Sell Niches Bundle Review-Online Scam Or Pure Gold?

Sell Niches Bundle Review

Sell Niches Bundle Review

This is the guide you have been looking for

When it comes to considering starting an online business you want to know the proper way to proceed without falling for scams or money pits that provide no value except for those who get you to fall for it. In this Sell Niches Bundle review, I am going to share with you, “The truth” about making money online, and show you a way to get the information you need to make an informed choice about the direction of your business.

You may already be in business or you could be a complete beginner, either way you can benefit from the information shared within the Sell Niches Bundle.

Sell Niches Bundle Homepage

First let me digress a bit so you understand my perspective as I walk you through this review. I have been online in one form or another with a business since 2004 and when I started I had many of the same questions you may have. “What is a Niche?”, “What do I sell?” “How do I know it will make money?” and the list goes on. Sound familiar?

I started looking for products and finally found a Dropshipping course that got me going, I wont bore you with those details but what I will share is that I learned that in order to succeed online, you need to do research and know what you are getting into before just diving in blind. It is also true that you will need a budget even if it is small.

To often I see individuals launching a website and load it with all sorts of products that may be a hot commodity but don’t last because they may be chasing high demand items that come and go, once the market changes they are stuck and the sales go away.

The folks at Idea Time L.L.C. have it figured it all out and openly share how to make the process of doing research and coming up with a Niche market of your own without all the useless scams that sell you on get rich quick schemes.

What is Sell Niches Bundle?

It is a nearly 300 page Ebook document that contains information and step by step tutorials and videos that show you the exact process you should follow to know if your business should be able to make a profit. As well as Hundreds of potential Niche market Idea’s that could spark an idea for you to pursue. Read that first sentence again, yes they show you how to know if you will succeed. 

Sell Niches Found My Niche

The course is mainly designed for someone looking to start selling products online with either auction sites like Ebay or Retail websites, or even what I did and go the DropShipping route. Even though it is written for sellers, it is truly invaluable as to the great information shared such as how to conduct proper research step by step, finding hundreds of keywords for FREE, and how to properly Identify a good profitable market can also apply to Affiliate Marketers like me.

Who Owns It?

Idea Time LLC-

Author- Matt Hedges


Here is the information directly from their website about the product

The Sell Niches Bundle helps new online sellers pick the right products to sell in their first Online Store or Auctions. Using a combination of Lessons, Video Tutorials and easy-to-use Spreadsheets. The Sell Niches Bundle is ideal for complete Beginners to online selling who are not sure what products they should sell online. If you know anyone who needs help picking out products to sell, the Sell Niches Bundle is the answer!

  • We’ve been a trusted service for over 13 years
  • We maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • The Sell Niches Bundle has been made a REQUIREMENT by some Online Teachers for their students.

The Sell Niches Bundle includes:

  • Exclusive “Smart” Product Spreadsheets ideal for Beginners. No Spreadsheet skills required.
  • 100’s of Niche Product Ideas
  • Step-by-Step Product Research Lessons
  • Video Tutorials
  • The Sell Niches Bundle contains EVERYTHING you need to pick great products to sell online. No additional purchases required

So I never really knew about this information until I recently got more involved with firing up another website and was curious on a Niche to pursue. I was guided to this product and decided to give it a shot. Was it a scam? No way.

This is the information that we all wish we had when we started out. I know folks who have been in business online for a few years and finally took the plunge with Sell Niches Bundle because they needed to see more from their businesses, they to learned that, It is Pure Gold.

Pro’s and Cons

I already know I like this product but to be fair I should do a Pro’s and Cons Comparison. I honestly do not want to be biased, but when something like this comes along I feel obligated to share it.


  • Easy Walk Through Data that explains the important factors of finding a Niche market
  • Simple and explained for a beginner
  • Research sheets pre programmed to help you be organized(Excel)
  • Keyword research sheets as well , How to use Free Tools to get great Keywords
  • Tutorials On Each section in the training
  • Explains in detail how to start making income and see results
  • Company is A+ Rated with the better business bureau
  • The show you a few search engine tricks(legit) to refine your research even more
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Is set up primarily for sellers (but can be used for affiliate marketers)

Honestly I do not have much in the way of Cons.

There are a few instructors online that provide “the truth” about how it all works online. The norms that you may be thinking will work, actually may not. Chris Malta is one of those instructors, a 25 Year vet of online business and A+ rated businesses, and he not only recommend this bundle to the students. It is a Requirement. That is how valuable this is. And he gains nothing from the sale or promotion of the bundle. When someone with his background is requiring his students to use this, you know it is a winner.

