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Fantastic I welcome the chance to see what you can come up with to share with my readers

Submit A Guest Post

I welcome any inquiries if you want to submit a guest post. It helps us both out and provides my readers with a different perspective on particular topics, which can be helpful and refreshing at the same time.

I have a few ground rules that must be followed in order for you to post on my site. I encourage guest posting but I also need to protect the integrity of this website, I know you understand.

Let’s get to it.

Guest Posting Criteria

The premise and Niche of this website is to help educate potential new online business owners as to where to find information or direct them to products or services that will help their business succeed.

  1. Content must match my sites niche and promotional criteria
  2. All articles submitted must be original and not plagiarized in any way, I will verify copied content or duplicate content
  3. Must be SEO compliant and also reader-friendly- We both win that way
  4. Needs to be quality and “original” content that can provide value to my readers-No keyword stuffing or spam
  5. Minimum 1200 words,( this is not a hard fast rule) but I do not have a max. If you want to write a novel try Amazon. LOL 🙂 If you can provide quality content in fewer words than fine we can talk about it
  6. Training information or product or service advise is encouraged as long as it is not contrary to what this site promotes- Like tutorials or training guides are fantastic
  7. All Images need to be relevant to your article and optimized for site speed- I will take care of the Title image
  8. I reserve the right to remove your content from my site at any time and for any reason. I will have total control of the content, you will receive credit and all your content will be posted as written as long as we agree after any edits are done.
  9. Links provided in content must not be spammy links and I will check them. But yes feel free to add links but keep it real- I don’t want a post full of just ads, there needs to be value in the information
  10. I reserve the right to change these criteria at any time if I do you will be notified of any changes besides styling and formatting
  11. You can request to have your article removed at any time.
  12. You need to be responsible for answering comments regarding your information.
  13. will not be responsible for misleading or fraudulent information provided in any guest posts
  14. No article creation software is to be used like Elementor or other tools. I need this website to have crisp and clean articles written manually. It really helps with the site speed at my end
  15. I will publish the article, you can add as a draft so I can have the final say on publishing.
  16. will own the content. You will certainly get credit and the value from it. But I will own it. That helps control spin-offs of information and devaluing the content by copying it elsewhere online.
  17. If you have  an established site, I would appreciate a dofollow backlink to my site.

Thank you for considering guest posting on my website. If these terms are acceptable to you then, by all means, contact me and we can work something out for posting.

What I will do for you since you are kind enough to post on my site

  • I will follow you on my social media sites of my choosing
  • I will share your article on social media and other networking sites
  • Of course, I will do my best to promote your article and also include it in my mailing list sequence to my subscribers

To Apply For A Guest Post

Email me at or comment on one of my posts and ask about guest posting, My contact information is also available on my About Todd page. You can also check out my Profile at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about me

Please do not be worried about applying for guest posting. I may or may not approve it but since I am a marketer I am looking to promote my brand and if you can help me do that by helping my readers then we may be able to work something out. I can help you as well, call it a professional courtesy if you will since we are both in the same industry most likely.

Guest posting is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your brand, I encourage it as long as it does not harm the message of the website or traffic flow and or rankings of this site.

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