Best SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Tool For 2019

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Best SEO Keyword Rank Tracking Tool For 2019


Stay On Top Of The Hill And Drive Actionable Traffic To Your Site

Many factors can determine how you get ranked in search engines but not many are as important as solid SEO keyword rank tracking. You need to know how you are doing and what is or is not working to get you ranked well. A good keyword helps with the initial topic, but good Search engine optimization is what really brings it home. I use what I feel is the best SEO keyword rank tracking tool for 2019

I started my online journey in 2004 and I knew next to nothing about keywords and SEO at that point. I have since learned and gained the skills to rank my articles and information very well. I repeatedly rank on page 1 ,2 or 3 with what I have learned to do over the years. I ran a retail drop-ship website selling memory foam mattresses and toppers at that time and did many things to try to get noticed online until I learned about solid SEO.


Fake it Until You Make it

I used Pay per click marketing to get noticed and exchanged links with other sites on link shares when I started my website business and I can say that it worked and was effective at driving traffic to my website, but it was short-lived at times since I had not taken the time to follow good SEO practices of which I knew very little about back then. I spent quite a bit of money staying ranked.

This is one reason I really recommend that you use pay per click when the time is right for your business NOT when you are just getting started. It is fake rankings in my opinion and quite frankly I consider PPC to be the lazy man’s way to make money online until they learn to get organic rankings by following good practices and using good solid keywords and SEO.

Too many people follow this path of PPC when they start out and many end up spending way more money than they need to for the same results as good SEO. I see so many keyword tools that have a column in them just for PPC costs and how they would rank at what price. Silly. You do not need any of that to do this.

Track Down Those Keywords

The way I have had so much success with once I figured out how was with 3 things.

1 Finding great keywords that have good traffic and low competition

2. On page SEO- Meaning using that keyword or phrase in my article in a way that the search engines like so they favor my post and place it ahead of the folks using PPC to stay on the same page. Good SEO is the way you use the keywords in your post or page. Here is information provided by Wikipedia regarding SEO

3. Quality Content- You will not get ranked at all unless you have something to rank. The backbone of every good blog or website is the content contained within.

I follow many habits when I post in order to rank my articles, There is a 10 step process I use every time I post that has been proven successful by many industry experts I share that with my readers on my newsletter and will eventually right an article about it here on my site.

Finding Good Keywords

I bet you have tried a few tools to get some keywords or looked into a few that you like. I have as well in the past, but I finally found one that gives me everything I need and way more in order to give me great keywords, traffic information, and competition, how many other websites online are using the same keyword I am looking at and also keyword quality indication, meaning how solid it is based on the three other factors I just mentioned.

All these are the main driving factors to getting rankings as long as you post good content using that information. My tool of choice? Jaaxy 3.0, without a doubt the best keyword and seo tool I have found online to this day. See my Jaaxy review here.

So to be fair, I am a member of wealthy affiliate and Jaaxy was created by the founders or wealthy affiliate, so I may sound like I am pitching Jaaxy because I am a member. True I am, but I also am very serious about what I do for my business and I would not use Jaaxy if it was not as advertised.

I know enough to make smart choices with my business and I hold no loyalty to a product regardless of who created it if it is not a good one. Jaaxy Rocks!!

      Try Your own Jaaxy Search right here for Free


Rank Tracking

Jaaxy just had an upgrade in late June that was released in July 2017 and it already had a good rank checker but now it is even better. The checker now checks ranks from Google, Bing, and Yahoo at the same time and shows you the results from each one and where you stand, also if you went up or down since you last checked.

You can set it so you track rankings Daily, Twice a week, weekly, Monthly and so on automatically with a graph that displays the progress. There is video walk-through in my review but I have posted it here as well below this paragraph. In that video shows parts of the rank checker feature.

Data Accuracy

The results speak for themselves on how accurate the data is on keyword research using Jaaxy, the alphabet soup function takes a keyword you may be a bit stuck on and adds a letter of the alphabet like “B” and adds words or phrases to your chosen word to help you out.

For example- say I picked ” keyword research tools” as my search and I noticed it had some heavy competition so I go to the alphabet soup menu and choose “b” and it displays many other variations of the original choice I had and adds stuff like ” best keyword research tools” as an option and then you select it and it automatically does another search for you and displays those results.

I have found the accuracy to be spot on and I have used the information from jaaxy to consistently outperform PPC sites on high traffic keywords.


I know I went on and on about Jaaxy so here is the deal. I share what works for me, but it certainly is not the only option out there, I just know what I have used and have found nothing better yet. Conduct your own research on keyword tools and see what you find, there are good ones out there see what they charge you and also what data you get in return and see if it works for what you want.

I listed a few reasons why content ranks well based on 3 main factors, so follow those and keep producing good content regularly. You will go far in this industry if you do. Just be aware of what I said about PPC and I hope you do not fall into the trap of trying to get-rich-quick by going for PPC, I am almost certain you will have a much harder time if you do.

I can connect you with training that can teach you the right way to make this work out if you want it. But I really hope I can convince you to make sure you rank properly so that you can maintain good standings without having to pay huge click fee’s. Whatever you find tools wise they will charge you a fee. Jaaxy is no different. So why not pay your fee once instead of a fee and then more money for PPC.

There are free tools yes, but what quality are they giving you. Try a few that you find and see how they work for you. I am willing to be you come back to Jaaxy when you really want to see results

I would love to hear about what tools you have found or what you use, please share it in the comments so we can take a look, we may both benefit from it.

Thank you for your time.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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