How This Will Help You.

When you are starting out in your online journey you need information you can trust. This is one of those products that delivers on that goal. It walks the walk instead of just talking the talk. No scams, no upsells, no hidden fee’s, just great valuable information.

You start out with the guide by being instructed on how market research really works and you are provided with spreadsheets(they come with the bundle) that allow you to follow along with the tutorials and as a bonus, you learn how to get very organized by using the well designed market research sheets.

You then learn about how to determine a Niche market and what it is and how to know if it is worth trying, or should you move on to something else. This is probably one of the most valuable pieces in this training packet.Pure Gold.

Before you spend months and a great deal of money trying to promote something or sell in a market you “think” will work, know what to expect prior to even starting. This information is invaluable. You honestly get a great head start by using these methods.

Keyword research is next, you are taught how to use free tools to research and get the data you need without spending your hard earned cash on a Keyword tool that may not give you what you really need. Below is an image from the bundle in action making a keyword list

Sell Niches Bundle Keyword Research

You learn how to find the critical data that will help you get ahead of your competition. Speaking of competition, you are taught how to learn from and also keep track of your competitors and weather or not they are do be worried about. a Hint? 

You need competition in today’s online world to help weed out the scammers and also to keep the price of products and a reasonable level. You learn how to value what you learn from others who are promoting or selling the same product as you.

The Bundle really helps you find out if you can make money or not from a desired direction. The step by step research sheets and the process of researching your intended market is fantastic. This alone can save you a great deal of time and money

In addition to all this above are the Video Tutorials, which show you how it all works. These are great, and they come with the Sell Niches Bundle. The detail they provide as well as the information shared is a must. Many people are visual learners, I know I am, and these really help to understand and make it all make sense

Honestly, I highly recommend you consider the Sell Niches bundle before you spend a ton of money on other products. To be clear it is not free, but there is a one time fee, no monthly payments,no additional cost. Last I checked they have a special running for $67 for the entire bundle.

UPDATE as of March 2020- They are running a Special Now for $50 for the entire Sell Niches Bundle

Sell Niches What To Sell Online

Click the button below and see the information for yourself as well as a great breakdown of the information available before you make that important decision for your business

Sell Niches Homepage

Chance of Success = 92

Legit = Yes

Recommended = Yes

What is your niche? Use this guide to know your market and chance of making money. Please comment with your findings.

Take Care

Sell Niches Bundle


Accuarate Information


Step By Step Guide


Money Back Guarantee

About Todd 128 Articles
I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information


  1. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. There is nothing more important at the start of one’s journey than to finding proper, legit information as to how things actually work and how to do stuff. Cause there is so much misleading information out there. Which is a shame. But sadly, it’s the reality.

    I have a friend who when started online was terribly misled by such scams and thus, not only he wasted loads and loads of money on half-ass products but also he didn’t quite get anywhere. I imagine it would have made such a difference (and he wouldn’t have given up on a career online for a while), if he would have came across something like this right off the bat.

    Actually legit. Actually being in the business for a solid amount of time. Something that many real online teachers recommend. And something that’s beyond just simply approved by Better Business Bureau.

    Keep spreading the message, Todd!!!

    It’s an incredibly important one! <3

    And have a Wonderful Day ahead!

    • Rasa,

      It for sure is nice to have this product recommended by industry experts and teachers. With all the scams online today getting the right information is key and yes it is very important to get it before you start spending money on other products that do nothing but cost you money.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Just wanted to drop a few kind words. Thank you, Todd! I sincerely appreciate all the insights.

    This is pretty much the ideal thing I’ve been looking for. Granted, I’m not a complete beginner but I’m absolutely down to learning from anyone knowledgeful enough to explain and teach me exactly what success looks like (and teach how to predict it). So, I can take my business and research skills to the next level. 

    That said I feel the biggest selling point for me was the aspect of this being a trusted service for 13 years. In that sense, I feel it pretty much guarantees that the product actually delivers value. And the A+ rating of Better Business Bureau, as well as the fact that it has been made a requirement by some online teachers only further emphasizes that fact.

    Plus, I love the fact that they display it all on the plate. Meaning, they’re not giving you some tuned-down miserable product for a really low price and then surprise you with a bunch of upsells (without which the product, in essence, is unusable).

    I respect that a lot. Again, thank you!


