SEO Keyword Competition Analysis-How To Stay On Top

SEO Keyword Competition Analysis

SEO Keyword Competition Analysis

The Simple Steps To Stay On Top Of The List with Jaaxy

If you have a website or want to start one you have heard of keywords and SEO, but how do you know what keywords to use to get ranked and still share your information? You need solid SEO keyword competition analysis to determine how many other websites are using the same keyword or phrase that you want to use.

I will walk you through the important steps needed for keyword research and finding your competition. In fact, I will show you how I researched the keywords for this post you are reading right now, using the Jaaxy keyword research tool

To understand how to find the keyword competition In Jaaxy is actually fairly easy since there is a QSR column within every Jaaxy search result. QSR means Quoted Search Results, which is the number of websites currently using the same keyword. So this gives you a good measuring stick for determining your chance of ranking for a particular keyword or phrase, Jaaxy actually gives you a Poor, Normal, or Great indicator for each result in the QSR column.



Jaaxy Numbers Tell you about your competition

Knowing how to read the column headers in Jaaxy is important but simple at the same time. I have covered this explanation a few times on this site, so why not do it again. Here is what the columns in Jaaxy search mean. I copied this from my Jaaxy review page.- You can read my Jaaxy review here

  • AVG– Total searches per month – These are the traffic numbers of people looking for your exact keyword search phrase. Even small numbers here are good, it means traffic which will potentially payout. If you rank just by the keyword then you will have a much greater chance of long-term success than if you have artificial rankings like PPC
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This is keyword quality indicator. Green is the best, meaning it has a much better chance of being successful for you in all your rankings
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is your competition. This is the number of websites using the same exact keyword you searched for. If you aim under 250, you have a good chance of getting ranked (150 is better). I try to keep mine below 100 so I have a much better chance of getting results much quicker The opportunities are truly endless for keywords and having this information is extremely helpful
  • SEO Power –This takes into account the three other metrics above and determines if your keyword is a good candidate to get ranked, the indicated number is a % chance of ranking on page 1 for your keyword provided you have good content. If you can get ranked repeatedly, you WILL make money online

Here is a Video on how I searched for the keyword for this exact article-

Update on the QSR and AVG numbers, to rank well and get the most from your post, a rule of thumb to follow when starting out is AVG > 100 and QSR < 100 will go along ways to keeping you in the top pages provided you are following the basic rules for quality content and on page SEO and posting regularly.

I follow that format still today for many of my posts. It is called the low hanging fruit approach to building ranking and website authority. You start to rank well for several of these types of keywords and you will see a consistent traffic flow to your website. Here is a google explanation of how Google page ranking works by Wikipedia

SEO Keyword Competition Analysis- What the numbers mean

You may think you need a huge traffic number in the (AVG) column to get people to your site. True the higher the number the better obviously, however, you are building a website that needs to be active with continual input and content added to it. This is what is considered a “low hanging fruit” keyword since it has low competition but not a huge traffic number. These are much easier to rank for than some higher competition keywords.

If you do this type of research over and over and continually find these types of keywords to add value to your website and your readers, you will build authority with Google and in turn rank higher on the more difficult and higher competition words.

I have repeatedly said on my site that this business is a test in your resolve, it takes a while to build up your brand so that you are trusted by search engines. Once they realize you are legit and not just a keyword stuffing website or a website with no activity, you will be greatly rewarded in ranks and also your traffic will start to rise and soon you will have all you want traffic wise on your site and you can help many people find the answers to what they are looking for.

As a result, you can also expect to gain the financial rewards of building a website and a solid business online.

Try your own search right here below and practice what you have learned above to see if you can find a keyword for your website. It is free to try it out.

SEO Keyword Competition Analysis

Getting the most of your SEO and Keyword Research

There is more information you can gain from Jaaxy about your competition using additional features available. The image below is using the “Search Analysis” tab within Jaaxy to gather additional data about what others on page one are doing to succeed.



I used one of my reviews to demonstrate this feature. The keyword is “Sell niches bundle review” and fortunately I am ranked in 1st position for that in Google. But here is how you can find additional data about the keyword you used. Select the “view details” button as shown in the image below, I selected the view details button and the following results displayed


Additional details are provided about the top page of search results, you can select each result and see how your competition is ranking and what is working for them. You can learn from others how to perform well in searches with your desired keywords. Then you go to work and at your own unique quality content about that keyword in a way that helps a reader find the answer they are looking for.

Do this multiple times with multiple keywords and soon you will be ranking well regularly and start to grow your organic traffic levels at a steady pace. There are many ways to make this data work for you and help you understand what works. But best bet is to use the tool to help you find what you need and then write your post using the knowledge you gained from it.

How to Improve your SEO With Jaaxy

As you build out your website with quality content, you will need a fresh set of data that continues to provide you what you need to know about in order to share it well with your audience and also help you succeed in ranking. There are many features in Jaaxy I did not cover that will build on what we learned today.

Brainstorm- Tab helps when you ay be a bit stuck and trying to get an idea about a specific keyword, it list some trending topics related to your keywords and also can provide great ideas even without a keyword, just showing trends that can inspire you for a direction to follow in your research

Site Rank– is a way to check your SERP rankings in Google,Bing and Yahoo at the same time. To have a good website keyword rank checker in an easy to ready one click format is a plus, not many tools do that as well as Jaaxy.

Enter a post title in the search box in Site Rank and select the domain of your website then find results will show you how you are doing. you have the option to see a graph of your progress as well as a display of the results from the page you are ranking on in addition to going up or down in the search, that is displayed as well


In this example my post in shows I have some work to do in Bing but Google loves me. LOL: Not sure what happen with the yahoo data, sometimes in takes a minute or so to come up with the three sets of data. But you get the idea.


Well as you have probably learned, proper SEO is important to the success of your online business, and having the right information can really help you do well. Proper SEO keyword competition analysis can really get you on the right path and well on your way with your online business. Do your research, find the keywords that make sense and know what to do with them and provide great content for your readers and you will thrive in this industry.

Where are you stuck? I can help. Or just stop by and say hi in the comments. Either way I would be happy to meet you and connect so I can help you succeed. Feel free to comment or share this article if you found value in it.



Thank you and have a glorious day


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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  1. Ilias says:

    Hi Todd, keyword research was always a struggle for me but after explaining these numbers seems to make sense.

    Should I use a keyword tool also to check out the traffic and the competition?

    I have not any problem to invest some money if the price is reasonable but I want to avoid putting too much time into my keyword research.

    • Todd says:


      Keyword research is one of the most important activities you need to do to keep your site relevant. Constant updates with new content and posts are one of the factors to good site authority. You will always need to do keyword research so you need the right tool. Yes you should check traffic and competition as you may find that there may be a great traffic keyword but it is very competitive and you probably will struggle to rank. Your Keyword tool should have all that in one place..That way you do not need multiple tools.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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