The 5 Best Responsive WordPress Website Templates

The 5 Best Responsive WordPress Website Templates

The 5 Best Responsive WordPress Website Templates


WordPress is undeniably the most sought after CMS platform on the website. Owing to its great popularity and use in the establishment of WordPress CMS, responsive templates that are particularly designed for sites powered by WordPress have also gained immense eminence in the market.

Most individuals give a lot of preference to WordPress templates because it is undemanding to set up and is also the best to create websites such as a blog, portfolio, personal and corporate sites. Nevertheless, free high-quality responsive WordPress templates are not easy to find.

This is the ultimate reason that compelled me to gather, what I feel are the best free responsive WordPress website templates on the market. If you have, therefore, been looking for the best, then you are ultimately in the ideal place. All you need to do is to relax as I take you through a detailed tour of these templates. Enjoy the tour!

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The Sydney template is uniquely designed for companies and freelancers who want to showcase a strong and robust online presence. Customization alternatives are relatively extensive, with options not limited to Google Fonts and logo uploads.

Sydney Theme

The full visual display unit works perfectly well for individuals who want to show large images or advertising banners, whilst the full-color regulator provides an ideal branding environment.

The sticky navigation assists individuals to scrutinize your site while the front page blocks act as a drag and drop interface used in designing a professional clean interface.

This template is responsive for individuals who want to view the website on mobile phones, and it has more than 600 Google Fonts that help in modifying the typography.

Also, the template has a complete perfect complete translation for those who do not speak your language and a parallax background that adds a prolific and creative aspect to the site. Finally, you can choose either, a static image or slider, and enact social icons to send clients to your Facebook and Twitter pages.


Astrid theme is without any doubt an exemplary option if you are after a free WordPress template with diverse business elements that will give your company a professional outlook. The color alternatives and fonts are endless, enabling you to realize your ultimate branding solutions.

Astrid Theme

Additionally, the full-width header image has an exact look of something in a paid template, and it enables you to present high-resolution photos that portray what your company does. The custom tools or widgets work perfectly well, whilst the dynamic blog alternatives ensure that you have the opportunity to better your search engine rankings and link with individuals who are after free content.

The spectacular business layout has a tool that highlights your teammates, along with a module that outlines your services. To make your presentation more optical you can pair the services you offer with icons.

Also, this great WordPress template has a translation feature that helps individuals who speak a different language to get a clear understanding of what your company is all about. WooCommerce support is offered for selling products through your site, and the responsive design has a stunning look on every tablet and phone.

You will also find that the header module has call to action texts and buttons, that enhance your chances of converting visitors to customers. Clearly outline what your company does, make use of both the visual graphs and counters to showcase the number of jobs you have done for your clients.

The team member row supports both pictures and job titles, and the portfolio section unveils the compact thumbnail pictures of your projects, that then connect to additional information in case the users decide to click through.

Together with testimonials or commendations, customer listings, and a spectacular footer module, this WordPress template exactly looks like a premium option, however, the good news is that you don’t have to pay for it.

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The Moesia WordPress template, works excellently for all businesses, despite the size. This is because it has a total of eleven predefined blocks that you can put on your homepage to come up with your desired site. You can also set background colors for the blocks. Diverse stunning animations and effects are incorporated into the template, while the two blog layouts assist with your optical presence.

Moesia Theme

Furthermore, the Moesia template offers Google Fonts in order for you to select your typographical settings, together with a responsive layout for individuals to have a clear view of the site on their mobile devices.

Also, the template contains translation features and custom tools to build your site faster and reach to the new clients. With social integration and the custom header, Moesia WordPress template is an ideal alternative to consider.


This is a highly rated template and you can find it directly from the WordPress template library. Hueman template works ideally for all blogs and magazines and it contains a header and a footer in which widgets are easily placed. The infinite accent colors and widget sections enhance the building experience, while the ten post formats incorporate diversity to your site as individuals go through your content.

Hueman Theme

Additionally, this template has a translation feature that enables those speaking in different languages understand the message in your content and the social links which ensure that clients know the platforms you use to relate with your followers.

Importantly also, is that the template offers a great tool used in uploading logos. Finally, there are also threaded comments that assist you to keep the conversation alive with your readers. Hueman powers 80K+ websites around the world is mobile friendly and ready to take your content to a new level

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The Make WordPress template has a modern outlook, with a large header section for advertisement banners and new product pictures. The responsive layout is without a doubt an excellent flair, and the social integration provides you with buttons that you can use to refer individuals to your social networks.

Make Theme

The feature that makes this template standout is the drag and drop page feature that gives you the chance to move the elements throughout the site with ease.

With this template, you can customize everything from the fonts to the colors, without leaving out the logs and the layouts. Interestingly various top plugins such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Jetpack and WP PageNavi work flawlessly with the Make Template.


If you truly want to acquire the best free WordPress templates for your site then do not hesitate to get yourself one of the above templates. I am certain and confident that you will love the outlook of your site. Don’t be left out as others are making their sites better and appealing. In case, you want to also acquire any of the best but non-free templates then you can visit or

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6 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    The Hueman template really stood out to me. It honestly sounds like one that would fit great with my site. I especially like that it has the translator already built in I noticed that with some templates this is not included. What a great feature to have. Another part I like about it the threaded comments option. It is very important to keep up with our visitors.
    Thank you again

    • Todd says:


      I like that theme as well and have considered changing from what I currently use “MH Magazine” to Hueman. Yes a translator is a big deal and a good point, thank you for noticing that. Comments are a huge plus for connecting with out audience, so having a solid comments option is very helpful. There are many awesome themes out there from WordPress but I listed these 5 because they all have some great features and a variety of different looks. The Hueman theme is already in use by over 80,000 websites today.

      Thanks for your detailed comment

      Take Care


  2. Jordan says:

    Wow, this is a really helpful resource! Thanks for sharing this.

    I am finding more and more that WordPress has some really comprehensive options, for a ton of different styles and needs. I actually went through several different theme changes because I had difficulty picking one for a while.

    A guide like this is perfect for someone trying to narrow down a great WordPress theme. There are many out there, but it’s still hard to find one just scrolling through a wall with dozens of different templates.

    Thanks again!

    • Todd says:


      Yes I agree it is hard to find a good theme simply by scrolling through an endless list of choices. So themes have some great built in features- best bet is t look at the details for each theme and see what they have, or download a few and “preview” them on your site. You wont change anything on your own site unless you hit publish, so you can basically try them on for size and see what they look like before updating. Not many people know you can have many themes downloaded, just the one active is the one people see.

      I did the same as you and went through a few before settling on the one I use on this site, it has many options that help me keep it simple for folks, to navigate without to many clicks to get information.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  3. GBIG says:

    This is very helpful for me. I am glad that I found this website. I am new to internet marketing and I have a website up and running. At the back of my head I have doubts about if I have the “right” or the “perfect” website for my brand new online business. This website is helpful for me to identify what aspects of a template I find useful and what features I can live without. I think that I like Moesia the best. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

    • Todd says:


      I am glad this helped you out. That is the intent. Congrats on starting your own online business, my hat goes off to you, I like Moesia as well but am thinking of changing my theme to the Hueman theme myself. Have not decided yet. I wouldn’t worry about having the “perfect” website, it may take to much of your time worrying about what layout is best suited and so on. Get one you are comfortable with and adjust and learn as you progress. Find a Theme that displays your content in a way that is appealing to your readers, then add content consistently and you will be fine.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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