    • Matiss,

      It is nice to have a valid legit set of information you can count on to make it work for you and your business. I also like that they do not have any up-sells,they deliver on what you pay for. I agree with you about the trust factor and that others who are succeeding online recommend the product. This is one you can truly count on to deliver.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. Hi Todd,

    Considering all that you have said so far, I am adding Sell Niches Bundle to my budget. I actually had a budget to purchase some items and software to setup my website next year and I think this bundle is highly needed too.

    If I see value in it and if it has an affiliate programme, I would definitely promote it too.

    It doesn’t promise quick riches, the contents are some terms I have heard of before but no good knowledge about and most importantly the one time fee is really nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ovb,

      This is a great piece to add to the online business arsenal. Yes they have an affiliate program, I am an affiliate for them but I will say that I happily promote this since it is the real deal and not a scam. The cost is a one time fee and no bait and switch schemes. This can help folks at all skill levels, Well worth adding to the budget, as it is the gift that keeps on giving since it provides you with the skills needed to make it all work out.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Wow! It has been a very long time I read a review that is as important as this one. I did not know much about Sell Niches Bundle before now. Well, now I have so much information about it.

    Just as you have rightly said, this course looks very legit to me. I have always had interest for drop shipping business. But for now I just want to do affiliate marketing and with time, I will go into drops hopping. I really hope this bundle will not disappoint me.

    • Shifts,

      I am glad you liked the review. I can tell you that this can also be used as an affiliate marketer, I use it all the time. The difference is that instead of figuring out profit margins for a specific product you can dial it in on market research and see if your niche is worth diving into, It can help with a dropshipping business as well and when you go that route, use the skills you obtained in this packet. It is very legit and works great.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  5. Thanks for your extensive review, I will for sure have a look at their website and if I buy it, I will let you know of my results later.

    I have been researching online a lot, I want to build a dropshipping business, and I am struggling with choosing the best niche, products, language, location, etc! 

    Maybe this is the help I need in order to get it started!

    • Luiz,

      This is a great bundle for a dropshipping business. I did dropshipping myself and I wish I had this information before I started since it would have save me time and money. As an online business owner you need to know if your business stands  a chance to succeed before you start. This is a very well done training packet that gives you powerful information that can be re used over and over in your business. Check out the video tutorials, I found them extremely helpful. Good luck on your dropshipping business. Yes please do come back and fill me in on how this worked for you, or even if you have questions about dropshipping.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  6. Thanks for this article, this sort of information is so important in my opinion as there are so many scams out there! It is articles like yours that help people sift through the legitimate websites and non-legitamate ones! This program in particular seems really cool and like it could be helpful for many people looking to sell products online. What is your favourite part about this specific program?

    • Kohl,

      You are spot on, there are many scams online today and this bundle teaches you what works and what doesn’t work before you spend your money on a get rich quick scam. This is a must for beginners, the step by step process is outstanding and you get to print out the worksheets and see for yourself how your business should do even before you get rolling.”How cool is that?” I highly recommend this to anyone including vets as this is valuable to everyone

      My favorite part is the market research piece, that helps break down your desired niche and help determine if you are on the right track or need to pick something else. I wish I had this when I started, it would have saved money

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. My partner started out with Dropshipping as well! She focused on selling journals for the first few months of what we like to call her “entrepreneurial journey,” but realized the profit margin in that niche wasn’t quite what she was looking for. Anyhow, I found your review very insightful because I’ve personally wondered about the viability of certain niche ideas and wished there was a way to know more about that viability before pouring hours into launching a website. Thank you for the thorough review! 

    • Tucker,

      This bundle is great for figuring out if your desired niche is worth the effort. It is designed for sellers but Affiliate marketers can also use this info to get a better Idea about the market. They walk you through step by step using worksheets and a bit of homework to get you started. You find out how to find keywords for Free instead of using pricey tools, there is so much in this bundle including video tutorials. This helped me refine the direction of my business and saved me money by not wasting time dabbling into all sorts of other programs that really didn’t help in the end

      Thanks for taking time to comment

      Take Care


  8. Hello Todd, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. What I like about Sell Niches is that it is beginner friendly which means that absolute beginners can make a profit with it. I am gonna try it, after all, it is pretty affordable yet it can really help in making some extra cash online.

    • Danijel,

      I agree with you that this is a great tool for beginners, but even vets can learn from this. I went through the training and it really helped me refine the focus of my business. The fact that they offer what really works and show you how to use free tools to get the information you need is very impressive.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  9. I have actually started blogging in the last couple months, I am in community group so we are learning a thing or two.

