legitimate chance to have success since both are real online opportunities for you to pick from.

Obviously, the step by step on how to do it all once you choose is not in this post. With the Salehoo option, they have some training available but not all you will need, much of it will need to be learned along the way, which is why I recommended the affiliate marketing choice since there is training for every step and then some.

However, this business is an always learning type of deal anyways, to really succeed we are always learning new stuff and apply what is learned to our business. This information provided can help you take the guesswork out of where to go and get started, see below for how to get going.

How To Get Started Making Income Online

So I listed 2 solid options for you to get going with and I left it short because of one main reason. They both do not require upfront inventory, which is great if you want to run a business from anywhere. That is why I listed them as an option.

To do either of these options you will need training or a website and add content in order to get ranked properly and have a better chance of success. If you are not familiar with how to get rankings in search engines and resort to Pay per click marketing to get traffic, you stand a better chance of struggling since it will cost more at first until you know how to get ranked.

The affiliate marketing training is probably a more well-rounded option for you if you are new to the industry and are looking to find training and tools to get started. It is easier to switch from affiliate marketing to drop shipping than going the other way in my opinion in case you change your mind later. In fact, you could do a combo of both on a website if you choose.

I do not recommend low-quality options or scams to anyone, and I will not try to lead you astray simply to make a buck. I genuinely want you to succeed at whatever option you choose even if it is not from this site, I recommend that you consider what it is you really are willing to do work wise to get this going.

Affiliate marketing is a test in patience as it takes a while to get ranked if done properly, but the rewards are endless as drop shipping can be done a bit faster normally, it requires much more hands-on involvement in the daily operations which can get a bit time-consuming. It all depends on you. To get started, select any of the links I listed above and sign up and you will be on your way.

What other online options have you thought about? I may have some knowledge I can share with you about it, feel free to comment below and share this post on social media if you enjoyed it.

Thank you for your time.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Cade James Davis says:

    Great read, always looking for extra ways to make extra cash. I just wanted to share something I’ve been doing recently. I run an office and have noticed that unused toner was piling up in storage. Looked into returning but that was no good. Tried out the site and was impressed. They had quick service and that payout was nice.

    • Todd says:


      This is an interesting site I just checked it out. It is nice to see other places that offer some sort of compensation for stuff like this. Toner and ink cartridges are always a hassle since updates happen so fast many printers surpass the required stock you have on hand. I see this as a way to recoup some costs and be able to re invest in other office supplies, but primarily on a already existing business model. Fairly limited on the “long term” income of it. But either way it is still useful information.

      Thanks for your comment and the information.

      Take care

  2. Sophia Garis says:

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a few years and have been intrigued by drop shipping for some time. I was confused by the research I did and let it drop off my radar. Your post has me interested again and I’ll be sure to check out your recommendation.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Todd says:


      Drop shipping can be a very lucrative business if done properly. Just make sure you have a good relationship with your supplier and they will help you succeed and many times they give discounts to folks who market Items for them in addition to the already inexpensive cost you get. Thanks for looking into our options for you, this will help you get started and have success. Just stick with it and it will all work out.
      Thanks for your comment. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes, I want to see how it works for you.

      Thanks again,

      Take Care

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