The 6 R’s Every Affiliate Should Know About-Your Foundation

The 6R’s Every Affiliate Should Know About

Build A Solid Website Foundation With The 6 R’s


What a world we live in with the continued growth of the online economy at a record pace and the opportunities that are available for small online business owners is truly outstanding. I am sure you have seen the 5 R’s of some topic, well I have added one more and come up with the 6 R’s every affiliate should know about. They all relate to the industry and are actually some key principles needed to be successful online

Website and blog owners especially have a great opportunity by being able to create their own portal to the world. To connect with the worldwide audience, there are a few main factors that play into rankings and getting noticed online.

Besides all the buzz terms like SEO, Niche Marketing, Crowdfunding, and so on. What makes the most impact is a solid foundation. To get there it is paramount to stay true to some key principles and understand how they work and in turn, they can help your business succeed

The 6R's Every Affiliate Should Know About


This a daily activity that will help you learn about new topics and also enhance your knowledge of your niche market. Proper research will provide the topics and keywords to focus on to get your message out to your readers.

You will need to be organized and take notes on your topics, they pile up quickly and not having good notes means you have to redo some of your research before you write. Whatever you choose to use for sources of your information. Make sure you can explain it well.

That is where the quality content comes from having a passion or a hobby that drives your interest in research will greatly enhance your future success. As you grow your business you will need to keep providing content. This is why following something you are interested in really helps.

Once you get your routine down with the research you will have many post ideas come to mind to share with your readers.


One of the most important aspects of your message to visitors is to be relevant to what they are looking for with the content you provide. The more relevant you are the greater the chance of success.

This is also a great way to add credibility to your brand and also gain loyal followers and readers who enjoy your content. The possibility that they share your message will be much better.

I know when I search online I am looking for specific information I click on the links that I think provide me what I am looking for. Your potential readers most likely do the same.

When you have a post about a topic, the title that shows up in searches (Meta Title) and the description (Meta Description) need to spell out what the reader can expect to find in your article by selecting it.

You certainly can still focus on keywords for your title, but the information provided by you needs to match the title. That relevancy is very important.


Probably the best way to connect with your brand from a reader perspective is by reviews you provide. We have all looked online for something we want to purchase, what do we do? we find and read the reviews about what we are interested in.

This provides a different perspective than what may be intended by your content, and it also leads too much better brand authority and relevance like above.

A good detailed review is a way to show your knowledge of your niche and help your brand grow. Be honest, do not make stuff up and expect to pass it off as a review. Be detailed and offer your unique perspective. Do as many reviews as you are comfortable with.

If you are selling a product, you could do a video review to drive home your brand awareness.

I have a review as an example. Here is my review of my #1 Recommended Option for learning all things Affiliate Marketing


The process of marketing online has many steps that are repeatable. Like writing content regularly, or marketing your brand. The specific steps can be learned and will be the backbone of how you run your business going forward.

As experience grows the repeatable steps become easier. For example, there are 5 Proven steps to affiliate success and I have written a guide about exactly that. Opt-in to receive it here for Free- Click Here

Once you have your core process down for how you post content and how you frame your articles as well as your research techniques, you simply repeat what is working and apply new skills as you learn.


Every online marketer uses referrals to make a living, that is one of the main principles of how the “affiliate” process works. Primarily Affiliate Marketing. A referral can simply be a user clicking a product link and being taken to a retailer website to complete the purchase or being sent to a service or program that is available for them to learn from.

Affiliates use referrals in a legitimate way to help drive traffic to retail websites and in turn, will profit from it by receiving a commission percentage of the sale. Referrals are the backbone of the affiliate marketing industry

Here is a diagram of how Affiliate Marketing works

How Affiliate Marketing Works
I’m an affiliate marketer and in my online travels, I have found that it is the most lucrative and rewarding online business. Strictly my opinion. But it works well and I feel I can provide value to someone and still make money at the same time.

The outlook for affiliate marketing is very bright, the growth in the next few years is expected to increase dramatically.

ROI( Return on investment)

return on investment comes in many forms. I could be that you are getting more revenue generated from your pay per click campaigns then you are investing. That would be a good thing.

Mainly though I am referring to the effort and time you put into making your business function well by following a pattern of success that has worked for many of the top online business owners.

The saying in the Industry is “you get out of it what you put into it”, Many folks try to make a living online and may struggle a bit because they expect everything to happen fast. It can happen fairly quickly, Like within a few months but normally it takes longer than that to really bring it home and create a business you can be proud of.


Thank you for staying with me through my list. I hope I have shown you the importance of the factors mentioned above. If you make the 6 R’s part of your marketing habits, you stand a much better chance to have and maintain a successful online business.

I really enjoy connecting with my readers, so if you would leave a comment below if you enjoyed this article, we can connect and I would appreciate it.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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6 Responses

  1. riley roman says:

    Great post, very good job of explaining the 6rs of affiliate marketing. A great article for anyone in the affiliate marketing business, newbie or experienced. I really like the pyramid showing the 6rs, a great image and easy to understand.

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Riley,

      The pyramid just helped explain the message better, I am happy you found it useful. As marketers we have many irons in the fire to make a living with multiple sources, so having a solid foundation helps stay organized and focused on producing good content that has value to readers. Yes this can apply to all skill levels or marketing.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. These are sure steps or what we can call the ABC’s of affiliate marketing that everyone must follow in order to have online success. Thanks for pointing out these steps.

    • Todd says:


      Good input on the ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing. Very true. There is a definite process that needs to happen to be a success. It can be in many forms, but these 6 R’s will be part of any consistent online strategy.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  3. Wilson Lee says:

    Hey Todd,
    Great concept man, I like it.
    Especially the pyramid shape to give it imagery. I’ve especially like the “repeat” concept because it reminds me of an article I wrote recently about “consistency”. I definitely agree, there is a lot of repetitiveness to this industry, but in the end the return on investment will certainly be worth it!

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for the compliment of my Pyramid. I felt a visual would help people understand the message more. Yes, Repeat is one of the most important parts of doing business online. Once you find something that works, Repeat it over and over. The way to Get the ROI like you mentioned is to follow the consistency and Repeat the 6 R’s

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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