    This seem to be a great eBook, I will check out…
    please if you would like give some feedback on my blog

    Thank you much appreciated

    • Jos,

      I am happy you find value in the Sell Niches Bundle. It really opened my eyes a bit more with the great detail and factual information provided. The system is usable in many online formats and the fact you learn to use free tools saves a great deal of money.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  10. Hi Todd,

    I purchased you program in 2019, however, I haven’t used the program ubtil 09/25/2019 and I found I couldn’t type information. I am using Excel. Need information how I can use research.

    • Hello Leland,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. What program are you referring to I have several? I may be able to help you out of you can provide a little more detail are you referring to the sell niches bundle?.You can email me at

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  11. Hi Todd great review on sell niches bundle. You have certainly gone into detail on this one.

    It looks like they have all things covered, the spreadsheets for beginners is a good idea I think.

    This product looks like it will be very helpful to new and older marketers too.It also is not a big price to pay for a one of payment.

    You can also sell it yourself as an affiliate of course and make your money back:)


    • Frank,

      You are correct, they really have a good product. It is nice to see. Many people can benefit from the truth about how it all works. Yes there is a cost but as you said not a big price to pay and it is one time only with no upsells. If I had this when I started it would have saved me a great deal of time and money. Yes they have an Affiliate program and I happily promote for them, I only promote products that are legit and helpful for people. This one is one of my top recommended products for folks getting started online.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  12. Thank you for your post. It is thorough review on “Sell Niches Bundle”. I started online business this year and are actively looking for the best products to promote. It is hard to find legit business to follow.

    Based on your analyses, The Sell Niches Bundle provides nice niche analysis. Identifying profit niches is one of important steps in online business. You are absolutely right that this is the information we all need in order to succeed in online business.

    The cost of this is $67. I wonder if there are upsells? I purchase several program like this, all of them have upsells in order to make the program running.

    It is kind of your sharing such valuable information with us.

    • Anthony,

      I am glad you found value in this review. The product in this review is that good. There are no upsells besides the initial cost. There are free options for keyword research and the research is at your own pace. The cost gives you everything in the bundle, no catch no upsells. You honestly get a great deal of information that helps give you a head start in your business.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  13. Hello Todd, interesting review you have done concerning sell niches bundle and I must confess, this comes very handy to me. I have been looking for ideas that might help me to spark up a golden niche idea to me. I really want to start blogging but the process has not been easy because I could not find the right niche. I think this sell niches bundle would definitely be able to help me scale through the difficulties associated with selecting a niche for me. Thanks

    • RoDarrick,

      This is a great place to find your niche, not only with the training but they also provide hundreds of potential niche categories that can get you thinking and creating a niche sub category to refine your market. You also learn how to tell how strong that niche is for profit purposes.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  14. Wow, thanks Todd. I’ve just kicked off my journey as an affiliate marketer and I’m glad you spoke about making enquiries and doing research when you just start off so as to know what one is getting into. Honestly, I have been having problems choosing a preferred niche and I’m glad to see that you can recommend a good eBook that will take me all the way. I’m glad I found your post and I’ll make sure I check out the bundle. Best regards.

    • Henderson,

      I am pleased you can see the value in this bundle. Affiliate marketers can learn from this by step by step instructions on how to refine your niche and then using that to find hundreds of keywords to use to share you message with. This is a can’t miss deal and I am sure you will enjoy it. Come back and let me know how it went for you.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  15. I like that it has tutorials for each section as I am a newbie and I generally need a step by step guide for almost everything. I actually want to ask something about keyword research. Will these keyword research searches drastically over time or can I expect a similar search volume following years?

    • Alaba,

      Great question about the long term keyword potential. With this bundle, You learn how to find the keywords you need for FREE and also how they are trending. You can adjust the trend time to see how they have performed over a longer period. The additional plus is that you start seeing additional keyword ideas as you go along, which keeps things fresh and your business thriving. You also learn what to avoid with keywords and what to watch out for in your research.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  16. This is very interesting information. For the price, it does seem like it’s reasonable, and I appreciate that you have laid out the pros and cons to make the decision easier for anyone who is on the fence and still trying to figure out if it’s worth the investment. The money back guarantee is always something that makes me feel better about the purchase. What else can you say about that guarantee (it’s a big selling point, but want to make sure that you don’t have to jump through impossible hoops for this to be viable)? Thanks!

    • Aly,

      The money back guarantee is exactly that, a guarantee. This company is A+ rated with the better business bureau which should give you comfort. Not many companies online provide you the truth about what works and what does not and have the goods to back up the message. This is truly Pure Gold. You can save yourself a great deal of time and money by checking this out.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


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